Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Huron League Picks

Airport 35 Huron 21
SMCC 22 Riverview 14
Grosse Ile 34 Jefferson 20
Milan 21 Flat Rock 20

Look for my previews in the Examiner on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Generous with the huron score.

Anonymous said... do have a knack of making toss-up picks, so with that thoughts;

- Air will beat Huron, but more than 2 touch spread....gravity is not variable. Air D is HL best.

- SMCC wins but View will post points. CC D not like years the over

- Milan will show Freshman coach blues...again, FR should have bevy's on ice. FR win with 4 qtr performance...take FR and points.

- GI will hang 40+ on Jeff....bad taste from last year. Possibly the saddest display of D football EVER!!!!and GI's D IS MUCH BETTER.
GI O explosion for sure, bet the over.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we will see a similar game as was played last year at Jefferson.

GI compared to last year to this point....

Last Year...
Points for 171 Points against 191
Record 2-3

This Year...
Points for 159 Points against 86
Record 4-1

Defense does win games.

Anonymous said...

My week 6 bets:

SMCC - Riverview: This is homecoming for SMCC, however Navarre Field has to be in better shape than that embarressment at RIverview, which will benefit the View's speedy backs. I know the game is in Monroe County and I know that the lighting at Navarre should be illegal, but I will give a slight nod to the View in this one.

Flat Rock - Milan: Still can not figure out Milan, however, I know the FR defense is pitiful. They do not stop anyone. Can they out score Milan? I do not think so. Milan by a score.

Jefferson - Grosse Ile: WHich Jefferson team show up? GI has too many weapons for the Bears to handle. They will not contain the spread with that 5-2 defense they run. GI by 2 scores.

Huron - Airport: A couple of weeks ago, I thought this may be a close ball game. It appears that Airport has floated to the top of a down year for the league and Huron is well, Huron, same as always, get them down and they are toast. Airport by 2 or 3 scores.

Good luck to everyone this week!

Anonymous said...

"Huron, same as always, get them down and they are toast."

I could have sworn Huron went down by 2 with 58 seconds left against Milan and rallied for the win? I guess that statement is a little unfair to the kids there this year.

However, Airport does look like a great team this year and Huron looks slow. It could be a long night for Huron.

Anonymous said...

My apologizes to Huron. I actually applaud any kid that is playing football, whether on a winning or losing team, at least they are out there doing something. That is my concern for numbers being down all over. Too many kids doing nothing but playing video gamea and getting fatter.
Hats off to all the kids out there busting their butts.
I think every kid and coach is trying to win and does not want to lose. We get too caught up sometimes in putting the kids and coaches down for not winning, etc. etc.
We should continue to encourage them and support them, no matter what team they play for.

Good luck everone this Friday night.

Huronleaguefootball said...

Yea, the same ole Huron argument has been played. It is old and tiresome. Fact is, Huron's numbers are up at every level in the football program. Attendance at games has sky rocketed in recent years. Off season participation is very good. Weight training classes are full and coaches have remained stable. Heck, the football field is no longer a laughable. There are more bleaches for the visitors, mosquitoes and West Nile Virus are down on that side of the field as well. The band is pretty darn good too.

Anonymous said...

Don't want to sound arrogant Chris, how does Huron score 21 on Airport? Was at the CC-Huron game, qb looks slow running the option. Does Brewer have a big game? Barring a turnover or big play on special teams I don't see Huron having much (if any) success moving the ball.

Boat Shoes said...

September 29, 2011 1:02 AM poster must be SITFON! He's the only poster child who uses "Air". After that whooping his team took, he wont even sign his name anymore.

Anonymous said...

Nobody knows which Jefferson team is going to show up. I just hope it's the one that takes GI behind the woodshed and knocks the alligators right off their polo shirts. It'fun to watch SITOFN frown!

Anonymous said...

Jefferson may have a problem donig that....Not too many woodsheds on GI and most our polo's have horses on them not alligators .......

It will be a good game tonight.

Anonymous said...

No previews?

Anonymous said...

5:59 poster you are absolutely right. Huron qb is too slow running the option. I noticed that after the huron riverview game, I made comments on the blog about how slow he looked and how they should ditch the option and all the huron fans were calling me insane. I dont know what they are watching but there eyes are definetly not seeing what my eyes saw.

Huronleaguefootball said...

Sorry no previews. Just couldn't find the time this week.

My daughter had basketball try-outs and draft last week. When she came home I asked her how it went, she said, "great". I asked who her coach was, she said "you are". I know for a fact I checked no on the box and made sure I told the President and VP of the league that I wasn't available. I guess I got the job anyway. We had two practices this week.

Maybe next week, maybe never again. Just not sure.

Anonymous said...

How does Huron put up 21 on Airport?

Huronleaguefootball said...

Who knows? Maybe with the wet field and high winds it helps out. Or maybe their new secret weapon! How else can you explain their JV losing last night.

Anonymous said...

oh no the blog appears to be ending, we are doomed.why is her basketball starting so damn early?

Anonymous said...

Huron looked good in the first half. They may have beat last years Airport team. Got a bit lucky with the passing game in the 2nd to keep things rollin. AP running game well scouted but then passing game opened things up. Great halftime fireworks!