Sunday, September 11, 2016

Week 3 Podcast

Check out the latest podcast: Week Three Podcast


Tip Lip said...

Any local business that would like to support the blog and in the process spruce up your business a little bit, let Chris know through email. This blog has been going strong since 2009 with over 1.2 million views and has been free of charge. Chris does a great job and it would be nice to give back a little bit. Thanks Chris, this blog is great.

Anonymous said...

Suggest blog coupons for your audience to use with your sponsors

Anonymous said...

I went to Vince's because of this blog. Great chili dogs!!! My son graduates next year and will look up the catering service as well.

Anonymous said...

Grosse ile's ground attack is stronger then it has been in the past it seems, but that's also is due to the fact that the lineman and wide receivers have opened everything up. Impressive game for them, I think Vollmerhausen had all 4 of their rushing touchdowns and they threw for 1, but I could be wrong. The podcasts have been a great addition to me, I like listening to them when in the car, so thank you

Anonymous said...

This weeks predictions:

1. GI over Flat Rock 38-12

2. SMCC over Huron 28-20

3. Milan over Jefferson 44-22

4. Riverview over Airport 20-16