Monday, September 5, 2011

Huron League Thoughts and Questions

Would the real Riverview please stand up?

Don't look now but Grosse Ile is giving up just 6 ppg.

Congrats to Coach Hoskins at Milan on his 1st career varsity win.

What is going on at my Alma Mater (FR)?

Maybe Airport is the league favorite.

I would be willing to bet that SMCC gets better every game.

Big game for Jefferson this week.

Will the home town Chiefs recover at Milan this week?

Nice to see new names and players stepping up for their teams.

Is the league down?


Anonymous said...

Would the real Riverview please stand up? This will be the week to figure out where we are going this year. First game was a gimmie.

Don't look now but Grosse Ile is giving up just 6 ppg. Once we see what they do against a good team we will know. Bet SMCC will score 40 on them.

Congrats to Coach Hoskins at Milan on his 1st career varsity win. I will say congrats but wait until the view plays you. We will win.

What is going on at my Alma Mater (FR)?
Did'nt see any of the Gi/FR game is GI that good...doubt it FR is just that bad.

Maybe Airport is the league favorite.
After last week I may agree.

I would be willing to bet that SMCC gets better every game. That is why they will score at least 40 against GI

Will the home town Chiefs recover at Milan this week?
Yep, Milan is down Chiefs will win.

Nice to see new names and players stepping up for their teams.
Yes it is. There are more than just White from GI that play football in this league.

Is the league down? As other posters said earlier. I think we say this every year. I believe it's the same. Just because other teams may be winning does not mean that it's down.

Anonymous said...

Is GI a contender or pretender? We find out this week. EM

Huronleaguefootball said...

I usually base up or down on how the league teams do in the non-league and in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

They will stand up in a few years. The team is just not very talented, I dont think the coaching is bad. The talent is just not there at riverview. But than again, Airport is good Chris so dont act that a loss to airport means riverview stinks because it doesnt. Airport is good.

Grosse Ile's D should keep it up. They dont play a good offensive team until week 5.

Did coach hoskins get his first and last victory of the season friday? Oh wait, I forgot about Flat Rock nevermind.

Flat Rock just isnt good, Pruchnicki should step down. He is a good guy and coach but he deserves better than what he gets at flat rock.

Airport has good backs and a physical offensive line. The defense looked better as well. Airport should be the front runner for the rest of the season.

SMCC may improve but I dont think they go undefeated in the league. I just dont think beating huron by 6 points makes you an automatic league champion. SMCC will improve everygame but so will Airport, So will Grosse Ile, So will everybody else. SMCC's offense is anemic, they need drastic improvements if they expect to win a third league title in a row.

Really, who do they play? See, nobody knows. That just shows you how irrelevant Jefferson has been.

Nah, I bet that big receiver for milan runs circles around the huron secondary. Huron will find a way to lose, like always. Hey you know what, If huron wins friday I will come on here and eat crow. I just dont see it happening however and I dont anticipate on eating crow. (scratch that second thought, Milan and hoskins now win three games this year).

Whats up with the last thought Chris. Did a parent of a backup player last year tell you to write that down. Anyway, I guess its nice to see new people that arent as good as the old people.

The league is WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY DOWN......for now. When the young guys get better than the league should improve.

Here's another though.Do Offensive lineman even lift weights anymore? They dont seem as strong.

Huronleaguefootball said...

That was a mouth full! I appreciate the input. Well said!

The loss to Airport is only bad if it was by 4 touchdowns. Wait it was. I think the View misses Beamish and Bosman more than anyone cares to admit. How can they not? Those two were studs.

Please forgive me on the next one because it appears to be subjective instead of objective. I think Huron has improved drastically over the last 2 to 3 years. There are a few reasons with the last one being the biggest: Consistency in the coaching staff particularly the head coach (no longer a coaching carousel). The addition of a youth program (this years seniors were 5th graders when they started, the sophomores were 3rd graders when they started). Huron is much stronger physically. Weight training is offered nearly every hour to any kid interested. (the BSF program is used throughout the year). The Huron kids are quite simply; bigger, faster and stronger than they have ever been at Huron.

Anonymous said...

fair enough, we shall see how the chiefs do. It just seems odd to mee that huron has been competitive lately. It takes some adjusting too if you know what I mean. They have been bad for so long.

Huronleaguefootball said...

They were bad for a long time. No longer a gimmee for most teams in the league. Milan, Airport and SMCC might argue that point.

Huronleaguefootball said...

The bad weight comment was to personal. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute....whats all this talk about GI D?

Have all of you lost your minds....Yep!

Still alot to prove and YES it takes another step this week at CC.

