Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Huron League Football Week 7 Predictions Part I

Go to the Examiner and check out Part I of my Week 7 picks.


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Anonymous said...

I like your Jefferson vs. Riverview prediction. Most everyone is leaning towards Riverview after their incredible upset of Airport. BUT, I think you applied some basic formulas that prove this will be a close contest. Good picks thus far.

Devoted Huron League Fan

Anonymous said...

Well if I may, by posting a 1 point victory, what Chris is trying to say is he has no idea who is going to win and it could go either way..... and I agree.


Anonymous said...

Jefferson is plagued with even more injuries and are saddled with poor play calling in the red zone. Not a pretty site for success.

Anonymous said...

It's our homecoming (Riverview's), our crowd is going to be ecstatic. The energy at school is almost magical. Riverview's going to win. Plain and simple. Our team is way more pumped up for this game than Jefferson, I guarantee you.

Anonymous said...

I do think Jefferson is hurting because of injuries, but also because of the coaching. Maybe it's time for a change.