Monday, September 30, 2013

Grosse Ile @ Airport

Grosse Ile (3-2) is coming off of a 40-6 home loss to Milan while Airport (2-3) lost to SMCC 27-7. The Red Devils won last season's game 28-14 but are just 2-8 in the last ten games against the Jets.

Offensively Airport is averaging 20 ppg but has struggled to score against the better teams on the schedule. Defensively the Jets give up the same amount per game.

Grosse Ile's has struggled both offensively and defensively since the injury bug hit their depth challenged team in weeks three and four. McCarty and Judd need to step up big for the visitors.

Tough game to figure out. Can the Jets use the Islander injuries to keep their playoff hopes alive? Will Grosse Ile's other talented players step up and continue their run to the playoffs? Pick: Grosse Ile 14 Airport 13

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Huron League Thoughts and Questions

Jesse Hoskins for President?

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense.

It appears that SMCC looked beatable last night.

Even with a loss is Airport coming around?

Congrats to Bruce Pickens.

It looks like my Alma Mater is headed towards 0-9.

Josh Smith, are you kidding me?

Huron will win out if they continue to get QB play like that.

Obviously the game of the week is going to be Milan/ SMCC.

Nice night for a fire in downtown Waltz. Beer too!

Is Marcus Samuels hurt?

Riverview @ Huron Recap

I usually don't do this but here is a link to the article and what looks like the whole Riverview @ Huron game from last night. Greatest high school game I have ever seen, as far as, scores, big plays and excitement. Every score was basically a lead change. If you want the readers gigest version just watch the last 6 minutes of the game.

MI Prep Zone Video

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Night Scores

Smcc 27 Airport 7 Final

Riverview 40 Huron 37 final

Milan 40 Grosse Ile 6 final

Jefferson 48 Flat Rock 13 final

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Milan @ Grosse Ile

Milan (4-0) is coming off of a 20-7 victory over Huron while Grosse Ile (3-1) lost the battle of unbeatens last week to SMCC 29-8. Milan won last year's contest which ended up deciding first place  21-14. The Big Reds are 10-3 against the Red Devils since they rejoined the Huron League.

Milan continues to roll through the Huron League. Robert Kanitz continues his excellent play and the Big Red defense has been solid.

Grosse Ile must figure out a way to score without the leagues top offensive threat. The Islanders have plenty of weapons and with a week to prepare they should be okay. Defensively they should be fine with one of the better units in the league.

Grosse Ile has been wanting payback since last season's loss and there is no reason to think that still can't happen. I promised I wouldn't pick against Milan again until they burn me. Pick: Milan 17 Grosse Ile 14

Thursday Night Scores

Please submit your scores. I will get them posted ASAP.

Jefferson 24 Flat Rock 7

Milan 22 Grosse Ile 18

Riverview 20 Huron 8

SMCC 50 Airport 24

Airport @ SMCC

Airport (2-2) is coming off of an easy win over Flat Rock 49-7 while SMCC (4-0) defeated Grosse Ile in a battle of unbeatens 29-8. The Falcons won last year's game 37-7 including seven of the last ten meetings.

Airport got healthy on both offense and defense last week against Flat Rock but will have their work cut out for them against the best defense and one of the best offenses in the league.

SMCC just keeps on rolling with a balanced rushing attack that features one back no more than another. The defense has given up only 15 points all season.

It will be interesting to see how this match up unfolds. Everybody expects the Jets to go away quietly but they aren't about to give up on the season just yet. Pick: SMCC 34 Airport 13

Riverview @ Huron

Last week Riverview (3-1) steam rolled Jefferson 50-12 while Huron (1-3) lost at Milan 20-7. Riverview won last season's match up 28-27 at "The View". Huron has one only three games in this rivalry which started in 1979 when Riverview entered the Huron League.

Riverview seems to have recovered after losing to Milan in week 2. The offense is clicking behind the rushing attack of serniors Josh Smith and Marcus Samuels. The defense has gotten better in recent weeks and is giving up just over 15 ppg for the season.

