Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Ida @ Algonac 7 p.m. Friday

Ida(10-1, LCAA), with a stout defensive performance, trounced Southfield Bradford 58-6.  Algonac(10-1, Blue-Water), a community of 4,000 located in St. Clair County, 50 miles NE of Detroit, narrowly escaped with a win over league foe, Almont 20-16.  Ida holds an overall playoff record of 7-7 and Algonac 5-3.  This is the first meeting between these 2 schools on the football field.

The Bluestreak's success is founded on a powerful offensive line and the power running game out of the Fullhouse-T(Monroe News called it Wing-t but we know better).  Ida is led by an outstanding group of standout seniors, Brandon Suydam, Kyle Parran, Jacob Wickenheiser, Nick Levicki and Andrew Oberski.  Levick's rushing numbers are now up to over 2,000 yards with 34 TD's.  I think Nick owes his offensive line a few Monster Burritos over at Carl's hide-A-Way, the way they blow away the opposing defensive lines.  Levicki, Oberski and Bryan Laux are a scary trio on the ground but will this be the week Ida will need to rely more on the right arm of QB Kyle Gunn? Ida is coached by Tom Walentowski.

The Muskrats are led offensively by their outstanding QB Brandon Piper and RB Joe McKee.  In last week's victory over Almont, the left handed Piper led the team in rushing as well as passing with 152 and 139 yards respectively, accounting for all 3 touchdowns.  The true heart of this Algonac squad however is it's ultra fast defense.  A defense that allows a paltry 9.7 PPG and boasts 4 shutouts. Leading the defense are LB Dylan Jack, LB Luke Stephenson and DB Nick Folkerts.  The defense will have their hands full this week.  Algonac is coached by Scott Barnhart.

These two programs are somewhat mirrors of each other.  Both communities of about 4,000 strong, both had very little playoff success prior to 2015, both claim back to back district titles, both sport the blue and gold and both boast a crazed and very supportive fan base.  This has the makings of an outstanding match-up.  The high powered ground game of Ida versus the stingy defense of Algonac.  I don't think the fans of Ida will see or have ever seen, what they will see when they reach the southern end of the St. Clair River this Friday night.  They will know when they have entered "THE SWAMP".  The 2 hour drive on a Friday, in my opinion, will play a factor.  I hope the last person leaving Ida turns out the lights.  This one should be fun.

Pick: Ida 30 Algonac 28
(Chris' pick: Ida 34 Algonac 33)

Photos courtesy of the TimesHerald and Terribillphotos
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Anonymous said...

Go Ida

Anonymous said...

Welcome to The Swamp Ida. You best come ready.

Anonymous said...

Great read as usual!!! Not sure what Algonac has in all league but Ida is coming with 7 named first team ALL LEAGUE PLAYERS including first time Center Michael Clark. It will be a show down I'm sure and a good game at that. The drive should be fine with the players, remembering last year's very snowy drive to Livonia to face the River Rouge beasts and only lost by 2👍

Kim said...

Thank you for the kind gesture, welcoming us to your "Swamp", Anonymous....we always prepare as much as we can. We get our vehicles gassed up, cowbells all shined up and do a sound check, look at the forecast and make sure that we are properly dressed up and a cooler of refreshments and maybe a snack or 2 because it is a long ride.

Oh! Were you are referring to the team? That is the coaches job. They always take it one game at a time and they never underestimate their opponent. They have been preparing all week, as your "Muskrats" have been as well. I am sure that they will heed your warning!

Sorry I have never been much on talking smack!

Good Luck to both teams, they would not be playing in the Regionals if they did not earn their spot. Have a wonderful Day!

Anonymous said...

Go Skrats

Anonymous said...

You spelled Streaks incorrectly.😃

Anonymous said...

The swamp was not kind to the Bluestreaks. Not the way they wanted to end it

Anonymous said...