Friday, August 29, 2014

Flat Rock/Gabriel Richard Musings

I attended the Flat Rock/Gabriel Richard game last night. I am going to throw out a few things I thought I saw.

Flat Rock is 110% better than last season.

Nice crowd for a Thursday night in August.

GR's junior QB Jabob Lipetzky was the difference in the game.

Flat Rock DT/OT Eric Antolak will play college football.

That forward lateral call in the 1st half should have been ruled an incomplete pass. It wasn't even close.

I enjoyed rooting for my Alma Mater last night.

Flat Rock Freshmen DT Mason Hamilton is a load to handle (6-3, 240lbs)

Absolutely perfect night for football last evening.

GR's senior RB Tyler Blasczak should touch the ball 20 times per game.

Flat Rock sophomore  RB/DB Dontel Hampton is going to be a very good player.

The FR/Huron rivalry is already on this fall after Huron's players sat with the GR student section.

Flat Rock didn't appear to run the same formation on offense the entire 1st quarter.


MB said...

Flat rock is looking much better. they got a long way to go but they are on the right track. Its going to be fun watching the kids improve. The coach not only is improving current players, but he is improving the whole system from the grade schools and up. He care about the kids, program and school. The kids may never be a state power house, but he is going to help make them kids respectable young adults and teach them life lessons. Flat Rock is in good hands. The huron league is blessed to have a coach like that. the way he cares reminds me of the SMCC coach.

Chris Schultz said...

I wouldn't expect anything else from OC. FR has always been #1 in his heart. He had some great mentors and coaches when he was in school. Guys like Rob Hogg, Andy Mangin, Chris Elliot, Darryl Mossburg, Dave Steffan, Matt Atcheson and John Lawson were all great guys to learn from. He approaches his team and the game with the same passion as all of these guys.