Saturday, August 31, 2013

Huron League Thoughts and Questions

That was a nice tribute to Huron's Jimmy Williams last night over at Summit Academy.

Was Riverview's defense that good or was Crestwood that bad?

I hope Milan's Rober Kanitz and Ryan Faulkner are okay.

Will Flat Rock win a game?

Is SMCC's Craig Couturier the best player you have never heard of?

Panic at Airport?

Can Milan hang on and win?

Andrew Mitroka looks like he can throw the ball this year.

Looks like the "Big 3" in the league are as good as advertised, the rest not so much.

That is a big number that Jefferson lost by.

Huron's Matt Hartwick is an offensive beast.

Grosse Ile should have opened with Gabriel Richard while Flat Rock should have played Annapolis.

The fans picked SMCC to win the league, so did the coaches and so did I.

Who is better Marcus Samuels or Josh Smith? I guess it doesn't really matter.

Huron League game of the week next Friday?

Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Night Scores

Milan 13 Ypsilanti 6

Adrian 27 Airport 7

Gabriel Richard 49 Flat Rock 12

Huron 27 Summit Academy 6

Tecumseh 47 Jefferson 7

Riverview 49 Crestwood 0

SMCC 55 Detroit PEC 0

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Huron League Scores

Please submit any scores. I will get them posted ASAP.

Thursday Varsity

Grosse Ile 35 Annapolis 6

Thursday JV

Milan 34 Ypsilanti 0

Tecumseh 33 Jefferson 14

SMCC 60 Garden City 21

Huron 38 Summit 12

Riverview 46 Crestwood 21

Flat Rock 25 Gabriel Richard 0

Wednesday Night JV

Airport 44 Adrian 34

Southfield Lathrup 34 Grosse Ile 18

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Team Previews

Here are some team previews courtesy of my friends at The News Herald.

Flat Rock

Grosse Ile



Week 1 Picks

Tecumseh 31 Jefferson 21: Tough opener for new coach Bruce Pickens.

Airport 24 Adrian 21: Jets wins another squeaker over the Maples.

Milan 28 Ypsilanti 20: Milan starts off 2013 with a solid win.

Riverview 34 Crestwood 21: The Pirates kick off the season with a win over the Chargers.

Riverview Gabriel Richard 27 Flat Rock 21: Long season starts with a loss for the Rams.

Grosse Ile 41 Annapolis 12: This game gets ugly early.

SMCC 49 Detroit PEC 6: Why?

Huron 34 Summit Academy 18: Might as well be a home game for the visiting Chiefs.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Poll Open

Look to your left and you will notice that I have a new poll. Vote for the team that you think will win this season's Huron League Championship.

2013 Players to Watch

Here are some players from around the league to keep an eye on. Some are household names while others you may have never heard of. Obviously there are many other players but I thought I would throw these players names out there.

Scott McCormick QB/DB
Dylan Meiring RB/LB
Quentin Dunbar TE/DL
Preston Baldock RB/LB

Flat Rock:
Cody Radcliffe WR/DB
Merle Newell RB/LB
Tracy Akers DE/OL

Grosse Ile:
Andrew Mitroka QB
Danny McCarty RB/DB
Phil Camilleri OL/LB
Justin Moores WR

Jacob Krug OL/DL
Elijah Scott QB
Jacob Davis OL/DL
Diante Ball RB/LB

Elijah Sandore RB/S
Carter Paddy OL/LB
Josh Burgess FB/LB

C.J. Duffiney WR/DB
Austin Hoover RB/LB
Robert Kanitz QB/S
Trace Lindeman RB/DB

Chris Arias WR/S
Josh Smith RB/DB
Matt Bacon K/DL
Barndon Bosman OL/DL

Drew Antonelli RB/LB
Josh Czarniowski RB/LB
Andrew Castiglione OL/DL
Justin Carrabino RB/LB

Sunday, August 25, 2013

2013 Huron League Predictions

Well let's do this again. I make picks every year and usually do a pretty decent job. Milan made me look foolish two years in a row. Last season I picked them to tank and they won the league which all the Milan fans ripped me for. Two seasons ago I picked them to do well and they tanked but nobody from Milan said a word. Human nature I suppose. I'm sure I'll miss on a team somewhere but I shall give it a shot.


2. Riverview

2. Grosse Ile

4. Huron

4. Milan

6. Airport

7. Jefferson

8. Flat Rock

Yea, that pretty much looks like a cop out on my part but the only thing that I am sure of is that SMCC will win the league but may end up with a loss and Flat Rock will finish 8th. Every other team is probably capable of beating each other. Why? Well here are some thoughts. SMCC has tradition, talent and the best coach in the league. GI looks like they may have depth issues but that is par for the course. Riverview has two speedy backs but set a school record for points given up in a season last year. Huron has their best team in years but may have problems overcoming the loss of two of their best defensive players. Milan has a nice senior class but only has a roster of 26. Not having JV last season hurt their depth. Airport has talent although most likely less than last season and may struggle after another head coaching change. Jefferson has a big roster and may possibly benefit from their first offensive change in four or five decades. Flat Rock just isn't big enough to compete in the rugged Huron League.

Most Friday nights are going to be fun this season. There should be some great games. Jefferson may possibly be the team that surprises everyone this season.

Look for my players to watch section tomorrow along with game predictions on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday and Friday Scrimmages

Let everyone know how your favorite team looked during their preseason scrimmages. I am going to try and get out and see a few different teams over the next two days.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Huron League Thoughts and Questions

Can Airport keep the playoff streak alive?

If you had to start a team from Huron League players I wonder who the first pick would be?

Can Milan make me look foolish again?

Seems like Huron has the talent to make the playoffs.

Grosse Ile or SMCC?

Can Riverview reverse their fortunes from last season?

Will my Alma Mater win a game? I sure hope so!

The spread at Jefferson?

How many league teams get in the playoffs?

Will this be SMCC's year or are they one year away from a trip to Ford Field?

Can Mitroka and Grosse Ile have a better year than last?

Will Airport's Scott McCormick surprise the league at QB?

Who is the better back at Riverview, Josh Smith or Marcus Samuels?

Who the heck will play QB at Huron? Flat Rock?

Watch out for a great year from Jefferson's Elijah Sandore.

No freshman team at SMCC?

Best offensive player in the league?

Best defensive player in the league?

Best player most have never heard of?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Early Season Picks

Obviously it is early but I thought I would throw some early season picks on where teams may finish up overall this season. I've been wrong before and I'm sure I'll be wrong again but let's throw these out there.

Airport (5-4) Playoff streak comes to an end.

Flat Rock (1-8) The future is bright with Oestrike at the helm.

Grosse Ile (7-2) Red Devils poised for another playoff run.

Huron (5-4) Depth should lift Chiefs to winning season.

Jefferson (2-7) It will take time before the Bears return to glory.

Milan (5-4) Lack of depth hurt Milan playoff chances.

Riverview (7-2) Pirates bounce back from tough season

SMCC (7-2) Long playoff run depends on D5 or D6.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Practice Starts

The long wait is finally hear as practice finally begins for high school football. After yesterday's rain it looks like we have perfect weather for the rest of the week.. Let us know how your teams are doing this week.

Here is some coverage via the Monroe Evening News and News Herald for a handful of Huron League teams.


Flat Rock




Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Practice is less than a week away

Practice begins next Monday on August 12. What have your teams been doing to get ready for the big day and weeks of double sessions?