Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Grosse Ile at Flat Rock

Grosse Ile opened the season with a 42-21 victory at Onsted last week while Flat Rock opened the Tom Oestrike era with a 12-7 loss to Ida. Grosse Ile won last season's match up on the Island 51-12.

Grosse Ile dominated  an inexperienced Wildcat team last week by running for over 300 yards. The Red Devils were pretty one dimensional, as they only threw the ball four times at Onsted. That may have been by design as Onsted only returned five defensive starters from last years 3-6 squad.

Flat Rock is coming off of a disappointing loss to Ida. The Rams dominated the line of scrimmage against a team that qualified for the playoffs last season. Flat Rock must find a way to improve in the red zone as they converted only one of five trips in scoring territory.

This could be an interesting match up. The Red Devils certainly have had more success recently but Flat Rock has twenty-two seniors on the roster. Grosse Ile will most likely have to throw the ball a bit more this week if they want to move the ball. Pick: Grosse Ile 27 Flat Rock 21


Anonymous said...

I actually think FR has a shot at beating GI. I don't think it would rank up there with Applachia State v Michigan from a few years ago but it would be an upset in my opinion. And, it could get the FR boys to thinking, "hey maybe we can do this". There always seems to be someone in the league who surprises everyone. Why not FR. They're due, and they have a lot of older players coming back.

Anonymous said...

GI DUDE's (that's D with a TUDE) want to prove last year wasn't a fluke on their side of the ball.

So while everyone is worrying about the O and lack of diversity, they'll grind out mega-yards on the ground and post a win.... but with an 18 pt spread

Anonymous said...

I don't think GI will be tested till next week, GI 35-14. EM

Anonymous said...

The GI offense can PASS and RUN (they just didn't need to pass against Onsted). You're right, they don't have the numbers of seniors Flat Rock has. But those they do have, have both talent and leadership. And, Oh the talent of the underclassmen. Grosse Ile does not have the team it had last year but this years team is every bit as good, just different.

And the JV team is also skilled, they have lost nearly all their starters to injuries. Very disheartening.

Anonymous said...

Flat Rock will move ball on soft Grosse Ile defense. I feel that Flat Rock may have trouble stopping GI. They are a better offensive team than Onsted in my opinion. I think GI is a little faster and that there offense could provide more trouble for flat rock. GI can throw the ball if they have too, they had no trouble getting yards on the ground last week so they had no reason to throw the ball. I think this game may be somewhat high scoring.

Anonymous said...

Anyone over 6 feet and 200 lbs and in shape? No? Ok. 1 and 8. Same story every year.