Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mid-Week Huron League Thoughts and Questions

I had planned on hanging it up this year, but looks like I'm in for another full season.

Someone brought up the idea of HuronLeagueBlog gear. Any thoughts?

Look for me and my side kick Dave doing the scoreboard at Huron tomorrow night. (He handles the time, not me)

Who is the Dean of League Coaches now? Is it Jon Bodner at GI?

I have been toying with the idea of a podcast for years. Would anyone listen?

The league is not down, but I don't think there is a great team like the last 5 years or so.

It appears every team has a new starting QB this year except Milan.

Anyone interested in Gun Raffle tickets for the month of September? $20 each please email me.

Would anyone be in favor of a Huron League Player of the Week?

If you ever need to email me, please reach out at


Anonymous said...

Glad to see the blog alive again Chris!

The dean of league coaches since I'd say is old man Kalby. Lol he's a seasoned coach of many sports. Had been on Dans side almost the entire 12 year tenure. And if he is standing in as head coach, that'd be his spot lol but I'm a little biased ;)

I'd proudly rep some Huron Blog gear, so long as it's big enough for my hefty butt to wear lol

And a Podcast i would definitely subscribe and listen to. Be nice to be able to turn it on during my drives and listen instead of reading all the time lol specially if you did a podcast at another game and gave live updates. Be nice to be able to hear another game whilst sitting in on another.

Gun raffle? Hmmm you can never have too many guns. Lol I'll shoot ya an email for details sir.

As for player of the week, that's a tough call. Too many soft parents that could cause an uproar but at the same time, if a player has an outstanding game and they do great; they deserve credit where credit is due. So I say yes to a POTW.


Anonymous said...

How about the 2011 GI team?

Anonymous said...

How about players of the week for each game, both sides of the ball? More kids could get credit that way.
#9 Dad

Anonymous said...

It's funny how you mention that you thought about hanging it up this year, then follow up with a mention of Huron League Blog gear (hint, hint?) If there is money to be made, and you still enjoy your blog , you'd be a fool to step away. Not to mention your adoring fans... how could you give up the fame?

I would definitely listen to your podcast ( and know local businesses would buy some advertising.)
I remember, possibly 2 years ago, you had players of the week. Maybe try player of the game?
Thanks for returning , Chris. I hope you enjoy writing as much as we enjoy reading.

Chris Schultz said...

I truly enjoy the writing end of it. I did wish I had an editor though. The thought of hanging up came when I realized I don't know the players in the league that much anymore. My job as AD elsewhere (even though we don't have football), doesn't allow me to get out and see everyone. I was able to do a lot of research by going to basketball games, wrestling meets, track & field, etc...I just can't do that anymore. I also knew many of the coaches when I started back in 2009. I just don't know the coaches very well. What made this year happen is, I sent an email to every coach asking for insight on their team. Every coach but one responded back. That makes things much easier. The other thing is that I need participation from the fans. I learn a lot from you guys about the individual teams you support and for that, I thank you.

Anonymous said...

Been an avid reader for the last several years, and a contributor a little more over the last year or so... Someone's gotta rep Flat Rock I guess. Thank you for all that you do! I know so many, myself included, that can't wait for your newest blog posts to appear, and the comments that soon follow. While we may not always agree with one another, or with you from time to time, we all love our kids and high school football, and have to give you many thanks for making it that much more enjoyable. Good luck to all players, coaches, and fans... May it be a successful, and more importantly, safe season.

Anonymous said...

Agreed that Chris does a great job. Been a reader for years. This is a great way for those of who lived and played ball in the area to keep up with our old League. Thanks, Chris. And thanks to the contributors that bring good content, opinion, thought, and healthy rivalry to the blog.

Anonymous said...

Glad your back for another year!
I think a players of the week for every team would be a good idea.
Podcast would be fun!
HLB gear would be awesome. I can always use a hoodie, hat, or shirt for work.

anonymous said...

Glad you have returned We look forward to your blog even thoigh we don't all see eye to eye all the time. I enjoy learning about what is going on in the league.I would totally losten to your podcast if you were to do one. SMCC has someone that does a podcast for their games now.

Anonymous said...

Chris Just want to say thanks for making this blog happen again. It really does help build the excitement during a tough week at work. It is a great way for us to share our thoughts on such a great sport. Good luck players, coaches, parents and fans through this coming season. With that said, just one more thing. Be safe and may the better team win. Go Huron League !!!!!
Huron League Fan

Anonymous said...

Chris does a great job with the blog and we are all glad he continues (hopefully for decades to come). He has a large number of readers (including those outside the league) and his coverage is much better than the newspapers. He is, however, human. I would suppose that if he could make predictions perfectly, he would live in Manhattan or Las Vegas. In any case, some perspective on the regular season:

2015 Actuals
SMCC 7-0 (8-1)
Milan 6-1 (7-2)
RV 5-2 (6-3)
GI 3-4 (4-5)
Huron 3-4 (5-4)
Jeff 2-5 (3-6)
FR 1-6 (3-6)
AP 1-6 (1-8)

Chris’ Picks (Aug 25, 2015)
Milan 6-1 (8-1)
SMCC 6-1 (7-2)
Huron 5-2 (6-3)
RV 4-3 (6-3)
AP 3-4 (5-4)
GI 3-4 (5-4)
Jeff 1-6 (2-7)
FR 0-7 (1-8)

I don’t think my predictions would be as good as his (or even close). My point is that his are not perfect. So to SMCC, Airport, Jefferson and Flat Rock, leave it all on the field and prove Chris wrong. Winning as an underdog is even sweeter than winning as a favorite. I even think Chris would be happy for you to prove him wrong and be in the top half. Good luck this season to all the Huron league teams and players!

Anonymous said...

Both sides would be great imo

Chris Schultz said...

Thanks everyone! I try my best to come up with something close. I can't pick everyone 9-0. I would love for Flat Rock and Huron to win every game just because of my roots and where I live. I like to think I have been pretty objective over the years. This year is the hardest one of all to pick. I literally had no clue. I went with the two teams that had returning QB's and then I find out one of them has been moved to receiver.

Ed Morrison said...

Keep up the good work Chris. EM

Football11 said...

I would listen to a podcast man. Do it

Anonymous said...

Monroe Evening News picked Dundee to beat Airport. Do they know something that we don't??

Anonymous said...

They are going off last year record. Watch airport, they will get off to a fast start

CoachTom48160 said...

I'm guessing they looked at last year's record and based their prediction on that alone.
Maaaaaybe they looked at the number of returning seniors. Maybe. (but doubtful)

Johnathon Schantz said...

I do a podcast that talks MHSAA, as well as NCAA and Professional sports. I would love to see what could come out of this opportunity.


Anonymous said...

Airport might score 50.

Anonymous said...

Honestly the Dundee game scares me. I feel Airport should win but if Dundee can keep it close at home, you never know. With that said I'll take Airport 28-21. EM

Anonymous said...

According to the monroe news football preview Bryce Bondy is the only sophomore that moved up to varsity for Airport. Is that true? Are the other top freshman from last year staying on JV? EM

Anonymous said...

I would love to wear the gear, I imagine some former players might also. Yes would like a podcast. Great that you are continuing this year. GIMOM

Tip Lip said...

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