Thursday, September 22, 2011

Huron League Predictions

Airport 28 Grosse Ile 27
Riverview 21 Flat Rock 13
Huron 20 Jefferson 12
SMCC 22 Milan 17

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Anonymous said...

Must make ammendment to my pick, as if anyone cares, Airport will win at HOME, 31-26. For some reason I thought game was at GI.

Typically you dont want to play a big game for your homecoming. The Jets will have to overcome the distraction. They had CC as their homecoming last year and played well. I see them doing the same this year.


Anonymous said...

I will flip bn's scores around. After seeing both teams play I believe that the homecoming will be a distraction and GI will pull off the win.

Anonymous said...

Too many weapons at Airport. Defense is stingy. Homecoming is a pain but kids don't pay attention til date night Sat.
Fact: Air a better team than last GI??

Anonymous said...

Homecoming or not, and ive been in the same position, its football. We're not worried about the band and the pretty floats.

Anonymous said...

Forecast for Friday: Clear skies with no change whatsoever, just more of the same.

Anonymous said...

I will agree. The too many weapons at airport will be Grosse Ile's offense. GI's D is stingy. GI is actually way better than last year that is why advantage GI.

Anonymous said...

It all depends how GI handles themselves in the trenches, Airport appears to have the best OLine and front 7 in the league. Better open those holes for Kish, cause he won't be escaping gang tackles.

Anonymous said...

Best non-CC involved game in the HL in a few years....GI-Air.

Whodathunkit 2-3 short years ago.

My gut feeling is that GI will win when forced to air it out late.

I suspect Air will force the issue on D as they WILL plug the middle and GI will work to get to the edges....AIR can get there but not all night.

GI's D showed again last week that they can step up, but they also showed that they can be pourus too....AIR may exploit the run more Friday, hard to get to the edges on GI D though. Pass...that may be an issue for the Devils as they have the speed, but can the respect the pass?

Mr. White was a little quiet last week, look for the HL OPOY to run and pass more in this one...he's a gamer and this is the game. STRUT your STUFF young man.

Oh yea...almost forgot. GI D is DUE for a full game (all year they have been average in the first and dynomite in the 2nd) of excellence.
THEY're gonna need it...if Air hangs over 35 on GI, they win.

Chris...a coin toss here is a good pick, you shoulda picked heads.
(BTW...homecoming is a distaction to the home players.......Adv GI)

View-FR; Rams sip from the cup 2 weeks in a row...get the ice goin'

Huron-Jeff; Huron sends a message, 3 touch margin. Stick a fork in Jeff.

CC-Milan; sounds right, BUT...if milan #12 gets lotsa touches...CC streak stays on the loss column and coach Jack takes a Tylenol.


Anonymous said...

UPSET ALERT IN RIVERVIEW. If only the Huron League was on ESPN.

Anonymous said...


Forecast changed. Rain and mud for the GI AP game. Who has the advantage now?

Huronleaguefootball said...

Just an FYI. The Massey rating system is picking the games like this.

Airport 28 GI 21
SMCC 28 Milan 14
Riverview 28 FR 7
Huron 27 Jefferson 20

I usually refer to this after I publish my picks. Massey can be pretty accurate.

Anonymous said...

Cold and wet, tonight will be a true test for all teams. Have to play in all kinds of weather right?

Anonymous said...

GI struggles in the rain. They dont like being in the rain, its makes them seem disinterested as players.

Brett Koch during the Off-Season. said...

Homecoming will pump the Airport Boys up, and thinking Kish and White will be overwhelmed by the swarm. Thinking we are going to see alot of offense, and hoping the defense for both teams can keep it in check. Airport 37 Islanders 28 (can hear the rumblings from the shores of Trenton now). *laughing*

That would be great if FR could pull off the upset over the view. 2 Straight victories would do alot for the kids and the fR faithful.

I think this is the week, we find out how down CC really is against Milan. I am thinking another upset. Milan has played tough in every game, they are not as down this year as everyone thought. Milan 24 CC 12

Praying the Jefferson contingent can pull one out, but, highly unlikely. Huron could win big.

Anonymous said...

Massey's seems pretty accurate. Thanks for looking that up. Thinkin a 10 Point Spread though. Airport 38 GI 28

Upsets taking place in Flat Rock and Milan? Would be nice to see FR win 2 weeks in a row and Milan to prove just how down CC is this year.

Come on Jefferson, this is one you guys can win. Huron will be pumped for this game though.

Anonymous said...

I agree SITOFN, biggest league game in years not involving CC. I see Kish & White makin some plays (they are too good not to) just not enough. Airports D front will be a handful for the Devils, which will leave the LBs to make plays. Remember the name Curtis French #27 kid is a absolute beast. I just don't see GI's D stoppin Airport's offense. You wanna cheat on the big 2 in the backfield, Potcova will beat you over the top. The key will be GI's D front winnin the battle up front so they dont have to play 8 man fronts, if not it could be a long night. Airport 42-20. Talk to you guys after the game. EM

Anonymous said...

Early quarter lead - riv 8. flat rock 0

Anonymous said...

28-14 AIRPORT. Game, set, match!!!

Anonymous said...

HAA "UPSET ALERT IN RIVERVIEW" good call on that one... Pirates win 41-21. if only it was on espn then the whole country could see how bad he rams are

Anonymous said...

Actually Know what your talking about it was 41-28 was the score. So if the rams are so bad how was it tied most of the half til the last 3 mins and only a 2 td game? Please explain.

Anonymous said...

your team went 0-9 last year, and is now 1-4 this year. they are not good. no one from that city has room to talk trash. especially before the game is even played.

Anonymous said...

And Like I said you barely beat them?

Anonymous said...

won by 2 scores, but either way a win is a win. dont worry flat rock 1-8 is an improvement from last year.