Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Huron at SMCC

The Falcons opened the season at home with a 44-6 win over Detroit PEC while the Chiefs were forced to accept a 2-0 forfeit over Dearborn Heights Annapolis. SMCC won last year's meeting in New Boston by a score of 12-6

SMCC won't change what they have been doing from over the years. They still have the best coach in the league in Jack Giarmo. The Falcons have a stable of running backs and will simply ride the hot hand most of the game.  Defensively the Falcons will be physical as usual while trying to force turnovers.

Rust may be the biggest concern for the Chiefs after they were dealt a forfeit win over Annapolis last week. Fullback Steve Curnett will likely shoulder most of the load for Huron offensively. Overall team speed will be one of the strengths for the Chiefs in this game and could have a hand in the outcome.

This is an interesting matchup. Last year's game was a defensive struggle but this game will most likely feature more scoring. Both teams are probably a year away from fielding really strong teams but the victor may have something to say in the season's league race. Pick: SMCC 30 Huron 28


Anonymous said...

Huron wins and SMCC doesn't get over 14 points.

Anonymous said...

wow!!!!!! really now.

Anonymous said...

SMCC gets blown out! Too slow.

Anonymous said...

SMCC 42-HURON 7 UR right a blow out

Anonymous said...

Nah, not a blow out... SMCC isnt what they use to be... they beat a school with not much skill, so thats nothing to brag about... they almost lost to a worse Huron team last year, but this team this year is twice as good as last years V squad, so blow out? No. Huron possible to win it? Very likely..


Anonymous said...

I Seriously doubt SMCC repeats last years performance in this game and most others this year too.

Coach G will have the discipline meter pegged with the hide-a-pigskin O and tenacious D.

> than 2 touch spread....however SMCC needs a dominant player or 2 to emerge before they compete for HL upper echelon.

NOTE:...Huron just might surprise if they get a player or 2 to break out as well.

Typically a sleeper game is turning into great barometer for a HL opener.


Anonymous said...

Huron should pull this out. SMCC down on players, quarterback hurt, JV quarterback possibly starting.

Also many good juniors opted to play fall baseball, team definitely down this year.

Anonymous said...

Smcc will pull out a win but it should be a close exciting game.
Smcc has some very strong players as well as Huron. Both teams did loose a few kids but not any key players that would have made a difference on a win or a loss. Each team is strong and it should be a great game of football. Good luck to both teams!

Huronleaguefootball said...

Purely from a selfish perspective I am anxious to see how Huron's speed plays out in this game. Several of my track kids play important roles on Huron's team both offensively and defensively. Williams, Robinson and Busch were all on the Chief all league 4X100 meter relay team last season.