Thursday, October 27, 2011

Friday Night Picks

Division 3
Chelsea 26 Riverview 21
Airport 21 Adrian 20

Division 4
Grosse Ile 34 Kettering 20


Anonymous said...

Chelsea 28
Riverview 27

Airport 28
Adrian 17

Grosse Ile 51
Det. 20

Anonymous said...

I see Airport winning bigger than that, and I see Riverview coming away with a win in OT. A Huron League District championship?!?! Has this ever happened before? I dont feel like looking it up haha


Anonymous said...

Do they only allow running clocks in the fourth quarter? If not limited to only the fourth, then Airport could have one by the middle of the third. 42-0 Airport.

Riverview will need to step it's blocking scheme to run the ball. But I think they'll have to connect on a few passes to loosen up the box. Their passing game is underrated.

But my main concern is their run D. While I think their pass game is underrated, I think their D as a whole is overrated. And, I think Salser is still out. Local paper correctly pointed out that they have given up 29+ points to three different teams this year. Their only 1-1 against playoff teams also. Of course Chelsea has only gone 2-2 v playoff teams. But at least they've played more of them. Playing against better competition makes you better. I think the View will answer the bell with a 26-23 win.

GI should win, I'm guessing but lets say 30-10.

Good Luck fellas! Lord keep 'em all safe. Amen.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to invite everyone who's team from the HL who's team is not in the playoffs to go support those teams that are. I think the best game on the docket is clearly Riverview/Chelsea. Heck truth is it should be the best game downriver. Maybe Woodhaven/Southgate.

GI and Airport should handle their challenges just fine.

Lets support each other, all boats rise with the tide.

Anonymous said...

last hl district? how about regional. smcc 2010, smcc 2009, smcc 2008 all regional champions

Anonymous said...

I would agree with the GI 51 Kettering 20 post. Take a look at .
It's the Kettering vs. Douglas game.

Kettering may score a couple but gi and their "complex" offense will score way more. The intersting thing will be if GI does win this and plays douglas. They have a 320lb fullback. Looks like a load to bring down. Both teams do not see to be as disciplined and as skilled as GI and the huron leage teams that we have seen this year. Yes they are athletic. Just being athletic will not win championships.

Good luck to all teams tonight. Make the league proud by bringing home three wins!!

gi football

Huronleaguefootball said...

He is talking about an all Huron league district final. Airport vs Riverview would be just that.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to AIRPORT JETS.
Here we go GI, Here we GO!!!

Remeber, anything can happen in HS football, Just ask Bedford....
Jefferson concurs I'm sure.

Records are out the window now, everyone is 0-0. With that said, Strap it Tight TONIGHT!


Anonymous said...

I don't think you guys realize how good Chelsea is, or how tough of a schedule they play...

Anonymous said...

Chelsea is overrated

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I don't think you guys realize how good Chelsea is, or how tough of a schedule they play...

October 28, 2011 8:12 AM

Well I'm sure the people who matter are realizing how good Chelsea is. The kids and the coaches. I know they are traditionally a strong program.

But they did play in the "lower" bracket of the SEC this year. I can't imagine the "lower" bracket of the SEC is all that stronger than the HL. Even if the HL is in a "down" year.

But as was already pointed out, they did go 2-2 with playoff teams, which should make them tougher. Better comp. makes one better. The View only had two games against playoff teams, and they got spanked by one of them. They'll have their work cut out for them. But their capable.

Anonymous said...

Kettering @ GI

If GI brings thier "A" game this one might get ugly real fast. I think they have the advantage in every aspect of the game.

GI 56 Kettering 7

Chelsea @ Riverview

Chelsea has played the tougher schedule and has had some very nice teams in the past. Making the playoffs the last 13 out of 14 years. Never winning a REGION however. This team is not one of the vintage Chelsea teams but they are still a quality program who will play well. The View is much improved throughout the year and they have them at home which will keep them in it.

Chelsea 28 Riverview 21

Adrian @ Airport

This is a great matchup and probably the most interesting of the 3. Both schools have had a dissapointing playoff record over the last 15 years and have squandered some chances to make a run to a REGIONAL title. This is the game I will be attending and hope to see a Jet victory.

Airport 28 Adrian 21

As you can see all 3 teams have a good chance at winning in my eyes. Let's hope it happens.


Huronleaguefootball said...

Save me a seat Crazy.