Thursday, September 8, 2011

Week 3 Predictions

I have been having some technical difficulties but I thought I would put up my picks on here right now. Look for my previews of the game over at the Examiner later today.

Airport 34 Flat Rock 13
Riverview 21 Jefferson 20
Huron 16 Milan 14
SMCC 22 Grosse Ile 21

There should be some great games this week. Should know where many teams stand late Friday night.


Anonymous said...

Will you EVER pick SMCC to lose Chris?

Would love for the players(if they are readers) to feel like an underdog one time, instead of maybe an unworthy 1 point favorite. haha


Anonymous said...

SMCC over Grosse Ile? surely you jest.

I think jefferson wins this game, I think riverviews runningback is dinged up, I think cisco wins.

Huron vs Milan, I agree with the score prediction, except you need to swap teams. Milan wins this game.

Airport vs Flat Rock, if you multiply the score you picked for airport by 2 than you should have a more accurate score. I think flat rock scores a couple at the end.

Anonymous said...

SMCC loses by 20! No way will GI lose to SMCC. Your pick is laughable!!! SMCC is waaaaay down this year and you and everyone else knows it.

Huronleaguefootball said...

Unfortunately by just posting my picks I can't explain the rationale behind them.

I'll have the previews up later which should shed some insight on things.

Huronleaguefootball said...

Why would I pick against SMCC. They have made me look like a genius the last few years.

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe that so many people are adament that GI will win. After watching Rob White the past few years, it seemed like only a matter of time before they would win games, but let's remember one thing, CC is CC.

I can understand people picking against the Falcons, but what do we honestly know about them THIS year? They got spanked by a very good team and beat a possible playoff team.

What do we know about SMCC from years past? They lost the first game of the season in 2005, 2009, and 2010. What do all of those years have in common? SMCC represented the Huron League in the state championship game at Ford Field.

I would love to see GI pull out a W this week and have a special week in what looks to be a special year, but let's be serious. You can't dog on Chris for picking a team to win that has won the league more times than not in recent years.

Mr. HuronLeagueMan

Anonymous said...

Ancient Indian burial ground under what is now Navarre Field. The ghosts dim the lights and make passing nearly impossible. They trip the GI RB's in the open field. (maybe thats monster divots from last year?)

Not a CC fan but I have seen the spirits in action when they let me score a lucky TD there years ago.

CC wins by 4 in the closing seconds...

Anonymous said...

1. Why would Chris ever pick CC to lose ? Ride them until they get proven beatable in the league.

CC 28 GI 20

Airport 30 FR 14

Huron 14 Milan 13

Jefferson 20 View 13

I dont want to believe Airport is really that good, and a win over flat rock will prove nothing this week, however, if they absolutely route level pebble then you have to consider them to be in the top half of the league.

Maybe im wrong, but I do think Jefferson has a good team, They have a qb that when asked to, can run very well...And they have that horse that Cisco needs to lean on in the backfield. This one tells a lot about them....

Also, Milan.... This is one that they need to win to prove they wont be a bottom level team in the league. This is a toss up game for them.

Anonymous said...

SMCC frosh taking on Brother Rice frosh. Rice beat Monroe High Frosh by 40. This one might get ugly.

I wonder why other league teams dont schedule very tough games like this at the lower levels?


Anonymous said...

Not so sure about Riverview over Jefferson, 2 programs that are both down.
I have not seen Jefferson this year, but saw Riverview at Airport and they were not very good at all. If you think they are better than Jefferson, that says Jefferson is way down.

Flat Rock will score some points, early and may score later against Airport's 3rd team. Airport will score every time they have the ball or until they get the running clock and put in their subs.I saw FR 1 game this year and they can not stop a CYO team. They just can not tackle and their D line averages about 140 lbs. a man. That defense will not get it done in the Huron League, even if it is down this year.
Good call on Milan vs, Huron.
SMCC will win a close game because it is at Navarre Field. SMCC is way down and GI is up. GI defense is very weak, but their offense is pretty good this year.

Good luck to everyone Friday night!

Anonymous said...

Chris, Chris, Chris....yee of so little faith concerning GI.

I do like your pick of 1 point for's good luck just like your Onsted pick!! It worked out well for the Red Devils and will again this week. trip home for GI boys.

- Air wins but FR will suprise (less than 2 td spread if they decide to play a whole game)

- View over Jeff....but your coin toss pick is a bit "whimpish". Strap your panties Chris and make a call....View by 2 tds

- Milan over Huron....a little dislexic on this one Chris.

Agreed that by late Friday the real players and posers for a HL title will be more evident.


Anonymous said...

Looks like three good games and one blowout. I got CC 24-21, Huron 20-12, Riverview 20-19, Airport 42-6. EM

Anonymous said...

Jefferson will suprise alot of people this year! Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I think you all crazy. SMCC will roll over GI. I'm sure Giarmo and the boys are laughing right now. GI has beaten two bad teams. That is an Onsted team that will be lucky to win 2 games this season. A bad Flat Rock team was in the game at halftime then basically lost their two best players in the 2nd half. GI can score but SMCC will put up 35-40 points. SMCC 40 Grosse Ile 21.

No way does Milan lose to Huron. The Chiefs will implode again and Milan will move to 2-1 on the season. Huron can't score. Milan 21 Huron 7.

Jefferson will beat an over hyped Riverview team that beat an awful Crestwood team then was brought back down to earth by an average Airport team by 28 points. Jefferson 21 Riverview 14.

Airport will beat Flat Rock like a rented mule. The Rams would lose to Lincoln Park by 3 scores if they were on the schedule. Airport wins 42-6.

Big four, little four. Nothing has changed. The Huron League is still the haves and have nots.

Anonymous said...

Game of the week no doubt.. As much as I hate to agree, CC is the power in the league, until proven differently. Sure would be nice to see GI prove the nay sayers wrong. CC 35 GI 27

Can Airports 2 running backs make it 3straight over 100 yards each? Against FR, probably. Look for Airports young QB to air it out a bit this week. Hoping FR can make a game of it though, need some fire or some kind of bright spot in that program.
Airport 42 FR 12

Its time for Huron to swap places with Milan, and establish themselves in the upper tier of the Huron League. A fired up Huron will come out gang busters against Milan.
Huron 27 Milan 12

Jefferson's players had some hard realizations to go through this week, but Cisco and staff are taking the team back to hard nose football. Jefferson RB is going to run over the View. Too much for Riverviews young defense.
Jefferson 28 Riverview 7

Just glad football is here. Thanks for the blog.


Anonymous said...

i love reading all the cc is gonna roll over gi comments then remembering that cc lost. at least walk the talk my 0 and 3 underachievers. former player #swag