Huron's offense continued to sputter last week and will need to put up some points against the Pirates in order to win. Huron's defense was able to limit Milan to 20 points last week but will face arguably the best rushing tandem in the league.

This is homecoming for the Chiefs this week and should give the home team a needed boost. Riverview needs a win to stay in the hunt for a possible league title. Pick: Riverview 31 Huron 21

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Jefferson @ Flat Rock

Flat Rock (0-4) is coming off of a 49-7 loss to Airport while Jefferson  (0-4) fell to Riverview 50-12. The Rams won last season's game 28-20 over the Bears as it was Flat Rock's second win in a row over the Bears. Jefferson had won 21 games in a row prior to the Ram's 2011 victory.

Flat Rock has sputtered both offensively and defensively this season with a roster that includes only a handful of seniors. Injuries have plagued the Rams for most of the season.

Jefferson's 1st year head coach Bruce Pickens is still looking for his first win. The offense has been able to gain yards but has lacked in scoring while the defense is giving up 43 ppg although some of the scores have come on special teams.

Big battle of winless teams this week in what is Flat Rock's homecoming. That should provide an extra boost for the Rams but there is more talent on the Jefferson sideline. Pick: Jefferson 34 Flat Rock 14

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Huron League Thoughts and Questions

SMCC's defense appears to pretty darn good.

Where will Grosse Ile go from here?

Once again, Milan refuses to lose.

Tough to win games when you can't score.

Flat Rock appears to be good medicine for struggling teams.

Play solid defense against a good team people.

There seems to be some pretty good skill guys down at Jefferson.

Do you need a good QB to be successful. in high school football?

Back in my day ACL injuries were career ending, now it's a five month injury.

How good of a coach is Jesse Hoskins?

I didn't know what to do with myself Friday as I was unable to get to a game because of crazy traffic in Dearborn.

Jefferson or Flat Rock?

Can GI's defense keep them in the game when Milan comes to the island?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday Night Scores

Airport 54 Flat Rock 15
Huron 34 Milan 14
Riverview 26 Jefferson 13

Grosse Ile @ SMCC

This is the game of the week in the Huron League. Grosse Ile (3-0) is coming off of a 42-7 home victory over Flat Rock. SMCC (3-0) won on the road at Huron 28-0. Grosse Ile won last season's game on the Island 21-15. SMCC has won eight of the last ten meetings.

The Red Devils go on the road for the first time this season as they travel to Navarre Field. The offense has been impressive this season averaging 35 ppg while the defense has given up only sixteen points all season. The offense has been-multi dimensional this year and seemingly gets all the accolades but the defense has been more impressive.

SMCC must find a way to get over the injury bug as two important defensive players (Antonelli and Courturier) are likely to miss Friday's game. The offense showed it was more than just a running team last week by airing it out a bit when needed.

This has all the makings of a great game as each team has high hopes of dethroning Milan this year for league supremacy. There is high rankings, star power, great coaches and a historic field all involved in the match up. Pretty tough to pick a winner here but I will give it a shot. Pick: SMCC 22 Grosse Ile 21

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Riverview @ Jefferson

Riverview (2-1) is coming off of a 27-10 victory over Airport while Jefferson (0-3) fell at Milan by a score of 47-12. Jefferson won last season's game by a score of 51-41. The Bears have dominated this series over the last decade going 7-3 in that time span.

Riverview got back on the winning track last week and was powered by their running game which racked up nearly 400 yards on the ground. Defensively the Pirates were better and that trend should continue this week..

Jefferson is still trying to get their first win under new coach Bruce Pickens. The Bears have a  new diversified offense this season but it hasn't produced significant results yet. The defense continues to struggle and has given up 122 ponits in the first three games.

