Sunday, November 16, 2014

Semi-Final Sites Announced

Division 3
Orchard Lake St. Mary's vs. New Boston Huron at Dearborn High School

Division 6
Grand Rapids NorthPointe Christian vs. SMCC at Battle Creek Harper Creek High School


stosento said...

Seems like the best location for the Huron OLSM game, only a little shorter of a trip for Huron.

Don't really understand the Battle Creek location for the SMCC game? Maybe I'm just complaining, but it's about 1 hr 45 minute drive for SMCC and half an hour shorter drive for NorthPointe.

Jackson seems like a better choice, as it's about 1 hr 20 minute drive for SMCC and 1 hr 30 minute drive for NorthPointe.

Maybe they didn't want to have SMCC play there twice in a row or something? Who knows, the field looks nice, though!

Anonymous said...

I like the location of the draw. I think it benefits Huron to be playing this much further south. We need any advantage we can get to help even the playing field. Go Chiefs and don't forget to take a moment and take it all in.

NJC54 said...

The location works well if the girls are still playing Saturday too... Fans can go watch both without missing much. Great problem to have... Good luck Huron, and let's go Falcons

Anonymous said...

Jackson is being used for Westphalia game

Anonymous said...

SMCC played at Battle Creek in 2012 if you were around then Stosento. Its a very easy drive and a nice field.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to both teams. I wish them the best of luck!
#9 Dad

Anonymous said...

So proud of this league: every team has a hand in preparing one another for the playoff run. It doesn't matter who makes the run, what matters is that someone is there every year Wasn't too long ago we were cheering for milan basketball ,look what they did. On your side smcc and huron. Riv fan.

stosento said...

Wasn't physically at the game, but yeah, the field looks fantastic, better seating than the away stands at Dungy field. Just questioning the time travel for both teams.

Dungy field is a great game for any semi, so good to see another team playing there. Plus, I'm not sure if the people of Jackson want SMCC back in that stadium after last night :/

Didn't think about the volleyball team being so close, that is pretty cool.

Anyone know which team will get the home or away stands? I remember 2009/2010 SMCC got stuck with the small away stands in semis at Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Home teams (teams from Regions 1 &3 are to wear dark jerseys; visiting teams from Regions 2 &4 are to wear white jerseys).

Semifinal winners from Regions 1 and 2 will be home teams and wear dark colored jerseys. Winners from Semifinal Regions 3 and 4 games will be visitors and will wear white colored jerseys.

Since SMCC and Huron are Region 4 they will always be visitors/away in the Semi's and Finals.

The sites are neutral, but not sure why playoff points determine home field advantage through the first 3 games of playoffs, but then mean nothing for the last two where geography determines the "home" team.

Anonymous said...

I love CC's whites. Sharp !

stosento said...

Nov 17th 1:15pm
I've thought the same. And it has always been that way. There's no alternation each year on which teams get the home stands or wears the home jerseys. So Region 4 teams (SMCC almost every year, Huron) constantly get the short end of the stick.

Semis seem like home team should definitely be determined by Playoff Points, there's no reason to do it otherwise.

Finals could be done the same way, but it matters less because it's FF and the seats are fine on both sides. Just seems weird.

Anonymous said...

Whos favorite to win the smcc matchup

Anonymous said...

SMCC is for sure