Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Night Scores

Airport 25 Adrian 24
Ida 12 Flat Rock 7
Milan 42 Ypsi 8
Tecumseh 49 Jefferson 14
SMCC 44 Plymouth Educational Center 6
Grosse Ile 42 Onsted 21

If you attended a game this evening please give us your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

This site is dead.

Huronleaguefootball said...

Over 1,000 visitors last night and approaching that tonight. Not many people commenting but people checking scores. That is fine by me.

Anonymous said...

This was the first site I found that had all the scores.

Anonymous said...

Milan looked sharp on both sides of the ball. Defense didn't struggle at all. Looked like a cakewalk for the first team D.

Anonymous said...

Is this the Huron league blog or the Huron Leauge morgue?

amguest said...

noticies149Love grateful ...very much alive!

Anonymous said...

The way Airport played in the 1st half it looked like a running clock wasn't far off. But they came alive and turned a 18-0 halftime deficit into a 19-18 lead before the end of the 3rd. The OLine took control in the 2nd half after getting whipped in the 1st half. The defense shut down Adrian's running game in the 2nd half. Great team win!

Anonymous said...

GI looks like they'll be just fine with the cupboards full from a 9-0 JV last year.

I'm sure it will be "Robbie Who" dis on Mr. White, rather a stud replacement for sure. I'll leave that name for the papers to talk about for now.

Ground game to be giddy about + a "D" with a "TUDE"...."DUDE"! So nice to not have to preach Defense to Red Devil braintrust, coach B kudos for both "D TUDE" and O tweeks to new skill sets.

Good start GI gents...HL opponents better be strapped up tight when GI comes callin'....the boys have a liking for that playoff taste. (BTW no "cake" in playoffs for the haters)


Anonymous said...

Nice win Jets!

Anonymous said...

Nice win jets!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Milan is going to be a contender if they keep playing like they did last night. Go Big Reds!!

Anonymous said...

Milan looked very solid. Ypsilanti looked sad.

Huronleaguefootball said...

Over a 1,000 page views today but the blog is dead. Hmmmmmmm

Huronleaguefootball said...

I saw the FR game last night. The Rams probably should have won that game over Ida. Two big plays for Ida while FR went up and down the field but couldn't finish in the red zone.

Proud of my boy OC in his first game guiding the Rams. Tough assignment matching wits with the veteran Walentoski who has been at Ida since bell bottoms were fashionable.

Ida seems playoff bound with a load of returners in the LCAA but I am still unsure of how FR will fare in the Huron League.

One thing I can say for sure is that the Rams are a much better team than last season.

Anonymous said...

Things to ponder Chris?

Great to hear FR is doing better this year. Hard working boys, who really deserve some recognition. How did Chick do at QB??? If he stays healthy, look for an upset or two???Who is this years work horse in teh backfield?

It appears if there may be an uprising in "Bear Country", last nights loss has inspired the "Anti-Cisco" chants earlier than expected.

Wondering if Milan is for real? Was Ypsi that weak or did the Big Reds play that well???

SMCC starts out with a convincing win against WHO???? Thinking they might be back in the mix regardless. Jack won't stand for 2 bad seasons in a row.

Thrilled for Eric and Monroe, hoping they can take the league by storm this year. Long time overdue.

Barber and the Jets had a great win which was probably the most even match up this Opening Night. O-Line found themselves in the 2nd Half. Might be great things to come in Jet Land. Potcova, McCormick, and Donnelly might have the support to surprise a few for deeper season???

Thrilled Football has started. Now to work on the Fantasy Draft tonight.

Party On Citizens!

Huron League Fan

Anonymous said...

In 2009, this blog had players and parents talking trash back and forth. There was a lot of life in this blog. I marveled at the hard work that Chris put in, and all of the enthusiastic posters who would stop by this blog. I enjoyed the good days when stats were posted and when there were 30+ comments a post. The times sure has changed. You may be getting 1,000 visitors but those visitors are sure are as hell lame, say something.

I don't know why you are being such a big sissy Chris. Why did you get lazy? I know you are better than that. You are capable of better things for this blog as you have shown in 2009 and 2010. Blog started to stumble a bit last year. Huron is not a good program period, they change offenses every year, the coaching is terrible.

Tom O has a lot of work to do at Flat Rock but just face it, the glory days of Larry Dugan are over pal. Flat Rock will never be more than a Huron League punching bag. I dont know why you are so hell-bent on only spending time watching the rams and chiefs. Those are like the two worst programs in the league (and state). The Huron league blog deserves a lot better.

Either do the job the correct way or don't do it at all, it is that simple Chris.

Who or what is Detroit PEC? I credit CC for scheduling PEC, I guess PEC is one step above the Flint Michigan School for the deaf, congratulations SMCC. Pat yourself on the back for such tough scheduling.k

Huronleaguefootball said...

Wow, are you okay fella? Did you take your medication today or do you just want to take over the blog.? You can have it if you like.

Enough people seemed interested in me just posting scores and some predictions so I figured I would continue.

I would actually continue the thing the way I used to if I had a secretary and an editor. Sure would make things easier.

