Monday, August 27, 2012

Milan at Jefferson

Both teams enter the Huron League opener in a different frame of mind. Milan crushed Ypsi in week one by a score of 42-8. The Bears were beaten badly at home by Tecumseh 49-14. Milan beat Jefferson last season in week two 25-13.

Jefferson led last week 14-7 after one quarter but the Indians took to the air and that spelled doom for the Bears. The defense held up well against the rush and that should be enough to keep them in the game this week.

Milan did most of their damage on the ground last week against Ypsi although the Big Reds appear capable of throwing the ball. Coach Jesse Hoskins must find a way to get the ball to Arthur Dukes on the ground while throwing enough to keep Jefferson off balance.

Conventional wisdom says to go with Milan after week one but something makes me think the Bears will win this game. Maybe it's the home field advantage or maybe it's the fact that Cisco has been coaching nearly twice as long as Hoskins has been alive.  Pick: Jefferson 21 Milan 20


Huronleaguefootball said...

of course word on the street out of Ypsi is that was the worst performance in 20 years on the gridiron by an Ypsi team.

Anonymous said...

I think Milan wins, Jefferson does not have the athletes to compete with Milan. Cisco has coached for a very long time but has not gotten good results in years. Has not gone to the playoffs since 06. That is uncharacterstic of Jefferson football.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind this pick. Like you said, it would be easy to say Milan wins this one... But the Ypsi program is in the middle of one of the tougher periods they've gone through. However, the bears didn't do anything impressive last Friday and they lack what many of the Jefferson teams of past have lived by and that's toughness. Both teams have a lot to prove. Milan 35 Jefferson 20... And the Cisco boo birds continue, sadly.

Anonymous said...

The winged T grinds out a victory.


Anonymous said...

If Jefferson is weak against an air attack they could be in trouble.

Milan by at least two touchdowns...30-14.

Ypsi has no guns this year, for sure, but their O line got manhandled last Friday night.

Anonymous said...

Way to go out on a limb after last week Chris. I like Milan but closer than most think...Milan 21-16. EM

Anonymous said...

Jeff is soft and sweet in a game that takes grit and salt.

Milan is "ME"lan....Me, me, me, me, me...thats all you think about ....what gives at Milan?? I remember going there and every kid in town was at the games with a football jersey on, the MACHINE was chuggin'....lots of blame to spread around but I suspect the players who quit and their parents enjoy w(h)ine too much.

So there, I said it....take your shots!


Anonymous said...

Milan had a rough season last year. I think they are back this year with avengence, and should be taken seriously as a league contender.