Sunday, October 21, 2012

Huron League Thoughts and Questions

Congrats to seven of our Huron League teams after week 9 victories.

Airport really surprised me.

Did Flat Rock play that well or was Willow Run that bad.

Nice win for Riverview over the Monsterous Detroit Consortium.

Milan and SMCC just keep rolling.

I'm assuming GI avoided any injuries against HFCS

Nice to see Huron end the season with a win.

Is the league down this year? I don't think so.

Obviously I'm just guessing here but here are some playoff thoughts:

It looks like Airport will travel to Milan for the 1st round of the playoffs

I don't think Grosse Ile is going to get a home playoff game. That doesn't seem fair.

Look for SMCC to host Warren Collegiate and make a solid playoff run in Division 6.


bloodynutter said...

SMCC usually ends up with the Detroit schools so it would make sense that Consortium and Collegiate would be in their division. They could end up with the folks to the west too... blissfield manchester... who knows what the MHSAA will do. But yes the Detroi schools make the most sense going off past history.

Anonymous said...

Why was the Airport win such an overwhelming surprise? Sure, based on CC and Milan performance. The Airport defense showed up and the only thing that stopped the offense was penalties. Otherwise its not a 1 point game. And who else do you want at the helm in a tight game? These 4th quarter come from behind performances for the Airport offense is unprecedented in the league or county this year.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how these things work, so how does it not seem fair for GI to get a home playoff game at 8-1? Last year they had one and were 7-2.

Huronleaguefootball said...

My point is that GI should get a home game at 8-1. The win over HFCS didn't help them at all.

The Airport game was a surprise to me. I don't think many people saw that except for the players and coaches at Airport.

Anonymous said...

Snooze had GI seeded lower, even before the HFCS game. D4 points are very tight. And yes, your assumption was correct. Starters only played the first few plays, then gave everyone a chance to play and touch the ball. Including some JV kids brought up for playoffs. It was actually very good for moral, and very gracious on the coaches part.

Look how well our league turned out. I don't think it was a down year at all. The non-league victories show how good we are.

bloodynutter said...

Just your record per say doesnt have any affect on whether or not you will have a home playoff game or not.

You of course have to win at a minimum probably 7 to get a home game but it also matters who you beat.

GI's non league schedule cost them. Normaly Onsted is a quality program but not this year. They only had 1 win which means GI got very little playoff points for beating them.

Now they got even less for beating the winless creative studies school.

Now you may get a home game, nothing has been determined yet. We wont know til 6-630 tonight. But if you dont get a playoff home game you can blame those 2 teams i mentioned above for having such poor seasons.

bloodynutter said...

Oh and I agree with Chris, NOBODY thought the Jets would beat the Indians outside the Jet locker room. Lets face it.. who did Airport show up to play prior to beating Tecumseh?

Anonymous said...

maybe the Huron League is better than everyone thinks?? What do you think about that Chris? Im assuming Tecumseh played everyone. Only thing I could see is if they sat their starters knowing they were in the playoffs for sure!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, sitting your starters because you're in the playoffs?? This isn't the NFL and in a close game going 8-1 is very different than going 7-2. That's a difference in a home or away game. Tecumseh didn't have a very tough schedule. Put them in Huron League and they lose at least 3 games maybe 4.

Anonymous said...

Who cares who thinks that the Airport win was a surprise. The good thing is that there is another Huron League team in the playoffs.Remember that games are still played on the field. Good luck to all of the boys !

Anonymous said...

Prior to Friday night no one said that Tecumseh had an easy schedule. Now they had an easy schedule? Which one is it? Love the folks that were not there with all the opinions.

bloodynutter said...

errrr because nodody said they hadan easy schedule means they thought they had a tough one? Not following you.