Friday, November 26, 2010

SMCC falls in Division VI Final

Read about it at the Examiner:


Anonymous said...

The good news for SMCC, chances are there won't be a qb as good as Kater or Niznik in D6 next year . The bad news is it won't matter, cause CC won't be close to as good as they've been the last 2 years.

Anonymous said...

And still better that everyone else

Anonymous said...

Better than everyone else? They lose all but one from an OLine that dominated the last 2 years, top 5 leading rushers, and almost the entire defense will all be gone. I realize as long as Giarmo is coach CC will be good, but losing all that talent will take it's toll next year.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, why do you hate gare so much?

Huronleaguefootball said...

I don't hate him at all. In fact I don't think I can name anybody that I actually hate. Life is too short for that.

He has made it a point quite a few times to rip my blog on mlive and my method of getting trafic. Obviously he dislikes me.

I simply commented on the guy's idea that he could stop SMCC's offense and the fact he ripped on the coach from Ithaca.

My point was, did Ithaca win?

Quite frankly the guy has written that stuff before about stopping the Falcon T attack and it was aimed at kicking others.

I called him tired and old and I just meant that argument of his about stopping the T was.

He resulted to name calling and questioning my morality.

I have called nobody any names I simply think he needs to quiet down a bit.

Signed: Chris

Anonymous said...

Boy, what a season for SMCC, represented the HL and their tradition incredibly well. Attended both State Finals days at Ford Field, and enjoyed the games. SMCC has NOTHING to be ashamed of and the Coaching Staff did a great job preparing the team.

Really enjoyed the Hudson and Ishpeming game as well. What a tradition of football excellence displayed by SMCC, Hudson and Farmington Hills Harrison.

Great Season SMCC. As a Airport/Jefferson fan, the continued dominance of SMCC is scary.

Great blog this year. WONDERFUL JOB.
Huron League Fan

Huronleaguefootball said...

I agree, there is some excellent football being played in this state and CC once again represented the league well.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that the now jrs had amazing seasons freshman and sophomore year. Don't count CC out for next year just yet.