Sunday, November 13, 2016

Huron League Thoughts and Questions

Congrats to all Huron League teams and their efforts this season.

Look for a new and improved blog next season.

I will miss #9 from Milan next season and his dad too!

Grosse Ile's depth never really caught up with them.

Who will coach Huron next season?

Jefferson has to replace some very good players next season.

Will the Catholics be back? I think so!

I don't anticipate Riverview disappointing again next season.

Bigger and better things for Flat Rock in 2017?

Get your house in order people, there is talent.

Just a reminder, I picked Milan and Grosse Ile to tie for the championship back in August.

I will have the Player of the Year posts this week. All-Huron League Blog will follow.

I hope the rest of Monroe County enjoyed the preview, look for more in 2017.

Thanks to Gary for his help and talents, he is a welcome addition.

I think the Messiah got out-coached a little in Iowa City last night.

State still sux, they would have had a tougher time with Airport's JV team! (just kidding people)

Any business interested in advertising next season on the blog, please send me an email.


Vicki Kipf said...
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#9 Dad said...

I'll still be here. Giving my opinions and thoughts. I have some really good friends who still have kids in the program. Got to support them too!

Anonymous said...

Airport JV against the world!!! (Lol) thanks for everything this year Chris! Love this blog! Look forward to next year! RB

Anonymous said...

I think when Blanzy got injured against Riverview for GI the depth at that position really hurt GI especially against Adrian

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the Huron league all league article? Was it in the paper?

Steve said...

Thank you Chris and Gary for all the work you put in each season!

I am looking forward to the blog next year since you will be including some schools that are more local to me.

My prediction for the next coach at Huron is Steve Robb or an assistant looking to make a name for himself

I think the Catholics stay in the middle of the league. Enrollment is dropping and tuition is getting more expensive in Monroe.

My prediction for Flat Rock is a 5-4 record but they just miss out on the playoffs. This will be the most talented team Flat Rock has had in quite some time.

Airport is in bad shape. I have heard of a couple of SMCC assistants applying for the job and a former LCAA coach but it sounds like the parents run the school in Carleton. I have never seen a program that builds up their JV team like Airport does.

Best team next year will be Milan followed by Riverview then GI or SMCC

CC2002 said...

I have friends who coach at 3 Huron League schools, the names I have heard for Airport and Huron are:

Jack Giarmo- doubtful
Steve Robb- strong candidate at both schools
Greg Hudkins- former Monroe High School coach
Bryan Flint- SMCC assistant and former Riverview header
Kyle McElvany- Dundee coach, Huron League roots
Matt Garno- Former Whiteford and Dundee coach, confirmed he is no longer at Madison High School
Brian Lemmons- Former coach at Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard
Eric Johnson- Summerfield coach

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Tristin Hines at Milan might run the offense at QB next year. Also, sophomore defensive standout this year Hunter Aeshbacher will take #9's place at RB. Aeshbacker is a bruising physical runner and is also very very fast. Hines is an all around athlete. Watch out for Milan next year.

Anonymous said...

He has some big shoes to fill, but I think he will do just fine.

Anonymous said...

If Flat Rock wins 5 games, they will make the playoffs. They have 4 class A schools on their schedule and should win 3 of them.