On paper this looks like Riverview in a runaway. I'm not so sure, Jefferson gives Riverview fits. This game will be closer than many expect. Pick: Riverview 35 Jefferson 21

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Airport @ Flat Rock

Airport (1-2) is coming off of a 27-10 loss to Riverview while Flat Rock (0-3) lost to Grosse Ile 42-7. Airport won last season's game 14-7. Airport has won eleven straight in the rivalry that has been played every year since 1959. The Jets currently hold a 28-26 advantage in the series since then.

Flat Rock has had back to back weeks against two of the favorites in the Huron League. The Rams most likely can't stop anyone but may be able to score some points through the air this week.

Airport has been competitive. The defense seems to be improving while the offense is getting better as well. The Jets need a running back to step up and lead the team.

This was once a great rivalry but Airport's dominance of late has taken away some of the luster. The Rams could use a win in the series but that will be a tall order. Pick: Airport 35 Flat Rock 13

Monday, September 16, 2013

Huron @ Milan

Milan (3-0) is coming off of a 47-12 victory over Jefferson while Huron (1-2) is coming off of a 28-0 loss to SMCC at home. Milan won last year's contest 38-8 and are 12-1 against the Chiefs since rejoining the Huron League in 2000.

Milan has simply reloaded this season. Seniors Robert Kanitz, Max Blackburn, Austin Hoover and Gage Smith are seemingly trying to will the Big Reds to another title.

Huron has struggled to find the end zone this season offensively. The defense has been somewhat solid holding two of the top teams in the league to 28 points each. The Chiefs just have to get out of their own way on offense.

I have been perfect picking the Huron games this season. Picking against Milan burned me once. I won't let them burn me again. Pick: Milan 28 (big surprise) Huron 10

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Huron League Thoughts and Questions

Just realized I didn't really ask any questions.

Will Huron ever find the end zone?

Discipline and coaching will win a lot of games.

Airport probably won't be making the playoffs?

Riverview's defense did what they needed to do this week.

Did Milan's Robert Kanitz have the best game in the league Friday night?

That first win will come for Pickens real soon.

The final score is the final score!

Your time will come OC, be patient and keep working hard.

Grosse Ile or SMCC?

I was almost an Akron Zip for a day.

Some things will be sorted out this week in the Huron League

Huron or Milan?

I left the SMCC/Huron game early this week. I almost fell asleep.

Any Huron League teams look like they are going to make a long playoff run?

I remember not too long ago when Grosse Ile lost 20 straight and people were pulling the starters on them.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Night Scores

Riverview 27 Airport  10
SMCC    28      Huron   0
Grosse Ile 42 Flat Rock 7
Milan 47 Jefferson 12

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday Night Scores

Please submit scores. I will get them posted ASAP.

Milan 34 Jefferson 27
Grosse Ile 26 Flat Rock 6
SMCC 30 Huron 28
Riverview 24 Airport 8

Huron 13 Lincoln Park 13

SMCC @ Huron

SMCC (2-0) is coming off of a 50-7 thrashing of Flat Rock while Huron (1-1) is looking to bounce back after a disappointing 28-3 loss to Grosse Ile. The Falcons won last season's match up 32-22.

It's tough to tell where SMCC is at based on the schedule thus far. Offensively the Falcons will continue to run, run, run. Defensively they may get their first test with the Chiefs most likely providing an offense capable of scoring.

Offensively the Chiefs will look to limit the turnovers. They were able to move the ball up and down the field last week but didn't take care of the ball. Defensively the LB's will need to limit SMCC's big play ability on the ground.

A victory for SMCC and they're right where they expected to be with Grosse Ile next up on the schedule. A win for Huron would mean the Chiefs are in the thick of the league race. Pick: SMCC 36 Huron 24

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Riverview @ Airport

Airport (1-1) is coming off of a 28-14 win over Jefferson while Riverview (1-1) is coming off of a 48-28 home loss to Milan. The Jets won last season's game 28-20.

Airport is led offensively by senior QB Scott McCormick who has settled in after the graduation of Brandon Potcova. Defensively the Jets are led by Keagon Brinson and Eddie Smith.

