Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Practice is less than a week away

Practice begins next Monday on August 12. What have your teams been doing to get ready for the big day and weeks of double sessions?


Anonymous said...

Well I've heard the weight rooms have been doing well at Huron, Jefferson and GI. CC has had some nice turn outs but that isnt from my inside info. Lol. I've been asking but havnt heard from Airport or Milan friends.. weve been doing just fine, numbers seem to be up at FR.

Here are my early season predictions for the year...
1. GI
2. CC
3. Huron
4. View
5. Milan
6. Airport
7. Jefferson
8. Flat Rock

I think the new coaches in Airport and Jefferson will have long seasons starting on a strong HL year.

I'm giving the league to GI over CC for two reasons. I think they will beat CC and its been so long sense they've won it why not this year?

My surprise team is huron. I really think they have a nice team. They have skill, size and an emotional reason to push them.

I think Milan was a fluke last year and Riverview will blow a few out that can't stop the rushing attack and get blown out by the teams that can.

FR, I hope for more but just don't see it this year. Next year looks good but we shall see.

Chris Schultz said...

No sport relies on coaching more than high school football. I think Milan may be a poor example because Milan went 1-8 in Hoskins first year and apparently had some pretty good talent. Airport was a few points away from a 6 loss regular season in 2012. I think the pressure to win at Airport this season will be high, the only coach with more pressure to win may be Stergalas at Riverview.

Anonymous said...

IMO there is a ton of pressure to win everywhere. Football is hard work and the fans are rabid. Win or get ousted. Unless you are Cisco his first 20 years.

Anonymous said...

CC has GI at Navarre. That will make a difference.

Anonymous said...

and Chris I noticed when you made your predictions you had Huron awful low.

This isnt the Huron of the 80's and 90's(and all the years prior for that matter). There is some talent as far as I can tell and the school seems to be getting on track as far as athletics.

Just wondering if you really think they will finish in the 6 spot or are you just tempering your enthusiasm?

Chris Schultz said...

Pretty tough for me to talk on Huron. I get to know the kids more and more because of my track position and the fact that my son attends Huron. With that said, they should be pretty solid but the league will be too. Huron should know where the stand after week three. They travel to the island week 2 and host SMCC week three. Much will depend on the QB play. Huron returns Schlarb at QB but may use his athleticism and size elsewhere on the field. Transfers from Milan, Southgate and UD Jesuit should improve Huron's athleticism and depth. I'm still doing my research and predictions will come after the scrimmages.

GI at SMCC will be an advantage for the Falcons in the dark and scary Navarre Field. You won't know who has the ball when SMCC has it. Of course GI does the same thing, you won't know if Mitroka has it or if he has handed it off. I'm sure SMCC will just tackle him every snap if they can catch him.

Of course their is pressure every year to win but let's look at a few other schools. Oestrike at FR is the favorite son of an entire city and will be there as long as he wants. They better find a FT teaching position for him though or he may end up coaching football in the city for a guy that would love to have him. Kalbfleisch won't be going anywhere at Huron. Although they haven't consistently won over there, he has made football relevant and his participation is through the roof. Many of the things he has implemented has effected the entire sports program. I won't even comment on Giarmo other than he could be chosen Pope by the faithful of SMCC. Bodner from GI coaches in an entire different world over on (Fantsay) Island. He is probably one game away every week from receiving his walking papers but let's face it the guy can coach and he knows how to handle the natives.

I just see pressure on Stergalas because Riverview is a football school and they haven't tore it up like everyone thought since he arrived and quite frankly you never know what someone like the Super at the View will turn around and do. There is pressure on Baas at Airport because there is talent and Airport considers themselves a football school after 15 years of winning.

Anonymous said...

Thank u for the explanation. Well thought out!

Anonymous said...

IMO they need to put Coach O in a great situation at FR. That schools needs him a lot more then he needs it. He's going to take his wacks the next 2 years but I hear from locals that the future is bright..My son loved playing for him and he is doing the right things..if they're serious about football they will make a spot for him or else they'll lose someone that not only can help athletics, but kids in general..

Anonymous said...

I think Airport is worse than Jeff..I think GI underachieves..FR upsets a league team..Riverview wins 6 Huron Wins 6 CC wins it and Milan wins 5...

Anonymous said...

Stergalas will have a good group out this year and should make some noise on the field. Hopefully take some pressure off of himself. But you are right Chris, you never know what the Super might turn around and do, even the parents at Riverview were the reason why Lessner was fired, why Flint resigned and they all begged for Gross and they see where that decision got them. Stergalas is Riverview football and if the school and parents want to win as they always have then they need to do themselves a favor and let Stergalas do his job.