Deeeee's the key, and lets not forget about the..... not gonna finish this one, I'll leave that to the blogger nation. Hint... it's as easy as black and W****.

Air looks like the pump is lubed up....I may have to re-think.

View, Dr. Jeckel or Mr. Hyde?

Milan...told you so

Jeff...told you so

SMCC...thin but win (thin won't do this week)

Huron... apple hit the ground

FR... they're not dead, just need to play the whole game. (surprise on the horizon)


Anonymous said...

This is the worst I have seen of the Huron League at any time in the past 30 years.
There is not 1 team in this league right now that would win 2 games against the Huron League of 10 - 15 years ago.
Absolutley pitiful. Where is the talent and kids?
Jefferson- had 45-50 kids and a strong line and always a back or 2 that could carry the ball 30 times a game. Now, terrible.

Milan - Used to have 50-60 kids and kids that could tear it up in sprints, size, etc. Now, terrible

SMCC - No comment needed, except that they need to recruit real fast. No running clocks for them this year. Worst SMCC Team in 12 years.

Grosse Ile - Years ago, they were state ranked and had division 1 players and used to dress 35 or more kids. Now, they are a not so good team who beat FR . SO what.

Riverview - Years ago, were state ranked and dressed 45 or more kids and played at a high level. An upper echelon team 10 -15 years ago. Now, they are terrible, period.

Flat Rock - Years ago they had athletes who at least competed. Their teams of 10 years ago would go undefeated in this league. Now, They are pitiful, maybe not win a game for 2 years in a row? SOftest group of kids I have ever seen.

Huron - The only team that is probably as good as they were 10 to 12 years ago, but now they are winning becasue the league is so bad.

Airport - This team could not hold the jocks of the early Redmond era, Used to dress 50 or more kids, Now, have 34 and most go 2 ways. Line is slow and the backs are slower.

See how many of these teams go anywhere in the playoffs this year.
Better yet, see who even makes the playoffs this year.

This is not the Huron League that we once knew. Not even close.
The numbers are down on most teams and the talent level is way down.

Anonymous said...

9:08am poster....

Pretty harsh stuff there and maybe a bit extreme.

What you have done is compared every school to their own best years. No, these arent the best teams in their own school history or maybe even over the last 10-15 years. That really isnt a big deal and happens alomost every year.


Anonymous said...

Well said "bn"... Of course these schools are dressing less as compared to 10-15 years ago, all districts registrations are down. I am quite sure the coaches and kids field the best teams based on whats available. Huron League being down is hard to measure after 1 week of league play, and difficult to compare since you can only attend one game at a time.. Regardless, as a Huron League Fan, I am glad football has started, and looking forward to the league being very competitive this year.

Anonymous said...

Kids now a days cry to there mommies and daddies if they dont start. Thats the reason kids are quitting football by the time they reach the varsity level. Wah, I have to compete for playing wah, someone rattle keys in my face. Someone put on my lobster bib. Somebody grab my high chair. Somebody hand me my binky. WAHHHH, WAHHHH WAHHH.

Seriously, anybody saying that this league isnt weaker compared to past years if foolin themselves. This league is terribly down, I agree with the 9:08 poster, the level of play is just not the same. Huron league is just bad this year, however I feel that football everywhere gets worse everyear because players dont lift as much, dont tackle as well, dont practice as hard.

Players these days worry about how good they look on the field as opposed to working and competing.

Anonymous said...

9:08am poster

How can you compare and you shouln't even post a comment like that. There is alot of talent this year. Maybe the teams are alot closer then before. You will eat your words. I believe you will see 4 teams that will make the play offs and that is not bad for 8 teams in the league. Quit putting down this years players obviously you played in the last ten years and thought you were better then these kids.

Anonymous said...

Hey 9:08, 15-20 years ago didn't the summer seem longer, winters were colder, most things wern't made in China...blah, blah, blah

Appears that CC will be down this year and the whole league is down?

Coaching is sooo important in HS sports yet is mostly over looked.

Kids are stronger - there are weightrooms at every school. I hear more plastic poppin than 20 years ago. Unfortunately more injuries go along with this (sidelines are littered with injured kids.

Is Monroe High down or back up? They graduate D1 players almost every year.

Anonymous said...

who has monroe sent D1 recently besides Audie Cole? I cant think of anybody.

Anonymous said...