Riverview has an excellent ground game and the Jets will have a hard time stopping it. Riverview has to find a way to stop people this season if they want to be successful. Seniors Jake Walsh and David Archer lead the Buc defense.

Tough call here. Many expected Airport to go away this year but the Jets have a long playoff streak on the line A loss here would hurt their chances. Riverview is in the same boat, another loss and the playoffs could be a long shot. Pick: Riverview 31 Airport 28

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Blog Decorum

I usually post this every year but please note that I do not allow some comments to come through and be posted on the blog. This is for numerous reasons. I don't want the blog to turn into a bashing forum. We can save that for mlive or twitter.

Players are off limits to call out and be critical of. They are just kids who are playing a game that they happen to love. I usually allow some criticism of coaches and their coaching decisions because they are paid professionals. They know this and most don't seem to mind.

Please understand that I will give credit to kids that I think deserve it. I am not trying to discredit anyone else. I am simply trying to give some kids recognition.

Also, if you ever need to contact me you can send me an email @ I usually get mail on a daily basis.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Performance of the Week

Be sure to vote for the player who you thought had the best performance of the week.

Scott McCormick (Airport) threw for two TD's and had an intercepton in the Jets 28-14 victory over Jefferson.

Andrew Mitroka (Grosse Ile) ran for 200 yards and two TD's and also threw for 113 yards and two TD's against two interceptions in the Red Devils 28-3 victory over Huron

Trace Lindeman (Milan) ran for 194 yards and two TD's in Milan's 48-28 victory over Riverview.

Justin Carrabino (SMCC) the sophomore RB ran for 77 yarda and two TD's in the first quarter before sitting out the rest of the Falcon's 50-7 win over Flat Rock.

Jefferson @ Milan

Milan (2-0) is coming off of an impressive 48-28 road victory over Riverview while Jefferson (0-2) is coming off of a loss to Airport 28-14. Milan won last year's game 38-14.

Milan is led offensively by senior QB Robert Kanitz and freshman sensation Trace Lindeman. The defense has been solid and is led by seniors Austin Hoover and Max Blackburn.

Jefferson is led offensively by QB Travis Lamb as the Bears have taken to the air more this season. He has a solid wideout in junior Brandon Liparoto. The Bears need to get better defensively as they are giving up 38 ppg this season.

This will be a tough week for 1st year Jefferson head coach Bruce Pickens to get his first win. Milan is playing their first home game of the season and have appeared to just reload under coach Jesse Hoskins. Pick: Milan 31 Jefferson 14

Monday, September 9, 2013

Flat Rock @ Grosse Ile

Grosse Ile (2-0) is coming off of a 28-3 home win over Huron while Flat Rock (0-2) lost to SMCC by a 50-7 score. Grosse Ile won last year's battle at Flat Rock 28-3.

Look for Grosse Ile's high powered offense to score early and often while the apparently under-appreciated defense looks to keep an opponent out of the end zone for a third staright week.

Flat Rock was dealt a brutal early season schedule by the Huron League Gods. The offense continues to be the bright spot for the Rams while the defense must find a way to stop the Islanders offense.

No intrigue in this matchup other than a running clock early. Pick: Grosse Ile 42 Flat Rock 0

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Huron League Thoughts and Questions

I will not pick against Milan again until they let me down.

Mitroka for President?

Congratulations to Airport's Chad Baas on his first victory.

How good is SMCC?

Apparently the defense at Riverview isn't as good as some thought.

You won't beat anyone throwing four interceptions.

Nice to see Jefferson throwing the ball a little bit.

I don't see my Alma Mater winning a game.

Does Airport's Scott McCormick sell popcorn at halftime?

Hats off to Riverview for honoring the Armed Forces last night.

Freshman Trace Lindeman? Are you freaking kidding me? That is awesome!

Game of the week next Friday?

I could be headed north to Oakland County to see some high scoring offense next week.

Apparently the defense at Riverview isn't as good as some thought. Wait, did I say that already?

