Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Do 7 on 7's Help?

I traveled over to Gibraltar last night to watch Airport, Huron, Monroe and Carlson in 7 on 7. I have to say, "it was a snoozefest". This is the first time I have really watched 7 on 7 and I can honestly say, "I won't do it again".

I'm sure there is some benefit to it like, timing and understanding concepts,but I can't imagine it does much. Maybe coaches can find out who is committed and stuff like that.

Carlson looked like world beaters against Monroe, but what if Monroe has a superior line? Huron's QB has a cannon and is accurate, but does he have any escapability? I couldn't tell.

Airport threw the ball more times in this scrimmage than they have thrown in a combined three years of regular season games, plus they threw to the same kid nearly every play. Do we honestly think they are going to open it up this year and chuck the ball all over the place?

The thing that had me scratching my head was the amount of parents holding video cameras to capture the back yard football that was going on. I don't mean to sound cynical, but I'm pretty sure not every parent is going to go home and break down film with their kid.

Thank God that real football is only a month or so away.

By the way, I have to bring this up. Doesn't every college football coach in America wear khakis? And to answer King Harbaughs question of who has it better than us? I don't know, maybe; Alabama, Clemson, Stanford, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Michigan State, TCU, Houston, Iowa, Mississippi and Notre Dame. Sorry, just saying.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris I know who will have it better October 29 when Captain Khakis rolls MSU in East Lansing. EM

Anonymous said...

My bad, I just noticed Chris didn't post that. EM

Anonymous said...

I watched Riverview complete less than 40% of their passes against Flat Rock, Bedford & Woodhaven on Monday...

stosento said...

7on7's are best for skill players trying to get noticed. Obviously it's not a perfect setting since some important skills are only on display during true 11on11 football. Keeps players fresh and allows for more competition.

It's been a big, big recruiting thing, which is likely why you see so many people recording it. More footage to potentially get more schools interested in your kids. Some schools will benefit from it more than others, but it's primarily a recruiting tool.

And yeah, plenty of teams have it better than Michigan, but hopefully not for long :)

Anonymous said...

7 on 7 has some real benefits for the players who play, especially if they play together regularly. Timing and patterns for qb's and receivers. Quick release and footwork for qb and speed and coverage for lb's. Over the years a thrown together hs. 7 v 7 seems pointless. A well managed, elite team is exciting to watch, and greatly rewarding for the players. Of course the play of the line changes things. But staying in shape, running routes, and throwing under pressure rather than in warm ups keeps players tuned up. Gimom

Anonymous said...

7 on 7 is good for HS teams that are trying to work on their offensive passing concepts and defensive coverages. Is it realistic??? No....coaches that are smart and want their kids to get better play there real defense. However, so many teams are concerned about winning the 7 on 7 which is funny Becuase it doesn't mean anything. You will see teams play a lot of cover 0 and cover 1 a cross the board to look good in the 7 on 7, but all they play is 4-4 cover 3 during the season for example.

7 on 7 is good to compete with other teams and work on your actual fundamentals as a db or receiver. 90% of the time it doesn't work out that way because coaches get too competitive and want to score every play. That's when you'll see linebackers dropping 15-20 yds in coverage, which they never do during the season.

Milan Fan

Anonymous said...

Riverview completed 37% of their passes last year so that sounds about right.

Anonymous said...

Why are we talking about 7 v 7 in the Huron league blog, lol it's a running league