Sunday, November 1, 2015

What High School Football is All About!

We need more of this and less of the comments on my blog: WATCH VIDEO


Anonymous said...

Great story! This is my last year as a football dad after a long time watching and sometimes coaching my boys. This story is why I love football. My boys have learned many life lessons while playing this game. The lessons weren't always easy and things didn't always go their way, but I wouldn't have traded these experiences for anything. I love what this sport can be.
Riverview Dad

Anonymous said...

Its so easy to sit in the stans or behind a computer and run your mouth about something you think you know about. Untill you start turning down overtime at work to put your time into your school and the community please think before you speak. My 12 year old son just played in a football game this weekend and i was disgusted by the parents on my own team. Everthing was the coach or the officials fault, not ounce was it the kids fault for not running for not tackeling and for not hanging on to the ball. i feel all we are teaching our kids these days is how its someone elses fault. this game is huge in my mind on how the kid has to be responable for themselves and the team. it teaches great leadership, great team building and most of all responsibility for there actions. as a parent you need to push your own child in these three factors of the game. cause it is and always will be more about building a child then winning a game!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow that is an awesome story!!! Seeing stuff like that makes it easy to be a high school football fan. EM

Anonymous said...

Great story!
#9 Dad

BigReds97 said...

Wheres the like button?! ... Good stuff right there!

Anonymous said...

6:52 PM you are spot on. Players gotta play. Parents need to support their children's TEAM (this includes COACHES, PLAYERS, COMMUNITY, ETC) not just their own interests. Second guessing the coaches and officials has always been the easiest and absolute worst thing to do because that is now the player's perception of what the problem is. Coaches do not teach players to hold the ball like a loaf of bread and fumble it, throw interceptions, run past ball carriers holding their arms out to tackle, etc. Fundamentals are taught at ALL levels, in ALL programs no matter what the perception is in the stands or what the win-losses are.
This is a wonderful turn around story and to be quite honest, most of us get into coaching because of a love for the game, the fact that we have had wonderful experiences playing this (or any) game, it shaped who we are today and we want to give that back. Those kids on that team, the students in that school, the community as a whole, no matter if that team ends up champions of anything or not, will never forget the experience and the difference one man and an entire community rallying behind that team can make.

Anonymous said...

If Milan's season ends before Benton Harbor, might just road trip out there to cheer them on.

Hoov said...

Great piece.

Hello Chris,

You might want to post this so that all can see it. Season of Life: A Football Star, a Boy, a Journey to Manhood, is truly a great read. True story about a high school football coach who embodied all the things we hope for in our coaches. A Pulitzer prize winning author followed Joe for a season and wrote the story.

Also, here is a short clip of Tony Dungy introducing Joe and then Joe's talk on character.

Finally, his book which all coaching teams should read is here:

Anonymous said...

I just wanted people to know that I just seen a picture of 2 football players praying after a game. Yes the whole team prayed together, and yes this picture is of my son, and Carribino from SMCC. The only reason I'm brining this up is because as much as we all want to win, beat our rival, take down the champ, go undefeated, we are still human. We all fall, and we all will never be perfect. To me this picture shows what athletics, and true sportsmanship are all about. Carribino tweeted this to my son, he didn't have to, he could have rubbed in the loss, talked a bunch of crap, he could have done a lot more. But no, he wished him the best of luck with the rest of his season. I respect players that show true sportsmanship, and this is one that truly hit home for me. Just goes to show that our kids do know what's important in life, and what it means to be a good person.
To the parents of #4, if you read this, be proud of your son, not for the player he is on the field, but the person he is playing the game. Much respect.
#9 Dad