Nice crowd on Fantasy Island last night although they were fashionably late.

Is it true that SMCC starts sixteen non-seniors? Yikes!

What is harder to come by, good superintendents or good football coaches? I think everyone in Milan knows that answer!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Night Scores

Please submit scores. I will get them posted ASAP.

Grosse Ile 28 Huron 3 Final

SMCC 50 Flat Rock 7 Final

Milan 48 Riverview 28 Final

Airport 28 Jefferson 14 Final

Huron @ Grosse Ile

This appears to be the game of the week in the Huron League. Huron is coming off of a 27-6 win over Summit Academy while Grosse Ile throttled Annapolis  35-6. Grosse Ile won last year's contest 36-6.

Huron will most likely use a two QB system on offense against the Islanders. The Chief defense will need to be disciplined against what appears to be another great Grosse Ile offense.

The Red Devils offense is led by "do everything" Andrew Mitroka at QB. The defense appears to be solid this season and is led by senior Danny McCarty.

This is a big game for both teams. Huron can find out how good they really are by beating one of the league's top teams.  Grosse Ile can't afford an early season loss if they hope to compete with SMCC for the league title. Pick Grosse Ile 28 Huron 20

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday Night Scores

Please submit your scores. I will get them posted ASAP.

Airport 26 Jefferson 21

Huron 14 Grosse Ile 7

Riverview 30 Milan 12

SMCC 36 Flat Rock 0

Milan @ Riverview

Both teams are coming off of week one victories. Riverview dismantled Crestwood by a score of 49-0 while Milan's 13-6 victory over Ypsilanti took two days to complete. Milan won last year's matchup 38-13.

Riverview piled up a bunch of yardage on the ground last week behind the skills of seniors Marcus Samuels and Josh Smith. The defense appears to be improved as the Bucs shutout Crestwood.

Milan was able to survive against Ypsi last week. The Big Reds were able to shrug off some injuries. The offense will center around senior QB Robert Kanitz and freshman RB Trace Lindeman. The defense was solid while holding the speedy Grizzlies to just 6 points.

This game could tell us a lot about the Huron League this season. Is Riverview for real and/or is Milan going to really stand and defend their title. In close matchups you always go with coaching and homefield. Milan's coach Jesse Hoskins is one of the best young coaches in the state but Riverview's Jeff Stergals has been doing this thing a long time. Pick: Riverview 21 Milan 17

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Airport @ Jefferson

Both teams are coming off of week one losses to SEC opponents. Airport lost at home to Adrian 27-7 while Jefferson lost to Tecumseh 47-7. The Jets won last season's contest 35-28.

Jefferson struggled both offensively and defensively last week. The offense ran the ball a lot but looked to pass more often than years past.

Airport struggled on offense last week as the Jets were basically breaking in a new backfield. The Jet defense struggled a bit as well but will most likely improve in week two.

This is a tough game to pick. This is a pretty fierce rivalry and neither team wants to start 0-2. Both new head coaches would like to get their first win the opening week of league play. Pick Airport 21 Jefferson 20

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Adrian @ Airport Video Feed

The Adrian @ Airport game video from last Friday 8/30/13 has been uploaded to the blog for your viewing pleasure.

SMCC at Flat Rock

The Rams are coming off of a disappointing 49-12 loss to Riverview Gabriel Richard while SMCC is coming off of a 55-0 thrashing of the Plynouth Educational Center out of Detroit. The Falcons won last season's matchup 44-7 at Navarre Field.

Flat Rock's defense gave up a boatload of yards on the ground last week against the Pioneers while Flat Rock's offense threw the ball all over the place.

SMCC pitched a shut out in the opener against the overmatched Panthers. The offense was it's typical self as numerous players carried the ball for the run happy Falcons.

This is a tough week for the Rams. The bad news is the Rams were picked to finish last in the league while most tabbed SMCC as the favorite. The good news is that SMCC's coach Jack Giarmo is a good guy and won't run up the score. Pick SMCC 41 Flat Rock 0