Sunday, November 23, 2014

Huron League Thoughts and Questions

Congrats to SMCC on their victory yesterday.

Congrats to Huron on their 11 win season.

Ithaca survived a semi-final scare.

OLSM is absolutely loaded.

Is it okay to mention SMCC and Ithaca in the same sentence now?

Huron held an early lead 3-0 on OLSM yesterday.

SMCC's defense has been the difference for them this year.

OLSM sophomore LB Josh Ross has offers from MSU, UM, OSU and Oklahoma.

Nice to see SMCC take a knee late in the game, thought OLSM could have done the same thing.

Look for Huron to reload next season. (Did I just say that?)

The Ithaca/SMCC betting line has been set at 11 points.

Another stud Ithaca QB? Sheeeeeesh!

I'll be rooting for SMCC and OLSM at Ford Field next week weekend.

Better get Ithaca on Friday, they only have six seniors on the roster.

Oh, that is Ithaca getting 11 points on that line.


Anonymous said...

Ithaca is a great team. They know how to win. 69 in a row pretty much says it all.

Yes they are junior laden but, these are no ordinary juniors.. they are bigger across the front than SMCC and have an amazing QB in Travis, I mean Jake Smith.

Lets not forget SMCC has 4 juniors starting on the offensive line and 1 in the backfield. They also play 4-6 underclassmen on defense as well.

Chris says SMCC will win by 11(in case you don't speak bet ease)
.. I say hogwash. Ithaca is too experienced a program and just knows how to pull games out. They have the offense to bury you, or the offense to play catch up. Their defense completely shut down Madison and Boyne in the 2nd half.. that's great coaching folk.. and Ithaca has it.

Anyone who picks SMCC to win is just hoping.

Anonymous said...

That first post should get these rolling pretty well on here.. you are welcome Chris. HA!

Anonymous said...

Again...they're bigger...stronger...blah blah blah. We've heard it all year and it's getting old.  Obviously SMCC knows a little something about winning and making to the ship. Glad Ithaca pulled one out so we can avenge the loss in 2010. Proud to be a Falcon! WE BELIEVE!!!!

Anonymous said...

We do our talking on the field. Let us prey. Go Falcons!

Anonymous said...

Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah. Heard it ALL year, dude. The Falcons will be waiting....

stosento said...

Ithaca is a great team and they do know how to win. Their streak is insane. Cannot argue that.

"Yes they are junior laden but, these are no ordinary juniors.. they are bigger across the front than SMCC and have an amazing QB in Travis, I mean Jake Smith."

They are ordinary juniors...they're high school juniors just like SMCC's juniors. Pretty sure Huron, JLC, GRNP, and just about every other school has a bigger front than SMCC. Hell, SMCC starts a 5'6 165 kid on their D-line. He's good and both their D and O fronts look solid. Travis Smith was a great QB with a lot of MAC offers. Jake is not his brother. Look up his recruiting...there is none. Reasons? I'll cover these more in my game analysis, but he isn't a true QB.

Travis Smith highlights vs Jake Smith highlights

Main difference? About half of Jake's highlights are ones where he scrambles and deviates from the original play, extends it and finds a break in coverage. He doesn't have the pure QB skill that his brother boasts. Yes he does have a huge ability to extend plays and has a good arm, but he doesn't have the arm or vision to fit a ball into tight windows like his brother did.

"They have the offense to bury you, or the offense to play catch up. Their defense completely shut down Madison and Boyne in the 2nd half.. that's great coaching folk.. and Ithaca has it."

I don't have a lot of confidence in a team that had to come back late against Madison or Boyne. Those teams were good, but I think Clinton was as good as Madison and NP as good as Boyne. There is no way that either of those teams could have touched JLC. Ithaca does have great coaching, but SMCC has it too.

"Anyone who picks SMCC to win is just hoping."

Meh...when a team blows out a top 5 team 50-15 in districts, beats a D5 powerhouse JLC 27-26 with a D1 RB in regionals, and shuts out a team 28-0 convincingly in the semis that had averaged 40 points per game, compared to an Ithaca squad that struggled their way to Ford Field against easier teams, I'd take SMCC.

Anonymous said...

Hey 3:13 poster be a man and leave your name. That way we know who you are when Ithaca loses. Almost every team CC has faced has been bigger in the trenches, how has that worked out? SMCC has had a much tougher road to Ford Field than Ithaca and yet they only had one tough game (JLC). If Ithaca gets behind by a couple scores in this game forget about, SMCC's defense will bury them. Ithaca's winning streak is very impressive, but it comes to an end Friday. EM

Anonymous said...

Anywhere I can find the game being broadcast online/radio? Wont be able to make it on friday and need to hear it live when the Falcons beat Ithaca this time around!

