Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jefferson @ Riverview

Jefferson is off the their first 0-2 start in 26 years after dropping last week's game to Milan. Riverview fell to 1-1 after falling to league favorite Airport 28-20. Riverview won last season's game 19-14.

Riverview has been running the ball well this season while the passing game is improving. The defense has been pushed around a bit this year and will have to improve if the Pirates plan on making the playoffs.

Jefferson's defense has been less than stellar the first two weeks. The Bears will need to improve which should allow the offense more opportunities.

This may be a trap game for the Pirates. Jefferson loves to run the ball and that could pose problems for Riverview. Pick: Riverview 21 Jefferson 19


Anonymous said...

If it's been 26 years that Jefferson has started out a season at 0-2 how long has it been since they started 0-3??

Anonymous said...

This is not going to be a good year for "Bear Country".. BUT, there is going to be a dramatic change as they embrace the eminent Cisco transition.. We all hope that Jefferson can compete in the next couple of years, they have the best Coaching Staff under Cisco. Big things to come in the future.. In the mean time.. Jefferson 21 Riverview 37

Huron League Fan

Anonymous said...

Best coaching staff under Cisco? Compared to?

Anonymous said...

Wow, thats a lot of sarcasm for a simple prediction. Cisco will be gone soon enough, when he is Jefferson will be back. Maybe we will even see some passing.

Anonymous said...

If Jefferson shows up and plays hard this will be a great game. They have some talent and need a little fire sometimes, hopefully this week will be full of motivation. Riverview has improved over last year, we'll see who shows up, should be a good game.

Anonymous said...

I think Riverview will win but their going to have to come and play. I also think they should revert to a 4-3 D and try to utilize more of their linebackers. Perhaps even moving one of their DT or Nosegaurd into a MLB to give him some space to operate. Just a thought because Riverview is vulnerable up the middle. They could move a safety up closer and spy the ball. But obviously that would make them vulnerable in another way. Although, passing in this league is not traditionally what one has to worry about.

It's supposed to storm tonight so both sides will have to figure out how to get their ground games going.

Riverview 14 Jefferson 12 (if it storms)

Riverview 30 Jefferson 24 (if no rain)

Anonymous said...

wow those are 4 huge pts the from the rain LOL

Anonymous said...


What the @%$# are you talking about?

The weather will impact both sides. They both will play in the same conditions. Do you expect one side to be more effected by the rain than the other? If one can run then so can the other. If one can't then the other won't be able to either. So the point differential is not going to be greatly influenced by the weather, just the overall scoring of both sides.

So for the mentally challenged, better conditions should be better footing which should lead to better running game which normally leads to more scoring opportunities. Worse conditions leads to worse footing leading to less of a running game which means less scoring opportunities.

The point differential will not be of any significance due to the rain. Your statement is stupid.

Anonymous said...

um not really.... the quicker more talented teams dont like playing in mudders.