Monday, October 10, 2011

Playoff Projections

Obviously it is early but the playoff prognosticators have picked where Airport, Riverview and Grosse Ile will end up. These guys are usually pretty solid in their projections so I will roll with it for now.

Division III

Region 4 District 1
(3)Riverview @ (2)Airport
(4)Adrian @ (1)Chelsea

Division IV

Region 3 District 2
(3)Detroit Kettering @ (2)Grosse Ile
(4)Detroit Southwestern @ (1)Detroit Frederick Douglas


Anonymous said...

I really hate that they can't mix the games up so you can maybe play someone you haven't seen before.

I think it would be more interesting for everyone who enjoys HS football to see two teams who don't see each other in the regular season go at it rather than a redo of a league game. I think it would also have a greater potential to increase the $ for non-traditional teams to play each other. May get more interest from people whose teams are not in the playoffs, more intrigue.

Anonymous said...

If this is true, we will really see how down the league is this year.
Obviussly if Airport plays the View, one teram has to win. Neither will win the second.

GI, will lose the opener to either team.

You are missing SMCC, they will get in at 5-4 this year. They are division 6 playing DIv. 3 and 4 teams. They will not go beyond their first game either.

Huronleaguefootball said...

I have news for you. GI wins that District. First by crushing Kettering whose only loss is to an average Consortium team. Then they beat Detroit Douglas who is 6-1 with no signature wins.

Anonymous said...

Another little tid-bit of info for you Mr. Negative (9:58 poster).....
GI paddled Detroit Consortium in this years scrimmage and Kettering lost to them??? Whoooaaaa.

Keep the faith Chris.....


Anonymous said...

Things of course will change from week to week but GI can only pray their district is that weak. They will be about the 10th best team of 16 on their side of the bracket. If they can avoid those other 9 teams til the regional final, that would be in horse racing terms, a great trip. Crockett, NDP, CL, MC, Penn and Sexton could all pick their score against GI. Somehow avoiding them would be huge.


Anonymous said...

Also, this may be the year airport finally gets by an adrian or Chelsea. Then most likely would face thurston again.
All kind of winnable games if you as me.


Anonymous said...

Airports defense can take them further than last year. Solid defensive efforts, rush for 200+ yds/game and catching clutch passes on 3rd and long is what they need to succeed.

Anonymous said...

As a Southeastern Conference follower I can say that the only way Adrian makes the playoffs is if they get lucky at 5-4. They are not a good ballclub and the defense is awful. QB just got hurt recently as well.

Playoffs look favorable for huron league teams. GI vs Crockett may get ugly if they face each other.

Anonymous said...

Chelsea would be a tough yet winnable game for Airport this year. However Airport and Riverview would probably end up with Carlson and Trenton if they finish 6-3. I agree Chris, I would favor GI in that district. EM