Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Night Scores

Milan 22 Huron 21 2OT
SMCC 34 Airport 21
Jefferson 20 Riverview 7
Grosse Ile 49 Flat Rock 34

Read the game summaries of all the Huron League contest tonight only at the Examiner.


Anonymous said...

I now have a respect for blosser, he would run,help up a grosse ile player. jog back to the huddle. He ran for maybe 175 with 2tds. and him and knoch are the future. nice young men

Anonymous said...

What a GREAT game tonight between Milan vs. Huron: 7-0 Milan at the half, fireworks for the halftime show (VERY cool), and a great second half, Milan went up 14-0 only to see that lead go away as Huron scored twice in the 4th to tie it up. Huron got the ball back and got down to the 20 yard line and went for a 37 yard winning field goal that was blocked. First overtime Milan was stuffed and put out of field goad range but they tired anyways and missed it. Huron got the ball but before they could snap the ball was called for a delay of game, Milan stopped them the next 3 downs but Huron went AGAIN for a game winning 27 yard field goal and missed it.
2nd overtime, FIRST play Huron scores and with the extra point goes up 21-14, Milan gets the ball FIRST play Milan scores 20-21 Huron, Huron calls 2 consecutive timeouts and then Milan goes for 2 points and SCORES to win it 22-21.

Hats off once again to Huron they had and GREAT 2nd half and Definitely had the momentum, I think that is why Coach Robb went for 2 and for the win, Congrats to the Big Reds, and Huron hold your heads high you played a Hell of a game!

Anonymous said...

Yea blosser and knoch ran hard tonight.combined I would have to say 200 yds and all 5 tds. Zapata also chipped about 70...was most impressed with the lead blocking,knoch had to of pancaked 7 defenders.the future will be better.

Anonymous said...

Flat Rock has a very bright future with the Knoch, Blosser combo. Great job tonight boys. Huron League better watch out for Level Pebble next year!

GI parent

Anonymous said...

One more win and CC wins it out right.. This will be CC 20th huron league championship simply amazing!!! CONGRATS

Anonymous said...

Regarding the "cool" fireworks at the Huron/Milan game. It may have been more appropriate and considerate to light them off AFTER the homecoming court festivities were over - not during. I felt bad for the kids who worked so hard during the high school years be denied their brief moment of recognition. There was plenty of time on the clock and the display only took 4.5 minutes. Maybe Huron's administration could think about this in the future.

Huronleaguefootball said...

It was an accident! The fireworks were suppose to go off right as they crowned the queen just like last year. Nobody was trying to steal anyone's recognition. If anything they were trying to add to the experience.