Sunday, November 13, 2016

Thank you Chris! Thank you Readers! Blog Stats!

A BIG THANK YOU goes to Chris.  I've come to realize how much time and effort goes into this blog.  Just writing one preview has taken me upwards of 3 hours to finish.  Chris has done this now for 8 full seasons, almost entirely by himself, for very little compensation.  Ive been along for the whole ride(2009)as a reader and commenter and glad to be on board going forward.  Thank you Chris!

Also a HUGE thank you to the readers , lurkers and commenters.  I looked back in 2009 when Chris first started the blog, he got 30-50 views a post.  Posted below are some stats to show you how far the blog has come in a short amount of time.  All in thanks to you.  THANK YOU!  There would be no blog without the readers and most importantly, the commenters.  It makes it fun.

Blog stats AUG 1 - NOV 13, 2016 = 105 days

-POSTS: 115
-COMMENTS: 4,856
-VIEWS: 135,839

Most viewed Friday Night Scores: OCT 7th, 3,938 views.
Most viewed Thoughts and Questions: SEP 4th, 1,933 views.
Most viewed game preview: Ida @ Algonac, 1,350 views
Post with most comments: Friday Night Scores, SEP 16th, 235 comments.

We plan on taking things to the next level next year.  Hopefully we can continue to bring everyone great coverage and help promote the great game of HS football. 

Stay tuned for our ALL-LEAGUE selections coming soon.


Gary Hauf said...

Also, any suggestions as to what you would like us to improve on or add for next season, please post here.

Anonymous said...

Who are the top players returning from each team? Who are the new up and coming talent on each team..

Gary Hauf said...

With offers from Toledo, CMU, BG and WMU, Michael Furtney is visiting Michigan this weekend.

Gary Hauf said...

Justin LaPlante visited Siena Heights last weekend.

Gary Hauf said...

Furtney(Milan) also was offered by Cincinnati.

Anonymous said...

Nice Job guys. Nice Stats. Very Impressive.

It would be great to hear who else in the league has gotten some college offers. Hopefully others will provide some info. I'm sure many will have the opportunity.

Milan, Jefferson, GI, Airport JV, ????

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris and Gary.
Great Blog!!! Look forward to the future blog. Keep up the great work guys

Anonymous said...

Been here on the blog the last 7 years; enjoyed every discussion and argument that's ever taken place here! Miss some of the old commentators but nice to see some new faces in the recent years. Thank you Chris for all that you do, and time spent to give everyone a look into the Huron League! Can't wait to have my children in the league someday and come back to be a football parent instead of just an alumni lol


Anonymous said...

Mike Furtney now has 9 D1 offers.
Ball State

-Milan Slappie

Anonymous said...

That's great. Hopefully he will go where he will get to actually play. Seen many who take offers and never get to the field. Sports in College is a lot of work to never make the field. Definitely an eye opener to the young people I know who are playing college sports.

Good Luck in your choices.