Saturday, October 26, 2013

Huron League Thoughts and Questions

I was 8-0 last night if anyone is actually keeping track

Who ever doubted Milan?

Nice win by the Catholics over the Catholics.

Was there some defense being played by the Pirates last night?

Was that the first time that any Grosse Ile player has visited Hazel Park?

Chiefs look good in pink.

Long off season in Carleton.

Nice class showed by the host Jefferson Bears last night.

Why drive over an hour just to play a game?

I won't pick against the Big Reds anytime soon.

Most likely a tough road in Division 5 for SMCC.

Riverview is going to force somebody to play defense in the playoffs.

I think Grosse Ile will be very good next season.

Huron too!

Airport will say good bye to a very very good high school player.

Please don't schedule Bedford as your closer.

Will they declare unabhangigkeit?

Who makes a long playoff run?


Anonymous said...

St Mary Cath Cent (8-1) 83.556 River Rouge (8-1) 63.778

AA Gabe Richard (7-2) 75.556
Ida (7-2) 67.556

Melvindale (7-2) 83.333 Old Redford (6-2) 60.556

Riverview (7-2) 71.00 Redford Thurston (6-3) 68.222

Milan (9-0) 104.889
Eaton Rapids (5-4) 52.778

Charlotte (7-2) 80.444
Tecumseh (7-2) 72.889

HOME teams first. unofficial pairings


Anonymous said...

I agree about Grosse Ile being good next year. They have some good leadership coming back. The "good" thing about this years injuries is some kids, especially some younger kids, got some valuable playing time.

Anonymous said...

If snooze2you is any indication, CC and Milan both would be favorites to win district titles. Nobody in the Huron League should schedule Bedford, unless they want a loss. It might be a long offseason in Carleton, but things are not as gloomy longterm as some are predicting. GI and Huron will both be strong next year. It will be interesting to see how Riverview does in the playoffs. They could be one and done cause of the D, or they could make a nice run cause of the offense. EM

Anonymous said...

While I agree nobody should schedule Bedford... CC(2), Airport(2) and Jefferson(1) has beaten them 5 times in the last 8 years.


Anonymous said...

..... Which would put The Huron League at 5-6 vs Bedford over the last 8 seasons.


Anonymous said...

I'm talking about this years Bedford team. No Huron League team would be within 4 TDs vs Bedford this year. EM

Anonymous said...

Well yes EM, however you cant change your schedule the same year it is played. "We wont beat you this year so we would like to change our schedule."

I am sure they wont be on the schedule much longer.


Anonymous said...

Cmon 8:05 guy, Bedford would get pushed to the limits!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bedford should win they have 1000 more kids than any school and 1500 more than fr, GI and cc

Anonymous said...

That's a valid point. Fact of the matter Bedford was bad for years until Jeff Wood got there. Saying he has turned them around would be an understatement. I believe they can hang with any of the top division 1 teams this year. EM

Anonymous said...

First again Milan is the Huron League Champs ok Not Bedford.If they where in the HURON LEAGUE Milan would win because they play as a TEAM much better. if one Player goes down another steps up.

Anonymous said...

Milan is listed at 872 students.

Anonymous said...

I am not trying to put anyone from the Huron League down, but saying Milan would beat Bedford this year is crazy. Bedford is one of the top teams in the state this year. EM

Anonymous said...

Here we go with the TEAM talk again!

Anonymous said...

Where in the State does Bedford rank?


1. Detroit Cass Tech 9-0

2. Birmingham Brother Rice 9-0

3. Macomb Dakota 9-0

4. Lowell 9-0

5. Muskegon 8-1

6. Clarkston 8-1

7. DeWitt 9-0

8. Temperance Bedford 9-0

9. Rockford 8-1

10. Southfield 7-2

11. Detroit Catholic Central 7-2

12. Wyandotte Roosevelt 9-0

13. Northville 8-1

14. Lansing Sexton 9-0

15. Walled Lake Western 8-1

16. Grand Rapids Christian 7-2

17. Canton 8-1

18. Warren DeLaSalle 6-3

19. Detroit King 7-1

20. Portage Central 9-0

21. Mt. Pleasant 8-1

22. Warren Mott 9-0

23. Farmington Hills Harrison 8-1

24. Saline 8-1

25. Chippewa Valley 8-1

From The Detroit News:

Anonymous said...

