Sunday, November 2, 2014

Huron League Thoughts and Questions

It looks like SMCC took out that week 9 loss on Grass Lake.

Huron's offense looked pretty darn good Friday.

Sounds like Grosse Ile played well, but couldn't overcome some turnovers.

How many carries did Riverview's Eric Gant have on Friday?

How do you score 56 points in the first 16 minutes and 22 seconds against a playoff opponent?

Hats off to Huron's defensive coordinator Mike Suchy, the Chiefs are a much better defensive team this year.

Can we just agree that Grosse Ile gets some nice coaching at all levels of their program?

If Riverview finds a QB, they could be very good next season.

SMCC/Clinton ought to be a really good game.

Whoever did the clock at Huron Friday night did an absolute stellar job.

How cold and miserable was it Friday night? You fans that showed up to support your teams are truly fanatical.

Who do you try and stop on Clinton, Matt Sexton or Collin Poore?

Trenton's Christian Mercure may be the best QB Huron will have seen all season.

Grosse Ile fans, how good was Chelsea's Bailey Edwards?


Anonymous said...

Still Nolan Glime over Devin Collins? Just asking...

Anonymous said...

4 fumbles and a interception killed GI. Edwards I believe had a TD but really had little bearing on the game.

Anonymous said...

Bailey Edwards was held in check most of the night. Due to weather more than anything. The Ty Nelson kid is a real good back. It was obvious though on the one TD catch Edwards had, they could of went to him all night, just didn't need to. I would love to see him in weather where the qb could get him the ball on a consistent basis

Anonymous said...

nobody starts and stops a clock like Chris Schultz.

Anonymous said...

Trenton's QB? Really? What about CC's QB? I think the smackdown CC put on them was harder than anything Trenton could do. We saw Trenton in a scrimmage at the beginning of the year. Not impressed at all. Huron should run all over Trenton without a problem.

Anonymous said...

Trenton and CC played a simulated game for their scrimmage and it was 42-7 at half...

Anonymous said...

The one thing we kept hearing all year was how fast the other teams' players were. WERE. They were ALL fast until they played CC. It's hard to be fast when you are on your back, right Huron League? Good luck to Huron, but you were included in that last statement. Any arguments? Grass Lake found out the hard way, too.

Anonymous said...

What is all this mindless drivel...?
SMCC won the Huron league hands down. Congrats...go win and do our league proud.

Huron has stepped up this year. They finished #2 in the league. Go our league proud.

Who is arguing? Huron had its shot and did not play well past the 1:45 mark left in Q2.

All conjecture at this point and it does not matter. You guys to take care of business with Clinton, Huron take care of business with Trenton.

This way, we all can continue to watch local meaningful football into November


Anonymous said...

Mindless drivel? What do you think this blog is? Although there are some VERY competent people in here, most of the people just come on here to beat their chests, and brag about their favorite teams' accomplishments. I agree with most of your post, but all I did was speak on hearing all the comments about speed. If you're going to comment on that post, what, pray tell, are your comments on all the others?

Anonymous said...

Arrogance is a terrible trait to have. Cant imagine why people don't care for SMCC.

Obviously Trenton has improved.
They are way past that 7 points now a days.

Monroe is the team to watch in our town. Monroe/Saline game will be one of the best football games in our state this weekend.

Hopefully Huron league teams can continue on. Blog is great, except for the occasional moron.
Its all good.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on winning your first playoff game in like 20 years. You're one of the biggest schools in the state and your football program is mediocre.

Anonymous said...

Agree--Monroe high should have a better showing year after year. Such a big school but never produces in football. Kids there must have other interest. Should have plenty to pick from. Good Luck to you this year as you have made it and took your first game.

Anonymous said...

Join the club, pal. We got a lot of haters. Went to the SMCC open house this past weekend. It was LOADED. Couldn't find a parking spot. Looks like a lot of people are thinking about jumping ship. I agree with 10:10. If you're so great, why haven't you won more games? It took two kids transferring from CC to Monroe to FINALLY get the Trojans over the hump.

Anonymous said...

SMCC will not be loaded. Sorry. There are a lot of kids out there headed elsewhere because of academics. For what SMCC costs the academics and technology are not there. Sports is pretty good at SMCC, but after this whole sports thing is over, real life and a job take over. Kids need the best academics they can get.
Monroe has triple the AP classes that SMCC does.