Anonymous said...

Stosento... SMCC plays out of their minds at home. If they played Clinton at Clinton, that game is not a 35 point game. If they played Huron at Huron that game is much different.

This game is at Ford Field. Ithaca is 4-0, SMCC 0-3.

In 2010, most people thought SMCC was going to win. Most people around the state, that is. Not just SMCC folks. lets not forget that.

Anonymous said...

EM, (strange name)

In 2010, Ithaca got down 21-7 and came back to win 45-35. This year is a lot like that year.

Don't underestimate Ithaca.. again they know how to win.. period.

Anonymous said...

Don't underestimate SMCC....they know how to win too....period.

Anonymous said...

Stosento... Boyne had some super fast kids.. much much much more explosive than GRNP. GRNP has the type of team that just cant beat SMCC. Their style of play on offense just wont beat this CC squad... and didn't. NP didn't stand a chance really..

stosento said...

I would argue that it doesn't really matter where they play, they still do pretty well.

SMCC W 28-0 @ Grosse Ile (7-2)
SMCC W 28-7 @ Airport (4-5)
SMCC W 33-0 @ Riverview (6-3)
SMCC L 22-27 @ LCC (undefeated...D5 finals)
SMCC W 27-26 @ JLC (undefeated)
SMCC W 28-0 @ BCHC

That's an away schedule that boasts 2 regular season shutouts against Class B playoff teams, the closest game undefeated LCC has had all season, a win against an undefeated JLC at their home field, and another shutout in the semis against a team that averaged 40 ppg. I'll say it again, I think SMCC is pretty good on the road, too.

Ithaca is clutch at FF, I'll give you that. But, that was at the hands of a couple D1 QBs. Jake is not a D1 QB.

Most people thought SMCC was going to win against a team that had a D1 QB and an amazing kicker that took out the SMCC special teams' play. The reason a lot of people thought SMCC was going to win that year is because of their appearance in 2009. It's not that crazy to think that SMCC will win this year against an Ithaca squad without a D1 athlete and a good kicker. SMCC's defense is substantially better this year, as well.

If SMCC can beat a solid JLC team with a D1 RB and veteran coach, I have a lot of confidence in their ability to win against a weaker Ithaca squad that's rebuilding.

stosento said...

True, they were more of a speed team and GRNP was more of a power team. I don't think the Boyne speed would have given SMCC much trouble either, though, since they remind me a lot of Clinton in the speed department.

Anonymous said...

LOL, how is it possible that someone could refer to my post "Don't underestimate SMCC....they know how to win too....period." only 11 minutes after I posted it... and it was not approved by the blog owner yet? Care to explain blog owner?

Anonymous said...

Yes 7:19 SMCC is good on the road as well... but just not as good as they are at Navarre. Post the home scores and take a look. Only game that was close was the opener vs Tecumseh.

They beat LCC if they play them at home.. probably by about 10 points.

GI was a good game... Clinton was closer than the score.. Airport was a good game too. and JLC... well I think SMCC was quite fortunate to win that game.

Chris Schultz said...

Sitting on the computer. Comments pop up. I read it and post it.

You must be new. My name is Chris and I am the blog owner. Funny you criticize EM as a funny name when you post as anonymous. EM is a Carleton Airport fan. That is obviously his initials. He has been a follower of the blog for the last 3 or so years.

Anonymous said...

Ok, but the person that replied to my post couldn't have had the opportunity to read it because you didn't approve it yet. They replied 11 minutes later to a post that was never on the site yet. makes no sense.

Chris Schultz said...

It had to be up. Nobody could have replied

Chris Schultz said...

Maybe you hadn't refreshed your page.

stosento said...

Home schedule for SMCC:

SMCC W 35-13 Tecumseh(5-4)
SMCC W 42-0 Flat Rock(0-9)
SMCC W 40-7 Huron (8-1, semis)
SMCC W 43-0 Milan (4-5)
SMCC W 47-7 Jefferson (2-7)
SMCC W 62-8 Grass Lake (6-3)
SMCC W 50-15 Clinton (undefeated)

When you list it out, it does look dominant, more than the road wins. However, the competition they played was far better on the road.

You think Tecumseh and Clinton were closer games than their scores, I'll oblige here and give you that. Therefore, SMCC's only home "dominant" wins were against 3 losing teams, a pretty bad Grass Lake team that would have gone 2-7 or 1-8 in the HL, and a good win over Huron...

You're saying that's more impressive than 28-0 and 33-0 against two playoff teams, the closest game for LCC, and a win against JLC all on the road? They have went 5-1 on the road, all of which were playoff teams except for Airport. That Airport team, by the way, beat Tecumseh 49-28.

