Friday, November 23, 2012

MHSAA Finals

Had a great day at the MHSAA finals today.

I caught the finish of the Brother Rice/Muskegon game. Who knew that the last four minutes of a game could be so exciting.

Came to watch the spread game of Ithaca and Grand Rapids South Christian.

Ithaca showed why they would win their 3rd straight State Championship by putting up 37 points with a backup QB the entire game.

South Christian simply crushed DCDS with pure speed and a superior coaching staff.

I was a little disappointed with the attendance today. I try and go one day every year and this was the least attended final day I have seen in years.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you see the interviews while at Ford field, but the had a clip on Ithaca. Coach Hessbrook gave credit to thier success to their youth league coordinator. Their kids start running their offense in fifth grade and know the terminology and plays. What an advantage to have coaches invested like that. Thier success isn;t by accident. All Huron league youth programs should take note. Just think how good or better some of our league teams would be. I know for a fact this doesn't happen at every school including ones that have good varsity programs. Many sports have the advantage of year round play, the one way to instill a winning football program is at the youth level. I think it speaks volumes that a small town school has committed to it and earned three titles.

Anonymous said...

guessing mch-osu game had a little to do with the low attendance, which was down about 20k.


Anonymous said...

UM-OSU is usually the wknd after.....