Monday, October 13, 2014

Riverview @ Grosse Ile

Grosse Ile (5-2) is coming off of a 49-7 victory over Jefferson and Riverview (5-2) is coming off of a 33-0 loss to SMCC.  The Pirates won last years league finale 45-42. These teams have split the last twelve regular season games.

Grosse Ile has really rebounded well after a slow start to the first half of the season. The come back against Milan has catapulted the Red Devils to a solid season. The defense has been very good while a diversified offense is putting up just enough points.

Riverview was flying high the first half of the season, but have lost two of the last three games. The Pirate defense will need to shore things up while the offense will have to regain the form it had early on.

This is a great match up. These teams literally go back and forth each year on who wins the game. A win for either team may help secure a home playoff game.

If I go by the year and my early season forecast, I should pick Grosse Ile.  If I go by Riverview's size, I should pick them. The Pirates looked really slow last week against SMCC, but something tells me they are going to win this battle for the Colvin Cup. Prediction: Riverview 28 Grosse Ile 27


Anonymous said...

Haven't see View play so I'm not really in a position to make a prediction. I will say GI has been playing some good ball recently though. I see this one coming down to the last posesion.

Anonymous said...

Rivalry games are always close, this game in particular. Should be a close game, it always is! I feel like Riverview is a better TEAM, rather than some talented individuals which I feel like GI is.

Riverview 45
That school across the river 42

--View Grad

Anonymous said...

Riverview was just not impressive at all vs CC. Not sure how they will fair come playoff time vs the D3 schools.

Anonymous said...

In fairness to Riverview, SMCC would beat alot of D3 schools. EM

Anonymous said...

GI is back to healthy, added some JV players to increase numbers. Mitroka's shoulder better, Dillon Jones back and so is Justin Moores. 8:26 poster is wrong. GI is a TEAM! That is their strength. These "talented individuals" are really a group of rather small, kids playing better than their talent because it matters so much.

GI Grad

Anonymous said...

GI is a group of MANY very talented football players. That's why they win! This misconception of them being a team of only a few players is normally the opinion of those who haven't seen them play.

Anonymous said...

They took up two JV players. That's not going to help there dept.

Anonymous said...

ALWAYS a great rival, that's what you've got to love about high school sports.
Riverview very unhappy with last weeks showing and a little beat up. Grosse Ile sure capitalized on Jefferson turnovers. Agree, close score and both QB's capable of getting it done for their teams on the final drive. Don't miss the 4th qtr folks !