Thursday, September 26, 2013

Riverview @ Huron

Last week Riverview (3-1) steam rolled Jefferson 50-12 while Huron (1-3) lost at Milan 20-7. Riverview won last season's match up 28-27 at "The View". Huron has one only three games in this rivalry which started in 1979 when Riverview entered the Huron League.

Riverview seems to have recovered after losing to Milan in week 2. The offense is clicking behind the rushing attack of serniors Josh Smith and Marcus Samuels. The defense has gotten better in recent weeks and is giving up just over 15 ppg for the season.

Huron's offense continued to sputter last week and will need to put up some points against the Pirates in order to win. Huron's defense was able to limit Milan to 20 points last week but will face arguably the best rushing tandem in the league.

This is homecoming for the Chiefs this week and should give the home team a needed boost. Riverview needs a win to stay in the hunt for a possible league title. Pick: Riverview 31 Huron 21


Anonymous said...

Just a little FYI: Riverview and Huron have been playing since the 50's. In that time Huron as 3 wins.

Craig M

Chris Schultz said...

They play 6 times in the 50's but it became an annual rivalry in fall of 1979.

Anonymous said...

Riverview Rolls, destroys Huron's season. Huron was a contender to win the HL? 1-4? Seriously?

Anonymous said...

The Morale at Huron is destroyed here.!

Chris Schultz said...

The game has to be played. Huron really hasn't been destroyed by anyone this season.

If you saw all 3 losses you would know that Huron competed unlike the past where losses to the top teams in the league would have been 40 point losses.

You have seen my prediction on the game but trust me Huron will be a tough game for Riverview.

Anonymous said...

I figured if Riverview was decent on defense they would be a playoff team, except for the Milan game the D has been good enough. Riverview 28 Huron 13. EM

Anonymous said...

Wow! No the Morale at Huron will not be destroyed! There is alot of talent on Hurons team, it just needs to be used correctly.Good luck boys this will be your turning point! Show these immature adults with there snide comments who's got it!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Praying to be at this one considering it is homecoming, but chances are slim with an oral surgery at 11am Friday.

I truly hope Huron comes out fired up and comes out ready to go. They've got so much talent in their team, if they beat RV tonight, they will see a 6-3 season. I won't say much, but Huron has had a tougher schedule than Riverview, with the first 3 games being to the top 3 in the league... And none of which came as easy wins for any of the top 3.. Let the pads do the talking, Huron will do what they must. Good luck boys


Anonymous said...

Score was a lot closer than it should be. Riverview was playing against ate am of 15. This may have been one of the worst most biased lopsided officiating crews I have ever seen. It was so bad that parents from Huron were even embarrassed. We do not need this type of officiating to win.

This crew should not even be allowed to do you games