Saturday, August 25, 2012

Huron League Thoughts and Questions

Impressive win by Milan over Ypsilanti

Same goes for Airport over Adrian

Shame on Annapolis

Did Grosse Ile really only throw four passes against Onsted?

Either Riverview isn't very good or Crestwood has improved

Did Jefferson really get rolled by Tecumseh?

Tough to tell if SMCC has improved (I would like to see them schedule PEC in hoops)

Flat Rock deserved to win that game against Ida

I have to believe that Airport is the favorite to win the league (the fan poll agrees with me)

How good is Grosse Ile?

Do I DVR the MSU/Bosie State game Friday and catch a high school game?

Do I bother watching the Alabama/Michigan game next Saturday?


Anonymous said...

I agree shame on Annapolis, they have like what...800 kid in the school and they only have 15 kids on the team. That is a travesty, I guess the kids at Annapolis are too lazy, they would rather play video games and loiter at southland and smoke pot. I'm not sure if I quite understand this generation. I feel bad for the Huron seniors who only get to play 8 games, although Annapolis is a bad school to schedule to begin with but from what I understand, they have somewhat of a rivalry with Huron?

Grosse Ile- Eh, they should have no problem scoring but I don't know about their defense.

Riverview- They must have looked ahead to Airport. No excuse to beat Crestwood by 2. If Crestwood ends up fielding a decent team I will eat crow but for now, inexcusable to say the least.

SMCC- Agree, the CC fanboys need to relax before they start declaring this CC team the greatest in school history. They will be better than last year though, I feel bad for their o-lineman who had the season ending knee injury, that is not right. You have to feel bad for the kid.

Flat Rock- I would like to see Flat Rock do well but come on. Losing to Ida, that makes the Huron league look bad, you need to represent. Tom O should turn things around at Flat Rock. But what ever happened to that vaunted sophmore JV class that Flat Rock was very high on a few years back, did they never materialize? The parents of the players on that team came on the blog and let everybody know how they were the bright future of Flat Rock football.

If I were you I would stay home Friday, college games are fun to watch live. You still have 7 HS games to catch after that.

The game you should catch is Thursday at 10. The pirate Mike Leach returns to the sidelines at Wazzu, watch his team beat up the cheating LD$ Ybu Bougars. The 35 year old mormons will be no match for the air raid attack of the Wazzu Cougs.

Anonymous said...

I happened to be in the area last night and saw the game. Yep GI did only throw 4 passes against Onsted. This will come to haunt them if they don’t start once they start playing the Huron League teams. Last year the White, Kish, Nellanbach, Munoz, Christan combo kept you guessing on which direction the ball was going to come from. Was it by ground or by air.

The crazy thing is that the Soph. QB had 20 carries and that number is higher then any number of carries per game that White, or even Kish ever had in a single game. That number of carries by and individual goes back to the Dex Teen days on the island.

Last night his number 1 back had 16 carries then it dropped down to only 6 carries to Nellinbach who was the number two back after Kish last year. It will be a long year if the rest of the season goes this direction. The O-Line has been shrinking over the last several years on GI and we will need to get the passing game going again to keep everyone guessing if want we to win games. It was a great start to a new season. We will see if GI is able to pass once they play Flat Rock. If they can that will be great, if not the winds of change may have died on the island.

GI Fan.

Huronleaguefootball said...

Huron scheduled Annapolis because Erie Mason dropped them. They have played Annapolis numerous times in the opener over the last 2 decades. The Cougars have an enrollment of 814 and actually won four games last season. The funny thing is, they have open enrollment over there. Word has it, tat the coach is hardcore and the kids are turned off. Their JV team was huge but had absolutely no idea what they were doing. I heard it was the same team that scrimmaged as a varsity team the week before minus a handful of seniors. I'm not sure what is worse though, no varsity at Annapolis or no JV at Milan. Milan could be the only Class A team in the state with no JV.

Anonymous said...

"fanboy" ; "greatest in school history". I like that

Anonymous said...

How bad is ypsi??

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the box score of the Smcc game? I can't find anyone who coverd it

Anonymous said...

GI fan is correct....a one dimension O will not have success in the HL for GI.

Gotta get nelly and christian more involved....and an air game too. Ok to run more if that is the skill set, just not ALL the time with the same person (ala Teen years). Lets leave that for SMCC.


Huronleaguefootball said...

The Monroe News had it in the paper on page 2.

Anonymous said...

Where is kish going to school? Is he running track?

Was just remembering the FD game last year in the playoffs. Kish caught this "fast" kid who was on a breakaway and had about 7 yards on him in about 3 steps. Impressive speed to say the least.


Anonymous said...


SMCC uses 4-5 backs. 15 carries a game is the biggest workload any back will see. On another note, they have a Soph QB, if the senior is still hurt, who can really chuck it. The T is a great formation to pass out of. Bunch formation on both sides with the TE, RB and FB. AIR GIARMO!


Anonymous said...

bn -

Kish is a db at wayne state

Anonymous said...

A couple of comments. Everyone should back off scheduling comments. Ever since 5 or 6 wins gets you in the playoffs, every school looks to place non-league teams they can beat on their schedule. Problem is the match ups run out and school get matched with huge class A schools against a class C. As far as school enrollments and fielding teams. I hate to say this but kids are less and less interested in football because it is hard work, tough practices, year round weightlifting, and demanding in many ways. Kids today would rather get a varsity letter playing golf for free, running in the woods for fun, kicking a soccer ball, or play tennis at the club. Hard nosed, tough, aggressive, football loving kids are in the minority. A said day for the game. Dads out there take more time with your sons and throw the football around. Introduce them to the gret sport of American Football!!!!

Huronleaguefootball said...

True football participation is down down in high school around the state. I'm not sure of the reason but I can't help but notice that the Huron Junior Football has 180 kids grades 1st-6th out there practicing every night.

I think part of the problem is football particpation is encouraged all summer and practice starts in early August. Many families are still in vacation mode when August rolls around. I understand the need to start early so the sports seasons don't overlap but by moving the season up two weeks basically means you end summer vacation two weeks early.

I have to address your running through the woods for fun comment. While cross country can be fun for athletes it isn't a walk in the park. Those 8 mile runs can be killer and the 40 minute fartlek training can be cruel.

Anonymous said...

Crestwood has improved. They were very big, like Airport last year. Riverview is decent, not like last year, but a playoff prospect.