Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Huron League Football Week 7 Predictions Part II

Part II of my Huron League predictions are now posted at the Examiner. Any upsets? See if you agree with me.


Anonymous said...

you'd be hard pressed to find a bigger airport athletics supporter than me, whole families played there forever and i love the rivalry with CC,love everything taht goes with it and how physical, chippy the game usually gets and all the smack talk, with that said i have to say ur predicted score for the game is wrong...CC will beat the daylights outta these guys, this airport d is nowhere near where it has been in the past and their relying on ONE back and a sophmore QB, and a defense that plays 3 sophmores regularly with only 2 seniors out there pretty regularly, maybe next yr airport competes, but i say CC 50 or as many as they feel like piling on before calling off the dogs Airport 6...maybe, but to anyone from airport reading this be as physical as youve ever been, run and hit, at least let them feel sore on saturday morning when they read a headline that reads "CC throws dance party in Airport endzone"

Anonymous said...

if anyone wants to comment on this feel free cuz im interested? Michigan vs State...any thoughts? Can Denard Robinson carry a lackluster rest of the team to victory or can they stop State gaining a zillion yds, can state contain someone you cant stop or win in the big house? My prediction as an avid spartan fan is MSU 45 Michigan 35...why? MSU is 2-3 stops a game better than indiana and Michigan is 2-3 stops worse a game than Wisconsin...hard to win when your defense is 120 of 120 in pass defense and 102 of 120 in rush defense, but then again the only thing more scary for a state fan than Denard could be the injury bug paying a visit to kalin lucas

Anonymous said...

Oh I agree. CC will lay a whooping on Airport. I dont think Airport fans are expecting an upset at all.