Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week 6 Predictions Part I

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Anonymous said...

RE:"Kalbfleisch said in the herald today that this cc team is the best team he has seen in the league in his 7 years coaching. Im sorry but I think both the 04 and 05 falcon teams were better. I think they could beat this years falcons team. They had better athletes and bigger players. Whitman,Rapp,Hall on the lines, Josh Bicy, Linzie Robinson, and many other great players. Come on Dan, this years CC team is good no doubt, but not as good as those teams. CC just appears this dominant because the league isnt as strong as it was back than. in 2004 GI made the semi's and Riverview lost by 8 to an allen park team that dominated the mega red. The Huron league was definetly stronger come on now Dan!"

I agree those CC teams were a bit better. However, this group has tons of experience and will be judged by how well they do vs Jefferson(W), Airport, Milan and the playoffs.

Those teams you mentioned lost in the semi's and at Ford Field. If this team win a state title, it would be hard to take anything away from them.

I will say this.... this CC team lacks the big lineman like Rapp and whitman about 280lbs each but this group has a ton of kids around the 200lb mark. If you look at even the D1 schools roster's, CC has more kids over 190lbs than many many D1 schools. I think CC has around 20 players at 190 lbs or heavier. That is a good sized team.

Huronleaguefootball said...

A couple of thoughts; every person has their own opinion and Huron is fresh off of the defeat at the hands of the Falcons.

I think SMCC will win a State title this season and that will be something those other teams didn't do.

I would also say that Giarmo is a better coach now than he was then and so is his staff. You can't forget coaching

Anonymous said...

I agree with Huronleaguefootball, Yes those teams were good and should of one atleast 2 state championships in my opinion. Coaching is alot better and the defense is more agressive the defense would let things happen to them instead of making things happen!!!

Anonymous said...

"I would also say that Giarmo is a better coach now than he was then and so is his staff. You can't forget coaching"

I agree Chris.... 04 05 07 and 09(to an extent)were all teams capable of winning state titles. I do believe Giarmo has learned from all those very tough and heartbreaking season ending losses.

The D coordinator does seem to be turning things up a notch. We will see this week at GI how they play the pass happy Red Devils. Although they did change D coordinators, they still believe in the "bend but dont break" method vs passing teams. Relying on the hope that the offense will make a mistake before the defense does. Which is often the case.


Anonymous said...

To 4:44
You said you haven't even seen them play how can you say there not as good .You just sound like a player or a parent from 04-05.

Anonymous said...

CCs line is averaging about 220,they are strong and experienced group.They also average about 6'2" in height and quick.Being 280 only works if you can move,teams before were good ,but we could be looking at CCs best ever.Lots of three year starters and the three year starters in the middle of the line are all League and possible State canidates.

Anonymous said...

Collins is out... he weighs 230... he is replaced by Austin who is 200. Just saying.