Saturday, October 15, 2016


Congratulations to both Milan and Grosse Ile on their Huron League Championships!  Milan now has 5 league crowns and GI 6. Milan last won in 2013 and GI in 1986.
Congrats to both schools!


BigReds97 said...

Congrats to both teams a Job well done!

Anonymous said...

Much respect for GI, hell of a team. Can't wait for the rematch in the playoffs.

-Milan Fan

Anonymous said...

Milan is a great team as well congratulations to both teams.

GI fan

Anonymous said...

There won't be a rematch. Rouge is very good.

CoachTom48160 said...

I'd like to see a rematch as well, as I don't think Milan saw GI's best. Let's see which 5 win teams make it to the playoffs, that's sure to affect the playoff map.