Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Huron League Football 2012

The season is fast approaching. I will not be blogging this year. Quite frankly, I have just lost interest. I will most likely post scores every Friday. I will spend most Friday nights over at Huron watching the Chiefs and will be sure to see my boy Tommy O coach my Alma Mater Flat Rock. It should be an interesting race this season. It seems like most everyone in the league will be be better with the exception of a couple teams but that may not result in better records. Here are my thoughts right now for team records in alphabetical order. Airport 7-2 Flat Rock 3-6 Grosse Ile* 2-6 Unsure of Week 9 opponent Huron 4-5 Jefferson 4-5 Milan 2-7 Riverview 7-2 SMCC 6-2* Unsure of Week 1 opponent This should give people something to talk about. Have at it.