Friday, August 14, 2015

Dear Blog Readers

As many of you know I have been doing the blog since 2009. I originally started the blog for a few different reasons. First, I love football. I always have and always will love the greatest game ever invented. Specifically, I love high school football and the Huron League especially. I played football back in the day at Flat Rock and have basically been a Huron League fan all of my life.

I have never charged a fee for the blog, I simply just wanted to try and pass on some of my own knowledge about the league to everyone else. For the most part, I feel I have done that pretty well. I have made a few dollars here and there with my ads that come along with the website. Over the years I have considered many ways to monetize the site and never really figured out a way. That prompted me to basically shut down the site after last season. The problem though, was I really enjoy providing the content about Huron League football. It just gets a little time consuming and quite frankly there are a few buttheads that make things difficult sometimes. So I decided to give this thing another try because I think the blog is pretty successful.

There is an extremely loyal following that reads the blog weekly during the season and then there are a few fanatics that read all year long. I appreciate all of you. The blog actually gets about 5,000 page views per week and we get as many as 3,000 page views on a Friday Night with about 2,000 or so unique visitors.

I recently had the opportunity to bring aboard a fairly major sponsor for the website. I had to submit a bunch of data and I was approved. Why? Because this blog gets a bunch of traffic. So I am proud to announce that has come aboard. DraftKings is a fantasy sports website that allows you to participate in many fantasy sports and you don't have to be a part of a league that plays all season. DraftKings offers football, baseball, golf, soccer, basketball, hockey and even MMA fantasy games.

So I am asking all of my visitors, if you are into Fantasy Sports at all, to please click on the banners and see what DraftKings is all about. Now I know many of you may be DraftKings players already. That is okay! Just check out some of the banners that offer special one day games. You will be helping me and helping the blog stay active.

Now, get ready for some content beginning in the next week or so that will include players to watch, team previews and season predictions! Are You Ready For Some Football!


Anonymous said...

I have appreciated your blog over the years with my boys playing in the league. This is my youngest son's last year, so I'm glad to see you are keeping it going.

Anonymous said...

Keep it going, now that I have moved away I do not get to any games. I love the blog and was very happy when I saw that you were coming back. Keep up the good work.