Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Rating the Huron League Coaches.

When I started the blog back in 2009 the Huron League was known as a who's who in the coaching fraternity.  Great football coaches like Marc Cisco, Jeff Stergalas, Eric Redmond and Steve Robb were roaming the sidelines. With the retirement of Jack Giarmo at SMCC the two deans of football coaches in the league appear to be Grosse Ile's Jon Bodner and Huron's Dan Kalbfleisch. My how things have changed in six short years. There are still great coaches in this league, but the coaches listed above most likely had more experience individually than all of the coaches in the league combined these days.

I plan on doing an article on all the coaches in the league toward the beginning of the season, but check out the article I wrote back in August 2009 that highlighted the league coaches.

Huron League Coaches

Monday, July 13, 2015

Who Would You Pick?

If you were starting a team in the Huron League and had your choice of players, who would you choose? Would you go offense or defense or would you go with a solid two-way player? He are some of the top returning players in the league.

QB Matt Hartwick Huron
QB Justin Kull Jefferson
RB Justin Carrabino SMCC
RB Dylan Meiring Airport
RB Trace Lindeman Milan
WR Jalen Smith Flat Rock
FB/LB Cortez Gray Milan
FB/LB Tyler Chase Riverview
WR/DB Justin Moores Grosse Ile
DE/OT Dominic Trombley Grosse Ile
TE/DE Riley Woolford SMCC
OL/DL Dale Midkiff Huron
LB Brent Mossburg Airport

Still Sorting Things Out

I'm still in the process of figuring things out for the upcoming season. I was hoping for some input of what people would like to see in the content if I were to go subscription based. Please throw some things out there. One thing I was considering is adding a Saturday podcast as a wrap up of the weeks games and possibly a Wednesday podcast that would serve as a preview.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Blog Considering Expansion

I am considering expansion of the blog that would include a monthly or annual subscription fee. I would offer insider info, stories, stats and coverage of Huron League football that would be second to none. There would be daily content during the season along with twice weekly post during the offseason. Limited access would be made available to non subscribers.

I have included a poll to the right for readers to share their vote on whether the blog should be subscription based or for it to just disappear.