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Why Michigan belongs in the College Football Playoffs

This is a therapeutic opinion piece by Gary Hauf.

Michigan, coming off a heartbreaking double OT loss at arch rival Ohio State, is still more deserving of a playoff spot over Washington, Wisconsin and Penn State.  Allow me to explain why.

let me say this, Michigan lost.. no complaining about bad calls or slanted referees.  Michigan lost.

With that said, here is my case.

First of all, we must understand what the playoff committee's job is.  They are tasked with choosing the best 4 teams to compete for the National Title.  Quality wins and strength of schedule are 2 major criteria that the committee considers.  Conference champion is looked at as a slight check in the good column but it is not a requirement.  If it were, then why even have a committee to begin with?  Certain conferences are aligned unevenly and some teams have a much easier path to the title game.  The SEC and B1G are perfect examples of this.  Thus, being a conference champion holds some water but not much.

For me, this is all about Washington and Michigan.  WIS and PSU do have a rather slim shot at the 4 spot but Michigan holds H2H wins over both of them and to me, that is good enough for the committee to give Michigan the nod over both of them.  They have already played and Michigan won both by 7 and 39.  End of story. OK also has a chance but OSU beat them in their house by a million so I just don't see them getting the nod.

Lets take a look at where Washington and Michigan sit in the Quality wins and SOS comparison.

Michigan: #6 Wisconsin 14-7, #7 PSU 49-10, #9 Colorado 45-28.

Washington: #17 Stanford 44-6

Michigan #2
Washington #17

As you can see above, QW and SOS clearly and overwhelmingly fall on the side of the Wolverines. 
Michigan has 3 wins over top 9 teams by an average margin of 21 points.  Washington has only 1 win over #17 Stanford.  It was a blowout but it is still just 1 win. 

Now lets look at the less important(but still considered) quality losses.

Michigan: @ #22 Iowa 14-13. Iowa made last second FG to win it.  @ #2 OSU  30-27 dbl OT. Michigan controlled most of the game and led for 95% of game time.  Two unbelievably close losses in the last second.  Both on the road.

Washington: #10 USC 26-13.  Washington never lead in this game and they were at home.

It is my opinion that the committee knows who the best 4 teams are but will they have the guts to put Michigan in ahead of a 1 loss PAC 12 team?  All the statistics the committee will look at will fall in favor of Michigan other than 1 more loss.  That one more loss was to the #2 team, on the road in dbl OT, in which Michigan completely controlled the majority of the game.  Will that be enough to overcome the extra loss?  I don't think the committee will do the right thing in the end and put the one loss Washington in the 4 spot along with Alabama, OSU and Clemson.

All this will be a wash if WASH loses to Colorado(who M beat by 17).  Michigan will have then beaten the B1G and the PAC12 Champs.  Michigan gets in easily if Washington loses. 

Did I make a good compelling case?  Am I way off?
Feel free to comment below.

Friday, November 25, 2016

State Final Scores with Predictions

Prediction: MCC 33 Whiteford 14
Final: MCC 35 Whiteford 6

D2: WLW vs MLK
Prediction: WLW 35 MLK 30
Final: MLK 18 WLW 0

Prediction: JLC 40 MCGL 21
Final: JLC 26 MCGL 14

Prediction: DCD 28 GRCC 27 OT
Final: GRCC 10 DCD 7

Prediction: PW 31 Loyola 28
Final: PW 28 Loyola 14

Prediction: Cass Tech 30 DCC 17
Final: Cass Tech 49 DCC 20

Prediction: GRWC 35 Meno 14
Final: GRWC 43 Meno 7

D3: OLSM vs Muskegon
Prediction: Musk 21 OLSM 14
Final: OLSM 29 Musk 28

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

State Finals Predictions & M vs OSU Preview/Prediction

State Finals Predictions and M vs OSU PreviewPrediction Click Here

All Huron League Blog

I guess I should have prefaced this. I said on the podcast that no player would be chosen both ways. I also did not include the Players of the Year in the 1st teams. So, Trombley, Lindeman and Humphrey were not included in the 1st teams because I gave them recognition already.

