Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Huron League Scrimmages

These are the details I have of Huron League Scrimmages on Thursday.

Jefferson @ Dundee 5:30 pm

Flat Rock @ Erie Mason (Cabrini) 6:00 pm

Milan @ Dexter (Jackson Northwest) 10:00 am

Riverview @ Carlson (Pontiac/Thurston) 10:00 am

SMCC @ Trenton 6:00 pm

Huron @ Garden City 10:00 am

Airport @ Ann Arbor Huron 6:00 pm

Taylor Truman/Detroit Western @ Grosse Ile  6:00 pm


Anonymous said...

I believe Riverview @ Carleson is 10 a.m.

Chris Schultz said...

I went out and saw Huron this morning and then caught SMCC over at Trenton this evening. I was suppose to go see Jefferson out at Dundee, but overslept during my afternoon siesta.

Huron looked pretty good offensively although I think most offenses are ahead of the defenses this early in the season. The Chiefs ran the ball very well with two or three different backs. Hartwick didn't carry the ball much, but when he did he was extremely elusive. Both lines looked solid, but they have little depth. Not sure if they have a game breaker at receiver.

SMCC ran a simulated game against a huge Trenton team. I left at halftime with SMCC up 21-6. The Falcons looked very good. The offensive line looked very good along with the defensive line. Riley Woolford is an unblockable stud and they ran off of his side most of the night. Austin Burger looked solid at QB while Justin Carrabino proved why he may be the best offensive player in the league. I didn't stick around for the 2nd half. SMCC kicking game was outstanding.

Let me know your thoughts if you went somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Went out and watched flat rock at erie mason. Flat rocks offense looked like they made some improvements. Defence played well as a group. I think there going to make things interesting this season.

Anonymous said...

Anybody go watch Airport? I wasn't able to make it. EM

Anonymous said...

Grosse ile had a four with all the above mentioned teams and Detroit University Prep. I was at the scrimmage and the Devils handled all of the teams. The best competition was against Unversity Prep.

Anonymous said...

Riverview handled and at times dominated Carleson, Redford Thurston & Pontiac: A couple missed assignments allowed for big plays, but overall progress looks good . Depth appears to be o.k. -- Offense has many ways to beat you. Defense, watch out -- they're going to hit you aggressively and gang tackle. Big and experienced group meshing well as a unit - have all played together many years.

Anonymous said...

Airport scrimmage.... The Jets opened on offense for 20 minutes against Ann Arbor Huron, scoring on the first play with a quick hitter from Myring. In the 10 minutes the ones were in, Airport scored 4 times. The two's played for the Jets for the next ten while Huron kept their ones in. When the teams flipped offense/defense, Huron was able to put two scores up over their 20 minutes. One score was against the ones, the other against the two's. The only movement they had was through the air against either Jets defense.

Airport went immediately to another scrimmage, taking the offense against Allen Park. This scrimmage was a different story entirely. Allen Park physically dominated the Jets. Airport didn't score during their offensive 20 minutes (again half with the ones and half with the two's). On the defensive side, the Jets were unable to stop Jaguars. This was one long 40 minute scrimmage that Baas and crew will need to see what wasn't working and make some adjustments or coach a technique into some players to deal with their size.

Allen Park looked comparable to Riverview, IMO. Big and strong. Ann Arbor Huron looked like a team that wouldn't win a game in the Huron League, confused and disorganized. Airport has a lot of work to do, but their is some fire on the team. They played hard!

Anonymous said...

I was at Jefferson - Dundee scrimmage. Bears did not look too good. Jefferson QB had a couple of scrambles and good throws. Dundee ran the ball on them at will.

kw said...

Jefferson was pretty even controlled the ball and scored once and then was down in Dundee red zone and ran out of plays. Gave up a couple long T.D's but also I think Dundee was pretty bad last year. although Dundee was small did hold there own. So not sure what to think

Anonymous said...

Jefferson starters did well. Dundee only scored one TD on them. The rest were against the 2's. Offense was consistently driving down the field but had to give the ball up because you only run 10 plays.