Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Huron League Thoughts and Questions

Airport's Dylan Raisanen may be the best weapon in the Huron league.

Big game for Riverview and SMCC this week.

My objective opinion is that Airport was just better and more talented than Grosse Ile.

62 TD's? That is the number of TD's that Rob White has accounted for in his career.

Flat Rock needs to play some defense.

Fastest 40 time in the league?

Levi Eddings is having a nice season for SMCC.

Just an FYI, Nellenbach from GI is spelled N-e-l-l-e-n-b-a-c-h:)

Is Jefferson righting the ship.

Sounds like a touching moment down in Milan last week. We could use more of that.

Nice to see both football teams out for the National Anthem these days.

What happened to Huron Friday?

Best blocking back in the league?


Anonymous said...

I usually just read these and move on but I had to add in on one thing. Dylan Raisanen is an animal...

Anonymous said...

75 TD's- The amount Flat Rock has given up this year and last.

Huronleaguefootball said...

Sorry I can't post that. I know it took some time but please change some words. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Raisanen is having a great season

SMCC will pull this one off this week.

Better and more talented than Grosse Ile may not be the total case. Grosse Ile has it’s list of talented players. But I don’t think that they walk into every game believing that they are going to win instead I believe they hope they are going to win.

62 TD's? WOW… Then again he has had receivers that could catch the ball.

Flat Rock needs to play some defense and more offense.

Fastest 40 time in the league?.... Do you want it electronic timed or stopwatch coach timed ?

Levi Eddings is having a nice season for SMCC - Agreed

Just an FYI, Nellenbach from GI is spelled N-e-l-l-e-n-b-a-c-h:) Are you sure… I believe that they just call him Nelly

Is Jefferson righting the ship – NOPE – Then again we will see how they play Grosse Ile this week

Nice to see both football teams out for the National Anthem these days – Aren’t they always out?

What happened to Huron Friday – Out played from the get go.

Best blocking back in the league – Not sure yet?

Anonymous said...

Jefferson is righting the ship. I still believe they will give Airport a run for there money!!! Hope Airport doesn't go there thinking it'll be a blowout!

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, what was wrong with the post. Was it the romulus recruit comment?

Anonymous said...

Having a great kicker is a luxury in high school football, as Raisanen is showing. CC-View is game of the week for sure, CC continues it's march towards the playoffs. Fastest 40 time? Either Jones or Kish. Good win for Jefferson Friday, but with GI and Airport the next 2 weeks I have my doubts. Looks like Huron's massive graduation losses hurt more than most of us thought. EM

Huronleaguefootball said...

Actually it was the midget comment when referring to players from a particular team.

Anonymous said...

Flat Rock may be 1-4. But there backs block pretty well. The best in the league I would say is Knoch.

Anonymous said...

Smith from Riverview or French from Airport have to be putting up the best 40 times..any one have the times?

Anonymous said...

Couldn't find much info on the net for anyone other than Kish. I looked for official times that were scored at Track Meets, Combines or Prep football events.

Kish's best time electronic 4.62
Kish's best time stopwatch 4.5

In track he beat Jones from Airport and he lost to the Samules from Riverview in the 100 (11.64).

In the 200 Kish is faster than both kids.

The fastest kid in the 100 (10.20) from Track is Marcus Samules from Riverview.

Does anyone have official times for the others?

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris in HS I ran a 51.1 quarter. Would I have cracked your lineup of studs over there at Huron? :)


Huronleaguefootball said...

My best in the 400 this past season was 52.9. That got 2nd at the league meet. Your time would have been a league champlast season.

Anonymous said...

brandan lewis is far and away theee best blocking back in the huron league

Anonymous said...

Enough with the best blocking backs. Lets talk about which lineman is best at picking up fumbles next!

Anonymous said...

calpreps.com makes simulated predictions based on statistics and past wins, and they pick Riverview over SMCC 24-22. Of course this is just a projection, but Riverview will not take this game lightly.

If anyone would like to view other games, it is calpreps.com and close to the top of the page click projections and scroll to Michigan and click the week. I believe every Tuesday they update the upcoming week.

As for the fastest 40 time. Has to be Samuels from Riverview. As a freshman last year he won the 100 at The News Herald track meet.

Anonymous said...

wow we had a couple guys who run sub 50.0, one was doug brow from Carlson.. cant remember the other. Also Jake Tuttle from Carlson high jumped 7ft with a cast on his arm while wearing shades and a hoody. no lie. We were just better athletes back then!!

Anonymous said...

the last post brought to you by bn

Huronleaguefootball said...

Jake was a freak! He had natural hops in grade school. Brow was a stud.

Anonymous said...

Jones is fast. But Curtis French #27 for airport ran a faster 40time. And D-Rise is having a great season

Anonymous said...

ty granticelli jefferson qb ran 4.6's coach timed

Anonymous said...

Colin Knoch by far is the best blockin back the block that kid has been putting on kids running and blocking he punishes people hes a extremely strong kid. Not on a very good team though.

Anonymous said...

What kind of weapons do they have over at Windsor Assumption? Should SMCC be concerned?