By the way, PEC (Plymouth Educational Center) is a charter school in Detroit. Not really known for their football just yet but they have a nice basketball program. They have only had football for a few years.

Now please go to the medicine chest and please take your prescription, you seem so edgy.

Anonymous said...

For someone who does not have to do anything, thank you for at least printing scores.

As for why Chris discusses Flat Rock and Huron the most. Apparently someone needs to read this blog more. Chris says right in it that he graduated from Flat Rock and is the Track coach at Huron. So if he was going to follow any teams I can see why those are the teams he follows.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the blog, some of us enjoy and appreciate what you do. Go Jets!

Anonymous said...

Jets came back from a hard first half, had enough heart to grind out the rest of the game and get the win. Easily Adam Barbers best team, good win jets.

Anonymous said...

We are lucky to have someone that cares so much about the Huron League.
Tom O is his buddy and he wants him to succeed..i know he coached him and has personal ties to FR. Ostrick is the best fit at FR now, you will see.
Chris also coaches at Huron. He loves those kids and wants to give them the credit they deserve. IF he knew more about other teams he'd report it. Having a secretary and editor would help him in that aspect. He is friends with Dan K as well and cares about their program.
Like Chris mentioned maybe you should take over the blog and take you medicine..or just stop drinking at noon on a saturday

Anonymous said...

SMCC Isssss back!! Jack Giarmo is the best coach in the league and area!! SMCC is lucky to have him. Nobody cares more about SMCC than Jack. look for playoff apearance from smcc.

Milan is good. watch for them to make noise in the HL. This is a make or break year for Hoskins. If they don't win that program will go downhill. I see 5-4 or 6-3.

Airport- They have the most talent in the league, but they won't win it. People are hungry to beat them. Barber is doing a fine job, but i see 6-3 with a 2nd place finish!

Nobody cares more bout those kids than Oestrike at FR. Administration FINALLY made a smart choice by hiring him. You FR people should pray that you can keep him. 4-5 if you stay healthy

Kabby has resurrected teh program and its time to take the next step. won't happen this year but watch out next year. Huron is lucky to have him. He connects with those ttype of kids

Im a monroe county fan so i don't care about GI and Rview, but I hope everyone in the county beats the tar out of em..

I hate to hear about the Cisco hate. He is a great coach and cares about those kids. They will be fine in the Huron League.


Anonymous said...

SMCC- Lets see how they do after they play a couple of tougher games. I have seen middle school teams tougher than PEC. I dont see them going 4-5 like last year but lets see how they do against better schools before we anoint them the next 65 packers.

Riverview- I thought they were supposed to contend for a league title, were they looking ahead? How they only beat Crestwood by 2 is shocking. Is the league down?

Airport- They will win the league, too much talent on the team.

SITOFN- Rob White was a good player, shut up. Only an ignorant fool would be saying Rob Who. The new qb is a good player though. Giving up 21 points to Onsted hardly seems like a dominant D. How about you guys win a league title sometime this century.

Anonymous said...

Riverview had a great first half, but thought the 24 point lead was enough, and they started to let up then couldn't stop their momentum. Crestwood also has improved greatly, their players are bigger and stronger, not to mention they have a brand new offense and defense, both much like SMCC. I would like to see how Huron matches up against Crestwood in their final game.

Anonymous said...

I think that SMCC deserves an easy one to start. They played Detroit Crockett and Plymouth for the first game the past 3 years. Those teams are head and shoulders above any team that the Huron League faced in the first week this year..

Anonymous said...

Riverview has a young team. As I recall on their roster I count only about a dozen Seniors (a couple are injured I hear). Mostly Juniors and at least a half dozen Sophmores. So they are still learning how to finish.

They handled the Crestwood O fine in the first half. Give credit to the Crestwood coaches for making adjustments. I also noticed how much bigger Crestwoods team was than Riverview. Both individually as well as the numbers on the team as a whole.

I really believe that in HS ball, more than any other level, so much of the game can turn on emotion. If you let a team BELIEVE they can then you've given them a weapon to rally around. Even a team that's not as good can comeback (no reflection on Crestwood). Young teams have to learn to finish. The one thing Riverview needed to do coming out of the second half was to drive the field and score a touchdown. Instead, Crestwood was able to stop them on a three and out. Suddenly there's an idea for one team. Maybe a small seed of doubt on the other. Couple misplays and then, it's off to the races.

Of course the question of which Riverview half is the real team is really whats at issue. They have a young but what appears be an above average QB. New O and D lines learning to play together and some real good backs. They had a number of dropped passes that hit guys in the hands and with any young QB, there was some ill timed decisions and passes. I believe they'll be fine, but their going to have to show up and play everydown in both halfs if they want to make the playoffs.

Airport will be a real good test this Friday. I also believe the Huron league title goes through Carleton. However it appears they may have the same question to answer as Riverview. Which half is the true team?

FR has a LOT of experience coming back on both lines and they may well be a force this year. Which begs the question, is it the coaching or is it the returning experience?

I wouldn't put too much stock on anything that happened with SMCC. Looks like they tried to fill a date and took who they could get to play.

I have no idea how good Onstead is/was supposed to be. But if GI can keep it up they are definately a dark horse contender in the League.