To the 9:08 poster,

I feel your statements are terribly off and not even on point. You must just be coming on to the league this season and must not have been following it to much, but oh well all are welcomed to comment but its like this:

There's been a whole 2 games played thus season.. How is it, from 2 games, you can sit there and judge every single team on their skill when the season had just started? Not all of the players have been able to show what they're made of in just 2 games bro.. Sorry, but the league is just getting started and upsets are sure to follow.
Secondly, you must not have seen a Huron game yet, or read through enough to see that Huron has one of the best Defenses this year that huron has ever had, with a solid back field and front line, which will be sure to get better as the games go on and players wipe off the cobwebs.. Huron was terrible years ago, but look at the numbers over the past few years.. Kobby had a rough start coming into Huron, but has slowly started the rise.. Look at the numbers before
Kobby, 1-8, 2-7, 0-9.. Numbers the last 3 years, since Kobby has started making the players work hard, and be more dedicated? 4-5, 3-6, 6-4 [play off birth] Some of you really just need to lay off Huron's jock strap for a second and give them some credit.. They're improving and just because they're finally doing some good, its cus the league is down.. What was the excuse last year?

Also, it doesn't matter how many kids a team fields or throws a jersey at to stand on the sidelines. Yeah there is strength in numbers, but if you have 100 crap players, and 20 skilled players, your 100 players are worthless.. There is talent this year on all teams.. you can't just jump to say there is no skill.. Wait til the end of the season then judge on skill or no skill.

My whole point is, the past 10-15 years ago records, are completely irrelevant to this season. Different coaches, new players, new beginning. Bring something else to the table besides old scraps from the past.

Also, nice job to GI.. Their defense, by the sounds of it must be doing some work, with a shut out on onstead and FR only getting 12 up? They keep that up, they'll be up top prolly. Keep it up.

As for FR, they're still young and most are what? Juniors? They'll get better as the season goes on, if not, they can take the beating into next season and hopefully do some work? But who knows.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,
Where's CC and GI playing at b/c wasn't there talk about Navarre being sold... I really wanna see that game

Huronleaguefootball said...

At Navarre Field.

Anonymous said...

my predictions this week are as follows.

Grosse Ile 35 SMCC 28
Airport 62 Flat Rock 7
Jefferson 27, Riverview 20
Milan 16 Huron 14

my unofficial record this year is `10-2.

Airport and flat rock let me down in week 1. Thanks alot fellas. Anyway, we'll see what happens this week.

And yes I do feel that this is the year that the red devils beat the falcons, I'll be prepared to eat crow this friday night if otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Flat rock allows 400 points this season, over or under?

Anonymous said...

alright this is my prediction for this weeks scores
gi 27 vs cc 24
air 40 vs fr 17
jeff 34 vs riv 27
mil 34 vs hur 21

future player #swag

Anonymous said...

How many home games has airport lost in the last 15 years to teams other than SMCC? Riverview losing at airport was no big deal and does not mean view is all of a sudden horrible.


Anonymous said...

Milan will not beat Huron!!!


Anonymous said...


SMCC beats GI. Coaching duh!
And at home in the dark Navarre Field.

Airport won't run it up. Not Barbers thing.

Jefferson may bear Riv. Two starters out with possible concussions from AP game.

Milan beats Huron at home.

Anonymous said...

If Grosse Ile plays the type of football they have been playing and are capable of playing. They should have no problem beating CC. If Grosse ile loses friday it will be because they beat themselves as opposed to CC beating them.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
If Grosse Ile plays the type of football they have been playing and are capable of playing. They should have no problem beating CC. If Grosse ile loses friday it will be because they beat themselves as opposed to CC beating them.

September 8, 2011 9:42 AM

Wow, people view the Red Devils as the team to beat it seems after a home win over a down Onsted squad and one good half over a bad FR team. They may be the best team, who knows at this point, but if they are and get beaten, I would give the credit to the team that beats them. To do otherwise is taking the classless route.

I dont even know what "they beat themselves" means. You have to remember folks, this is HS football. These kids will look like world beaters one week and complete dogs the next.... it happens.


Anonymous said...

Hallelujah, Scott Held from the herald will be at navarre field tommarow. Finally a huron league team is one of the main featured games.

Anonymous said...

the only reason riverview is so terrible is rodney baker cant call plays at the airport game example he runs pitch to the left and next play pitch to the right for about 6 plays in a row he has done this the last 3 years call the same play over and over just diff sides its dumb!! riverview has a senior qb since he was a sophomore and 2 senior wr that are both 6foot plus and they don't throw the ball???? i don't think they even established 1 running back as a starter and i think they are all sophomores.... seniors win games!!!

Anonymous said...

how can someone say that a hall of fame coach cant call plays?

Anonymous said...

I dont blame Rodney for running the ball all the time. I Know the quarterback has started for a long time but face it, his throws look like wounded ducks. Thats not too personal chris is it. The politically correct term would be that his arm strength isnt the beets but for high school I guess its ok. Riverview runs the ball because they want to ram down somebodys throat, thats there M.O.