1st Team Defense
DL Wyatt O'Brien Jr. SMCC
DL Kyle Ranson Sr. Milan
DL Evan Begeman Sr. Riverview
DL Owen Wiewura Sr. Grosse Ile
LB Justin LaPlante Sr. SMCC
LB Nik Becker Sr. Huron
LB Justin Goretski Sr. Airport
LB Holden Green Sr. Grosse Ile
DB Collin Woolford Jr. SMCC
DB Garrett Krezminski Sr. Huron
DB Tristen Hines Fr. Milan
DB Brian Blansett Sr. Milan
P    Hunter Morse Sr. Huron

1st Team Offense
QB Demetrius Barnes Sr. Milan
RB Andrew Vollmerhausen Sr. Grosse Ile
RB Kevin LaPrad Sr. SMCC
RB Josh Moskall Sr. Grosse Ile
OL Thomas Eads Jr. Jefferson
OL Mike Furtney Jr. Milan
OL Justin Beck Jr. Milan
OL Charlie Cheveillet Sr. Riverview
OL Brent Kosikowski Sr. Huron
E   Justin Moores Sr. Grosse Ile
E   Anthony Higgonbotham Sr. Flat Rock
K   Sameer Tayeb Jr. Flat Rock

Coach of the Year
Bruce Pickens Jefferson

Monday, November 21, 2016

Friday, November 18, 2016

Carlson Hires Giarmo

Gibraltar Carlson officially hired Jack Giarmo as the new head coach of the Marauder football program. Giarmo last coached at  SMCC in 2014, winning the Division 6 State Championship. Giarmo. Giarmo's record at SMCC was an impressive 144-54 in 17 seasons. The Falcons made the playoffs 13 times during his tenure and made it to Ford Field 4 times.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Huron League Player of the Year

Nick Humphrey of the Jefferson Bears has been named the Huron League Player of the Year.  This award epitomizes what we feel is the best overall football player in the Huron League while meaning the most to his team.

"Nick is a special football player, the kid is a work horse",  said Jefferson Coach Bruce Pickens and we at the blog agree. For you old school fans, I would say the best way to describe him would be a combination of Larry Csonka and Chris Spielman. Nothing fancy just a hard working, tough nosed, fast enough smart football player.

The 6-2, 205 lb RB/MLB rushed for 1,554 yards and had 18 TD's and 15-2 pt. conversions to go along with 132 tackles, 1 interception, two fumble recoveries and a TD while leading Jefferson to their first play off appearance since 2006.

Nick Humphrey Highlight Video

Humphrey is a three sport athlete who also participates in wrestling and baseball for the Bears. He finished 4th at 189 lbs in the Division 2 state meet last year.

Humphrey also excels in the classroom with a solid 3.2 GPA and is a member of the student council and plans to play football at the college level.

Humphrey runs a solid 4.66 40 yard dash, bench presses 280 lbs and squats 420.

Others considered for the award were; Trace Lindeman (Milan), Dominic Trombley (Grosse Ile), Andrew Vollmerhausen (Grosse Ile), Mike Furtney (Milan), Justin LaPlante (SMCC) and Justin Moores (Grosse Ile).

Photo Courtesy of

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Offensive Player of the Year

Milan running back Trace Lindeman has been named the Huron League Blog Offensive Player of the Year.

The 5-9, 175 lb senior rushed for 1, 425 yards and 17 TD's for the Big Reds, who were the Huron League Co-Champions. He also caught 17 passes for 454 yards and 5 TD's.

Lindeman was a 4 year starter for the Big Reds and amassed some staggering totals in his career.  He rushed for 5,483 yards, had 35 receptions for 738 yards and had 75 total TD's

Milan finished with a record of 32-11 with 3 playoff appearances and 2 league championships in Lindeman's 4 years as a starter.

Trace Lindeman Highlights

Other players considered for this award were; Demetrius Barnes (Milan), Andrew Vollmerhausen (Grosse Ile), Nick Humphrey (Jefferson) and Kevin LaPrad (SMCC).

Photo Courtesy of

Monday, November 14, 2016

Defensive Player of the Year

Grosse Ile defensive tackle Dominic Trombley has been named the Huron League Blog Defensive Player of the Year.

The 6-2, 235 lb senior led the Huron League Co-Champions in tackles with nearly 11 tackles per game.

Trombley recorded 8 sacks and had numerous tackles for loss as the Red Devils finished 8-2 and qualified for the playoffs.

Trombley was a 3 year, two-way starter for Grosse Ile and was brought up to the varsity in week 8 of his freshman year.

Dominic Trombley Highlights

Others considered for the post season award were; Mike Furtney (Milan), Justin LaPlante (SMCC), Nik Becker (Huron), Tristen Hines (Milan) and Nick Humphrey (Jefferson).

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Thank you Chris! Thank you Readers! Blog Stats!

