Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday Night Scores

Please submit your JV scores. I will get them posted ASAP.

JV Scores
Grosse Ile 39 Annapolis 16
Marshall 42 Milan 6

Freshmen Scores
Woodhaven 14 Flat Rock 7


Anonymous said...

Grosse Ile jv 39 Annapolis jv 16

Anonymous said...

GI crushed Annapolis. The Red Devils had two TD'S called back too. Annapolis didn't score until the 2's were in on D.

Chris Schultz said...

Maybe Annapolis had their 2's in on O. The score is the score. Nothing else really matters. Good job GI.

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt Annapolis had their 2's in on offense to start their season.... However, anything is possible Mr Shultz.

Anonymous said...

If the man is excited about GI's JV teams start good for him. Everybody puts comments on here when they report scores. People put quarter by quarter scores when CC plays. All kinds of comments. Be nice, have some fun.