Friday, July 30, 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Preseason Scrimmages

Please list the preseason scrimmages for your favorite team. Be sure to include teams, location and time.

Player of the Year Nominations

Please feel free to list your pre-season Player of the Year nominations.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Changes at Flat Rock

There are some major changes taking place at Flat Rock High School this summer. There are a new Principal and Assistant Principal/ Athletic Director in place.

This is a welcome change at my Alma Mater and hopefully we can look forward to better things to come from the athletic teams. I have included a nice article from the News Herald.

One thing I would suggest is that if they are truly interested in returning things back to where the proud programs once were, they need to drop the pay to participate. That fee really hurts fringe sports like Cross Country, Wrestling and Track & Field.

Here is a news flash, Flat Rock has not won a Huron League title since they started pay to participate over a decade ago (bowling doesn't count). Their participation numbers have dwindled and they have diluted the talent pool by adding other sports.

The crazy thing is this pay to participate raises minimal money. The amount raised does not justify the negative impact that it has had on Flat Rock sports.

Flat Rock has had many great athletes over the last decade but the pay to participate has hurt the depth that is needed to win consistently.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Look For Some Changes Coming Soon

In an attempt to improve coverage of the Huron League you may see some drastic changes coming. It is my hope to cover as many sports as possible this coming school year.

Don't worry football fans. My coverage of your sport will not decrease nor will the boys basketball.

I have come across an opportunity to expand coverage which should increase readership and hopefully interest in all Huron League sports.

Stay tuned for the news to come.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

League Coaching

Every year people need to be critical of coaches in the Huron League. There is nothing wrong with this coaches are professionals and are subject to scrutiny. Many coaches welcome the criticism; they know it comes with the territory.

People have a tendency knock a few coaches in particular. They both happen to be young coaches who coach at football challenged schools. "This guy does not know what he is doing." "That guy is not committed to the program." "We have the talent the coach is hurting us."

Have many of you who are critical of your coaches ever taken a look around the league and see the coaches that are in this league? This is a terrific coach's league and probably will be for a while.

Let's look at some of the coaches:

Monroe Jefferson's Marc Cisco has been around forever (45 years or so). He has a strong system in place and owns a state championship. There is not a person who grew up watching Jefferson football that remembers another guy roaming the sidelines.

Steve Robb from Milan will be entering his 25th season as the head coach at Milan. He has had only 7 losing seasons and has won numerous league championships. Their isn't a single kid in the program who can remember someone else as the head coach at Milan.

SMCC's Jack Giarmo was an excellent choice to replace Joe Sanderson 13 years ago. Who would have thought that Giarmo would come in and duplicate the success that Sanderson had at the best football school in the league. The Falcons are always a threat to win the league and usually go deep in the playoffs.

Jeff Stergalas from Riverview has been around forever, mostly at Dearborn Fordson where he won a state championship. Stergalas may be the best coach in the league and he just got here. This guy lives and breathes football. He brings the knowledge and tradition of many talented Riverview coaches while playing for one of the best coaches in Michigan history in Don Lessner.

Spend five minutes talking football with Flat Rock's Joe Pruchnicki and you will notice that this guy may know more about football than the last four coaches listed combined. Go to a Ram practice and you will see the sixty-some year old lining up and knocking a teen twice his size on his backside while teaching technique. Most coaches like him are finishing their careers at the college level as assistants, but he likes coaching the youngsters.

This impressive list used to include a man who was probably the best coach in the league, in Eric Redmond. Love him or hate him, his kids were well coached. The point here is that good high school coaches are not made overnight or in five years. They take time to grow and learn. Much of that process is making mistakes and building a tradition.

It would be easy to say, "go out and hire an experienced guy like a Pruchnicki or Stergalas". Remember though, Stergalas grew up in Riverview and some of these schools have already tried hiring a Pruchnicki type. Take a lesson from Jefferson and Milan. Stick with your young coaches. They won't always be young and inexperienced. Eventually they will be the guys who are feared to coach against.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Are You Ready For Some Football?

The first day of practice is drawing near so I thought I would post something concerning the greatest football coach of all time.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vote for Your League Champ Pick.

Here is an opportunity to vote for the team you think will win the league championship this year. I will leave this up until the Sunday before the first day of practice.

You can only vote once but this should give us a solid idea of who the fans think will win the league this year.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Huron League Website

The Huron League football website is currently in the works. I'm not sure when it will be ready but rest assured I will have previews of the teams the week of the first game at the latest.

That is about where things fell last year and I should have everything in place by then. Please be patient things are very busy in the metropolous of Waltz.

I am looking for people who would be willing to provide coverage of their teams for the season. It looks as if I will have picture and video capability to go along with team pages. If your interested in providing insight into your team along with video on a weekly basis please send me an email and I will contact you.

Thanks folks!


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Top 10 Returning Players

This is a re-post from January.

1. Brad Bosman (R) TE/DL
2. Mike Panone (SMCC) DB
3. Jodeci Mays (A) RB
4. Sterling Wilson (H) RB/DB
5. Kyle Burkhardt (SMCC) OL/DL
6. James Cameron (GI) WR/DB
7. Rob White (GI) QB
8. Bryan McCullough (J) RB/DE
9. Anthony Kitts (A) DL/OL
10.John Korody (GI) C/LB