Friday, July 29, 2011

Milan Poll

The Big Reds have some question marks this season most notably the departure of long time coach Steve Robb. Give us your thoughts on where Milan will end up.


Anonymous said...

I am already on record as to how bad I think Milan will be. I will be honest and say it is possible they lose ALL thier games. They do have Huron and FR at home so that MIGHT be 2 wins. As Chris has stated before a head coach doesnt leave when the cupboard is full. I will go with 2-7.


Anonymous said...

4 weeks

Anonymous said...

Well apparently the big reds will finish 9-0. Its a popular thought on this blog that the bigger the school you are, the better the team will be.

Anonymous said...

Of all the schools in the HL, Milan has possibly the best overall "machine".

Damn near the whole town shows up for games and almost every kid shows up with their Milan ROCKET, MIDDLE SCHOOL, and JV jersey on.

The place just rocks-out on football (called pride).....but this year does have some rocks below the surface.

They lose some major defensive hitters and leaders and of course the new coach....smells like 4-5 to me.

I think most bloogers are selling Milan a little short....they might even throw the concession (BTW, the best in the league) workers out there if they have to.


Anonymous said...

"The head coach doesn't leave when the cupboard if full", words to live by. Lack of experience plus new coach equals 3-6.

Huronleaguefootball said...

Kooks like people are all over the board on this one. Anywhere from 6-3 to 3-6. I would say 4-5 for the Big Reds.

Anonymous said...

It seems like everybody is getting picked to finish 4-5.