Thursday, October 27, 2011

Huron League Thoughts and Questions

The league went 11-5 in non-league games with 2 wins coming over playoff teams.

Riverview and Airport aren't playing vintage SEC opponents this week but will have tough contest.

Jefferson's win over Bedford certainly opened some eyes.

Lot's of good running backs in the league this season.

Have any of the Detroit Kettering kids ever been on an island other than Belle Isle?

Flat Rock has to feel better about next season after recording 3 wins with one coming over Jefferson and another Milan.

How anxious are the returning SMCC players to take the field next seaso?

If you had to pick a QB to start a team who would you take from the league teams?

Milan may not have another season like that again.

Any weight rooms open yet?

After much thought I'm starting to feel the league may not be down. I'll have a better idea come Friday night though.


Mr. Lemons said...

Good luck to ALL the teams in the playoffs! It's time to stick together as a "League" and support the teams that made it! Congrats to the JETS on taking the championship! But nothing, and I mean nothing is better than seeing SMCC on the bottom of the list. Karma sure smacked some faces this year! Ouch!

Anonymous said...

I thinkg that Airport and View will likely win. Although I think the View will need to bring it's best game. They'll need to limit their mistakes. Airport needs to just play their game and they should be alright.

I think Jeffersons upset of Bedford is one of the reasons Riverview has a home playoff game. I am also of the understanding, although I could be wrong on this, that Adrian upset Chelsea in their last game of the season to get them in the playoffs and is also a big reason Riverview is home instead of at Chelsea.

Flat Rock should feel good about their wins but, the question for next year is how did the respective JV's do against each other?

I'm sure the SMCC faithful are already preparing for next season. They are probably the ones already in the weight room. All teams and programs go through cycles.

I do think the league might be a LITTLE down. But I think the teams at the top are as strong as any would be in any given year. There are probably more average to below average teams this year, but the ones at the top are still good. As I said before, it's just cycling back around. Veteran teams turn into young teams after a while. It's inevitable.

Mr. Lemons,
Your awfully sour!

I think you take too much joy from the SMCC situation. I know most in the HL see them as the Yankees of the league, but remember these are just kids. Be excited for your team, but not at the expense of someone elses kids. There is a difference between cheering FOR your team vs. cheering AGAINST someone elses. Anyway, Good Luck to your team who ever it is.

Good Luck to ALL the teams from the HL. Go Get 'em Boys! Show everyone the HL is "pound for pound, the best football league in the state."

Anonymous said...

Mr. Lemons, what you said is totally redundant. I agree that the league needs to stick together in the playoffs and support each other throughout, but you can't follow that up with insulting a team in the league. Don't be silly.

Furthermore, as a Milan graduate, I would sure like to see them improve in years to. Chris do you think the lackluster season is from having some inexperienced players, players not buying into the system, or do you simply think that maybe Coach Robb was a good enough coach to overcome some of Milan's deficiencies in the past? Also what do you think the Big Red's record would have been had he been the head coach this season?

Congrats on the teams that made the playoffs. I look forward to you representing the league well as football players and fans with tough play and sportsmanship.

Mr. HuronLeagueMan

Anonymous said...

It looks like Mr Lemon's(perfect name for someone that usally loses to SMCC)is some one that wants everyone to support his team when they win but is a hater when someone else's team wins.And by the way there is no karma you are just jelous of SMCC. I would be upset if I went to Airport with 900 kids and didn't win the league. SMCC has 420 kids and they are upset when they don't win the league, the smallest school.

Anonymous said...

support the teams that made it but disrespect those that didnt. nice


Anonymous said...

By no means does it offend me, but The Detroit Kettering kids being on any island other than Belle Isle might upset some people. Some people can find the negative in anything.

Anonymous said...

karma? what karma are you talking about? cant win league and go to ford field every year.. gotta love to be hated though! smcc will be back and has a solid chance to win league (again) next year, they are one of my favorites. if they can change a few things up offensively, no doubt they can. Lets soo how long the HL can last in the playoffs, goodluck AP, GI, RIV

Proud cc Grad

Anonymous said...

Milan lifted on Monday

Huronleaguefootball said...

I haven't seen a coach leave the cupboard full unless they are forced out.

On the other hand, most 1st year coaches struggle.

I think it was probably a little of both.

Anonymous said...

A runningback heavy league chris..think of what we got comin back next year in backfields.

Jefferson got anyone?


Huronleaguefootball said...

I agree!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of RB's, McCarty and Christian should be on 10:35's list too...both will get major touches either running or catching from Z. NOTE: they are both bigger than Nelly too. (no slam, just info)

Don't forget the skill coming from GI JV.... 2-3 of those kids will be on this blogs air waves from week one next year.


Anonymous said...

Those of you who like to use JV scores as an indicator of how the varsity will fair in upcoming years(I am one). Huron, GI and Airport played SMCC before they moved up the 9 freshman. Since they moved them up they were undefeated.

SMCC has the best freshman class it has ever had. They also have some VERY nice freshman coming in next year from St. Charles and St. John. Lookout for the corterier twins. wow

There will be some big battles in the the Huron League in the next couple years. Will be nice to watch. Good ball is in this league's future. no doubt.


Anonymous said...

Beaton from Milan will be a RB to watch. He is just a sophmore now. Didnt use him much on varsity. The one game he played on jv he had 275 yards.

Anonymous said...

Jefferson has Elijah Sandore a promising looking sophomore who played varsity this year and although he couldn't help much this year, (I don't know if anyone could of) look for him to have a solid career the next two years. Jeffersons problems were not in their backfield, however, the problem was their line. Ty Grancitelli is a solid QB. As one of the Jefferson faithful, I can also say that the final drive against Bedford was very relieving as the coaching staff showed the will to throw some original play calling into the mix.

Anonymous said...

What about defensive players for next year?