Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Night Scores

Grosse Ile 28 Flat Rock 3

Airport 50 Riverview 7
SMCC 42 Huron 6

Milan 47 Jefferson 6
Riverview 22 Airport 20
SMCC 39 Huron 12


Anonymous said...

Smcc 39 Huron 12

Smcc 42 Huron 6

Anonymous said...

I was expecting more than 3 points from Flat Rock but whatever.

Anonymous said...

Darn near a goose egg...way to go DUDE's. GI D will prove all year long that last years D performance was no fluke, don't doubt me.

O clicked again on the ground and arial attack still tucked away until needed. Side bet that air attack stays dormant next week too!

Bring on SMCC...GI ground game is grinding up D's so this will be a good test. GI D to fast and mean for the catholics.


Anonymous said...

Flat rock and onsted both are bottem of the barrell .. Gona be a lot different facing Smcc

Anonymous said...

GI Looked good ...nice running game. But they won't break all those tackles against cc or ap. QB still getting the feel of a faster game. Flatrock showed nothing. Offensive stars with no blocking. GI hasn't played anyone yet....sorry.

Huronleaguefootball said...

GI isn't as good as last season. I think most people realize that. They are very small but their running backs run very hard. The TD run by Brian Christen in the 3rd qtr was awesome. The GI passing game is virtually non-existent and that will hurt them this season. I sure would like to see Nellenbach get the ball more, he sure is elusive. Chris Trombley had a very good game for GI on defense. The interception by Nellenbach for a TD turned that game around. I kinda thought FR was in control of the game when that play happened.

Anonymous said...

Airport's JV team has put up almost 100 in 2 games. Are they that good or playing bad teams?

Anonymous said...

Chris, I agree totally what you had to say about the GI game.

Christen and Nellenbach are both great players. Nellenbach does need to get the ball way more than he has the last two games. Both he and Christen can move the ball. GI did not look to have the same triple or quad threat as last year since as you said the passing game is non-existent. Last year GI kept you guessing on who may get the ball - Kish, White, Nellenbach or one of the receivers. One of the first passes was picked off by Flat Rock and that led to the 3 points that Flat Rock scored.

Another underused player in my opinion is Cuddy. He is a tough kid that can run the ball. The O-Line may need some work since GI QB had 16 carries last night and only avg. 1 yard per. That will not cut it down the road when we play even better defensive teams. He will need to get the ball to his backs and let them be the horses.

The D even though smaller than prior years really did a great job. Trombley was great and so was McCarty and Nellinbach and Ross. GI will get better as the season moves along and the first true test of both the O and D will be SMCC at home next week.

Anonymous said...

Didn't finish my last post. Flat Rock actually did look very good last night and they did at times seem to really have control of the game at several different times. Once they get over that hump of not thinking that they can win a game they will move up in the rankings.

Anonymous said...

Gets tough for Flatrock next week at Carleton. Then what?

Anonymous said...

Let's stop comparing last years GI team to this team. That team was great as their accomplishments show. But this is the team on the field NOW. Don't much care who used to carry the ball, lets give these kids their due. After 2 games theirs a lot of teams out there wishing they were 2-0. This Gi team doesn't have to wish-regardless of who they played!