Your argument for home vs. away is pretty weak when I go through it all.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I know I refreshed it.. multiple times to be honest. Just odd to me is all.

Anonymous said...

If you watched them play all year long.. SMCC was better at home.. completely dominant. Yes of course they were good on the road as well but those games at home could have been 100-0 if they wanted to sans Tecumseh. I think they are undefeated if they had LCC at home and @ Clinton would have been a much closer score @ Huron too. Ford Field has not been kind to SMCC. Lets see what happens.

Anonymous said...

The Huron and Clinton game were very similar. Things fell apart for both teams in a bout a 5 min span of the game. SMCC being a great team took full advantage of the teams mistakes and the games were pretty much over at that point. I think being at Navarre had a ton to do with that. I may be wrong but those are my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Listen to all of you whiners, trying to downplay EVERYTHING that SMCC has done all year. By playing at Navarre field, all the
falcons have proven is that they can play ANYWHERE! Navarre Field is a DUMP. The turf sucks, the stands suck, the facilities suck, and until this season, the scoreboard sucked. They STOMPED every team in the Huron League, and now you guys make the excuse that they have some kind of advantage because of their home field? C'mon people, every team should be dominant on their own field. Just because YOUR team couldn't defend your turf, doesn't mean SMCC can't defend theirs! If SMCC played this season @ Huron, the score would have been the same. Ask the rest of the HL who had them at home. LCC and JLC were COMPLETELY different teams. Yes, SMCC was fortunate to beat JLC, thank GOD for that, but the LCC game was winnable. SMCC had three turnovers, and still only lost by 5 points. Hartwick and company @ Huron were good players, but not like Poljan and Khari Willis.

Oh, I forgot. Those players don't count because they play for parochial schools. Those kind of players are frowned upon in this area.

stosento said...

Great response 8:38 am. Home field advantage only goes so far in high school football. I would say the time it means the most is at regionals. At that point you play a team that's generally pretty good, and being at home or away could drastically cut down travel time, and you can guarantee a larger crowd that deep in the playoffs. SMCC went to JLC and won that game. I think JLC was the second best team in D6. If you disagree with that, I don't think many would argue 3rd.

SMCC plays how they play no matter where it is. Just because they're 0-3 there doesn't mean it's because of Ford Field. SMCC lost. They probably would have lost those games at Navarre as well. You can keep trying to sell me the fact that Ithaca will win because they've never lost at FF and blah blah blah, but I'm not buying it.

Anonymous said...

Football fans support good football. This game will be awesome and competitive. Don't compare apples and oranges. These are both good programs and unique teams for this year. Both teams have athletic weapons and know how to use them. Both teams have made adjustments in games in order to win. This is championship football. All the past years mean nothing other than both school have a tradition of winning. Let the field do the talking and the best team win Friday. Good Luck to all!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the 2014 All Huron League Team? First team only.

Chris Schultz said...

Hadn't heard, I will be doing mine next week.

Anonymous said...

All huron league came out a long time ago. Huron and SMCC dominated it. I honestly think the whole team of smcc was on it.

Anonymous said...

All league first team

SMCC- Vuich, Windham, Hilkens, Bausman, Lako, Howey, Carrabino.

HURON- Krug, Mccay, Collins, Hartwick, Vukas, Wellman.

MILAN- Gray, Lindeman.

AIRPORT- Meiring, Turner.

FLAT ROCK- Hampton.


2nd team

7 for SMCC

6 for HURON

2 for Milan


1 for Jefferson

1 for Flat Rock

Honorable mention

4 for SMCC

4 for HURON

4 for Milan

4 for Airport

4 for Jefferson

4 for Flat Rock

GI and Riverview players were not included in the Monroe paper.

Anonymous said...

lako, vuich, howey, windham, bausman, carrabino, woolford were on it.. + others.... i cant remember though

Anonymous said...

Rooting for OLSM even though they didn't take a knee?

stosento said...

3:46pm...although OLSM didn't take the classy route at the end of the game, you want to see a team that beat you go on and be successful. It'd be pretty impressive for Huron to say their only losses this year were to teams that won state championships.

Anonymous said...

Grosse Ile All Huron League 1st Team- Derek Judd, Phil Camilleri, Andrew Mitroka and Eddie Gape

Anonymous said...

Its too bad that a team has to have a good record to get their good players noticed. On the other hand, its too bad a team with a good record automatically gets their players noticed.

doesn't seem fair.

Anonymous said...

To the 1:41 PM poster:

The All League selection was changed a few years back. Now, you get a certain number of spots depending on how the team finished in the league.

stosento said...

It's the same way in the NCAA and the NFL. Generally the best players on the best teams get the most recognition. I agree it's not really fair, but talent is easier to see on teams that do well. It does suck for the good kids on less than great teams.