Who is the very very good player at Airport?

Chris Schultz said...

Maxpreps has Bedford 7th overall in Michigan and Milan 47th.

Chris Schultz said...

Scott McCormick. Solid QB, all league DB three years in a row and one of best punters in the state.

Anonymous said...

Bedfords rank is based on the weakness of the SEC this year. Bedford is very good, but not as good as 2010. With Pioneer and Chelsea not being competitive this year and Monroe being a joke they haven't been tested all year. I think they'd beat milan but it would be a good game!

Chris Schultz said... does hypothetical matchups on a neutral field. They pick Bedford 31-19.

Anonymous said...

Scott McCormick, don't act like you didn't know that. He was atlete of the year last year and the reason they were 3-6 and not 1-8.

Anonymous said...

Dont act like anyone should know. Save your arrogance for when they win more than 3 games. sorry, Airport just wasn't very good and no player stood out.

Anonymous said...

I agree!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The kid has had 4 different head coaches in 4 years of high school football, each less qualified then the last. Not his fault they only won 3 games.

Anonymous said...

Whoa...easy tiger. To give praise to someone for boosting a team out of the 1-8 gutter is sorta silly. Great punting alone doesn't win games. Guys that win games with their team are great. Game I saw had a different standout. Sorry I asked.

Anonymous said...

They went on the road and gave Saline its only lose by 16.

Anonymous said...

Minus injuries, why do we always just blame the coach. If your so darn good aren't you supposed to make your teammates better?

Anonymous said...

Yes you should make your teammates better! You hit it on the head! I'll take a guy anytime that makes everyone around them better over stat fillers. Not saying that this kid is, I just respect guys who lead and make people better.

Anonymous said...

Nobody blamed anything on anyone. Just don't need the arrogant reply "don't act like you didnt know".

Anonymous said...

Not too many players on a 3 win team are that noticeable. But apparently this is one you should have known, according to 12:33 poster. Lol

Anonymous said...

It is high school sports and everyone still believes these kids are all going pro! best thing they can do is play together with friends, make memories and have fun !

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris do you think you could post the all league teams?

Chris Schultz said...

I will post my all league picks soon.

Anonymous said...

unabhangigkeit? What does this mean?

Anonymous said...

If anyone is wondering, Unabhangigkeit is the German word for independence...nice one Chris. I assume you are either talking about the speculation of FR or Northern Colorado leaving their respective local coalitions?

Anonymous said...

I was 8-0 . Congrats...but an easy week for picks

Who ever doubted Milan. Super season, well coached.

Was there some defense being played by the Pirates last night? Funny.

Was that the first time that any Grosse Ile player has visited Hazel Park? Yes, and the visitor stands were more full than the home team. Beautiful facility, nice people, great homemade chicken soup.

Chiefs look good in pink. Big Grin.

Long off season in Carleton. Seems to me they need a plan and some specific assignment coaching. Good players, Big, tired quickly.

Nice class showed by the host Jefferson Bears last night. Nice.

I won't pick against the Big Reds anytime soon. Good, they have proven themselves and deserve support.

Most likely a tough road in Division 5 for SMCC. Agree, but I think they will do well.

Riverview is going to force somebody to play defense in the playoffs. and then again, maybe not.

I think Grosse Ile will be very good next season. Maybe best team GI has ever had next year.

Huron too! I agree! Huron has some really talented kids.

Airport will say good bye to a very very good high school player. Too bad the season wasn't better.

Will they declare unabhangigkeit? Had to look that one up, won't be the spoiler.

Who makes a long playoff run? choosing not to speculate and hope they all go a long way. fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

Having watched Huron this entire season, I can tell you that until they are coached to play some type of blitzing/stunting defense, it will be more of the same: 3-6, 4-5, 5-4 and no playoff games. They have some talented athletes, but are hurting for some physical size as well to play the type of D that was asked of them.

To top it off, too often I watched Huron D tackles and ends sitting at the line, trying to tackle and getting drug 5 yards because they were simply trying to fill a hole. I know that this will be the armchair coach comment, but there's no way you can support a hard hitting, nasty defense that gets the job done, sitting on your heels. Until Huron ramps up the D, expect more of the same W-L records.