Thursday, August 4, 2011

Huron League Fan Polls

After a few weeks of polling here is where the fans see the teams finishing up. It looks as if the fans believe in parity this season.

SMCC 7-2
Airport 6-3
Riverview 5-4
Grosse Ile 5-4
Milan 4-5
Huron 3-6
Jefferson 3-6
Flat Rock 3-6

Any thoughts from the fans prior to practice staring on Monday?


Craig M said...

Why do Airport fans get so upset when someone talks a little trash about them? Yet it seems that AP fans are some of the biggest trash talkers on here. Saying "you are just haters" Makes you sound ridiculous. If you can dish it out you better be able to take it. Stop being so darn sensitive.

Huronleaguefootball said...

I'm sure were all a little sensitive about our team.

The blog was designd to make the whole experience a little more fun for the fans.

Anonymous said...

Craig M...just be glad your not me! I must admit it almost too easy (and fun) to get under Air's SKIN.'s way too easy for me to agree with you and Chris certainly made the PC response.

He knows they're thin skinned.... just look at the # of responses in each schools outlook blog.... Airpump was 3X more than anyone else.

That's a 15 yard personal for "piling on" all you Air bloggers!!!!

I predict at least 15 flames on this one.


Anonymous said...

So what started all that? Don't see an Airport entry here yet?

Huronleaguefootball said...

47 comments down below.

Anonymous said...

It's all good SITOFN, get it all out now. You won't have anything to say after September 23.

HL Fan Man said...

For some reason, it's seems like SMCC & Airport get the most grief on here? SMCC gets heat for it's ability to pull kids from outside of Monroe and Airport for losing a coach and having computers I guess? The real reason is probably because these two have been the top teams for the last 15 years or so.......anyone got the records over the last 15 years?

Anonymous said...

During practices I expect Grosse Ile to work on their D.

Anonymous said...

Any word on where SMCC will play homegames?

Anonymous said...

Still think airport and riverview are a little high and milan and FR are a little low....and yes bn I will respond to the coaches vs players comment need to research a couple things and be at my home to weigh in chris ?...........rams

Huronleaguefootball said...

Obviuosly you need good players but I think more than any other high school sport, football is all about coaching.

Good coaches will win anywhere. It may just take a little time. Experience is also a big thing. Not just as an assistant but as a head coach. It is tough running an entire program and juggling the psyche and egos of so many different players and parents from the 7th-12th grades.

If you remember two years ago I wrote about the coaching gauntlet in the Huron League. Young guys like Kalbfleisch and Bodner were forced to coach against great coaches every week. Think about it, Cisco, Robb, Redmond, Stergalas, Giarmo and Pruchnicki. Many of those guys having been coaching longer than those guys have been alive!

Kabby and John have to be happy that guys like Robb and Redmond moved on. It makes their jobs a little easier. Now their matching wits with guys their age and younger.

I think Detroit is a good example of talent with limited coaching experience and ability. There are players every year from bad teams that end up in the Big Ten but their teams couldn't produce a winning record. Just look at the playoff records of Detroit teams. Also, look at Detroit Crockett. That guy can coach. Two years ago they were calling out SMCC's tendencies in week 1.

When you get a guy who can coach in the city, he wins!

Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

I think many of you are underestimating Huron. They have tasted a little success and should build on that this season. I believe when they play SMCC early in the season we'll find out how much they have improved. I see Huron finishing 7-2 with a chance to be better than that.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe CC will be hot this year. There in a rebuilding season. 7-2 is kinda high, I'm betting the farm on a 6-3, 5-4 season. Some of the "lower" teams are hungry this year.

Anonymous said...

CC will be playing there home games in Canada this year. Due to the drop in the value in the U.S dollar, CC will be able to rent a field for .97 cents Canadian this year. This is a huge savings, and maybe next year they will haved saved enough to buy new tires for the bus. 'eh? (No....rumor has it, they will play at Custer School on Albian Rd. No lights though!)

IslandBouy said...

First off, I'm not an Airport fan or player. But, I hope that Airports new lights shine bright enough to see SITOFN frowning face as he heads back to the car. (If he has the nads to even show up) You can only dish out so much before you eat a big pile of crow. He dosen't even play the game, so why pick on one team like that? He must be tired of the beatings GI takes everytime they meet up. Some players read this stuff, and let me tell you, they thrive on it! Your just feeding their fire! Red Devils......bahahaha!

Anonymous said...

smcc is a good team its just to bad there refs cheat and they are scared to play at a field with lights.