Monday, May 27, 2013

Fall Predictions

Here are my predictions for the upcoming season on Memorial Day 2013.

Here are my early season predictions for 2013.

2. Grosse Ile
3. Airport
4. Riverview
5. Milan
6. Huron
7. Jefferson
8. Flat Rock

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Jefferson Hires Coach

The Marc Cisco era is officially over now that Jefferson has hired Bruce Pickens. Pickens played for Cisco as Jefferson in the mid 1980's and went on to play at Adrian College.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Playoff Thoughts

I think the talk regarding playoff revision is ridiculous. This is simply a case of the rich wanting to get richer. What is wrong with teams padding their schedules to get six wins? Some teams rarely have a chance to win a league title and a playoff birth is something a school can rally around. This stinks of the   schools in the Catholic League and their influence upon the MHSAA.

If you want the fairest playoff system then let everyone play or do what the biggest football state of them all (Texas) does. Texas has the state divided into equal districts of approximately 8 teams of equal size. Each team plays a ten game schedule but the only games that count towards the playoffs are the district games. The top 3 teams from each district qualify. The THSAA then takes the top 3 teams from each district then separates them into 10 divisions based on size (much like the MHSAA current system).

The thing that is neat about this system is that leaves 3 early season games where you see the best teams in the state play each other with there being no worry about a loss leaving you out of the playoffs. Each year in Texas my older brother is able to see most of the top teams in the state play at the Alamo Dome over the course of the first weekend of the season;  #1 will play #2, # 3 against #4, #5 against #6 and so on. Imagine 50 or 60 division I players playing under the same roof in one weekend.

Now picture match-ups like this here in Michigan during week one at the Big House or Spartan Stadium: Cass Tech/Brother Rice, Novi CC/Muskegon, GR Christian/Country Day, Orchard Lake St. Mary's/GR South Christian, Portland/Ithaca, GR West Catholic/Constantine and so on with the winners playing each other the following week. Teams would have no problems finding non-league/district games and every league or district game would mean something.

Just my two cents on my football blog.