Apparently the arrogance continues.

Anonymous said...

Maybe all of the athletes are in those super difficult AP classes and don't have time for anything else. And yes, the arrogance does continue, and will continue. Keep hatin'!

stosento said...

I have to agree with you. The thing SMCC gives you that a public school doesn't is persistent education. They don't let you fail there. If you have a kid that you want to get back on track in academics and have teachers who really, and I mean REALLY want your kid to do well, then SMCC is great for that. The administration really cares for their students, more than any other school I've been to.

Now, if you have a kid that's already focused on academics and you want to give them the best chance to get ahead during high school to prepare for college, then Monroe is where you should go. Sure, there are a lot more kids and the atmosphere is different, but they have better technology, resources, and an unusually higher number of AP classes.

I went to CC and sometimes wish I had gone to Monroe to prepare me better for the University of Michigan, but the sports, atmosphere, and service trips were pretty great things SMCC did provide for me, so I don't necessarily regret going there.

Back to football, I knew the district was good, but SMCCs district has 3(!) ranked teams in D6??? That's insane.

Anonymous said...

CC/Clinton game should be good. Got some relatives in Clinton and they regard their sports teams very highly out there. State champs in softball, baseball team went very far.(who did they beat?), and football is right there. For a less than 400 kids enrollment public school, they do very well.

Should be a great game to watch.
Recommend this game or Monroe/Saline. Both will be great games. Unfortunately Monroe is away.

Anonymous said...

Monroe would have been home if they would have taken care of business and beat Fordson.

Anonymous said...

4:00 they beat the same team that knocked them out in baseball and basketball the year before.

Anonymous said...

Why is Monroe even relevant to this? Just because SMCC is in Monroe, doesn't mean they're of comparing. If they're in the playoffs, cool... but even so they're different divisions and they're not gonna see each other the rest of the season anyways lol bickering about who has technology here or AP classes here. Who cares. To each their own. Not all schools are the same in their teachings. Agree to disagree and move on for crying out loud.

Anyways, hats off to Huron and SMCC. keep it moving and make the league proud! You both stayed at the top of the league together, now keep it moving!


Anonymous said...

Um no, saline would still get you at home because you had 2 losses, including one to a D3 team.

Anonymous said...

I agree totally, 3:56. Well said, that is exactly how I see it. Good of you to admit that.

Not sure who the other clown is on here, probly a sour benchwarmer.

Just talking local football. Nice to see a few teams alive still.
Huron, SMCC and Monroe will all have tough games this weekend.

NJC54 said...

Nov 4. @ 1:54 poster... I don't see a direct correlation between more AP classes offered and college preparedness. How many of the kids taking those classes score a 4 or better on the exam ? What is the workload comparison AP @ Monroe vs a Standard or Honors Class @ SMCC ? If you are trying to reduce the amount of time you are in college then the credits come into play, but if you are looking forward to a good 4-5 year experience at a top University the AP classes offered pointing to better preparedness is a pretty weak argument. Good Luck to all the Region teams that play this weekend, especially SMCC and Huron.

Anonymous said...

AP classes are very relevant NJC54. Many parents are basing where they send their children to high school based on that. That is HUGE. Being prepared as much as possible for college is priceless.

The workload is irrelevant, that is how much a teacher wants to do in class, compared to what they want the student do at home. As long as the lesson is understood, that's what matters. I'm sure your a CC person and are sticking up for your school. That's fine.

I am a parent of kids at a Catholic grade school and the workforce is extremely tough out there, so parents are looking for more options. I know, I'm in the mix.

By the way, many kids score 4's on those. Sounds like maybe they don't at CC.

Anonymous said...

@ November 7 3:58pm Check the stats. Info is available on MPS website. Monroe offers 8 AP classes. SMCC offers 3. SMCC's curriculum has three levels including an Honors/AP level. Many of the subjects where Monroe is offering an AP class or dual enrollment, SMCC has an Honors level class. Ask SMCC grads who attend MCCC whether their Junior and Senior level classes at SMCC were more difficult than their college classes are now. They will tell you they most definitely were harder at SMCC.

In those 8 AP classes at Monroe only 15% of students in the classes took the exam and scored a qualifying score on the exam. At SMCC 93% of those taking AP classes earned a qualifying score.

More isn't always better. Sometimes its just more. SMCC clearly does the best job of prepping its students academically for college.