A BIG THANK YOU goes to Chris.  I've come to realize how much time and effort goes into this blog.  Just writing one preview has taken me upwards of 3 hours to finish.  Chris has done this now for 8 full seasons, almost entirely by himself, for very little compensation.  Ive been along for the whole ride(2009)as a reader and commenter and glad to be on board going forward.  Thank you Chris!

Also a HUGE thank you to the readers , lurkers and commenters.  I looked back in 2009 when Chris first started the blog, he got 30-50 views a post.  Posted below are some stats to show you how far the blog has come in a short amount of time.  All in thanks to you.  THANK YOU!  There would be no blog without the readers and most importantly, the commenters.  It makes it fun.

Blog stats AUG 1 - NOV 13, 2016 = 105 days

-POSTS: 115
-COMMENTS: 4,856
-VIEWS: 135,839

Most viewed Friday Night Scores: OCT 7th, 3,938 views.
Most viewed Thoughts and Questions: SEP 4th, 1,933 views.
Most viewed game preview: Ida @ Algonac, 1,350 views
Post with most comments: Friday Night Scores, SEP 16th, 235 comments.

We plan on taking things to the next level next year.  Hopefully we can continue to bring everyone great coverage and help promote the great game of HS football. 

Stay tuned for our ALL-LEAGUE selections coming soon.

Huron League Thoughts and Questions

Congrats to all Huron League teams and their efforts this season.

Look for a new and improved blog next season.

I will miss #9 from Milan next season and his dad too!

Grosse Ile's depth never really caught up with them.

Who will coach Huron next season?

Jefferson has to replace some very good players next season.

Will the Catholics be back? I think so!

I don't anticipate Riverview disappointing again next season.

Bigger and better things for Flat Rock in 2017?

Get your house in order people, there is talent.

Just a reminder, I picked Milan and Grosse Ile to tie for the championship back in August.

I will have the Player of the Year posts this week. All-Huron League Blog will follow.

I hope the rest of Monroe County enjoyed the preview, look for more in 2017.

Thanks to Gary for his help and talents, he is a welcome addition.

I think the Messiah got out-coached a little in Iowa City last night.

State still sux, they would have had a tougher time with Airport's JV team! (just kidding people)

Any business interested in advertising next season on the blog, please send me an email.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Temperance Bedford @ Detroit Martin Luther King 3 p.m. Saturday

Bedford (9-2) is coming off of a 39-22 victory over Livonia Franklin while MLK (9-2) beat Oak Park 34-7. These two teams have never met in football.

The Crusaders are the defending Division 2 State Champions and also won the Division 2 title in 2007. MLK has appeared in the MHSAA playoffs 25 times while advancing to the championship game four times. The Crusaders are members of the Detroit Public School League. MLK opened in 1901 as Detroit Eastern High School and was renamed in September of 1968.

Bedford is making their 7th appearance in the MHSAA playoffs and have a 7-6 overall record in the post-season. Bedford is a member of the Southeast Conference Red Division. The Kicking Mules played in the Ohio-based Great Lakes Conference from 1961 until 1999.

Martin Luther King is led both offensively and defensively by WR/CB Ambry Thomas, a 4 star athlete who is being recruited by most major college programs in the country. He has great speed (4.45) and is a difference maker on both sides of the ball including special teams. The QB is sophomore Dequan Finn. The Crusaders boast a huge offensive line that includes 6-4, 305 lb senior Keshawn Evans, 6-3, 305 lb junior Aric Thomas and 6-2, 295 lb junior Josh Mayberry. On defense, senior CB Jesse Scarber is a player to watch out for along with 6-2, 225 lb sophomore MLB Tyrece Woods. The Crusaders give up an impressive 13 ppg.

Bedford is led by "the three Joeys" (sounds like a blue color coffee shop) and relies on a punishing running game. Senior Joey Weimer is an extremely athletic 6-4, 205 lb QB that leads the Kicking Mules in rushing (his best position may be the outfield in baseball). Senior Joey Oehlers is a 5-11, 180 lb FB. The third Joey does his damage on the defensive side of the ball and that is SS Joey Shepherd.  The senior has a knack for the football and has helped lead an opportunistic Mule defense in the post season. Joining Shepherd on defense is 5-10, 210 lb senior MLB Chris Augustyniak. Although Bedford likes to run the ball, receiver David Jeffers is a player who can catch the football and can keep defenses off balance. Creating the holes for Weimer and Oehlers to run through are 6-0, 230lb senior C Jacob Curtis and 6-2, 245 lb senior tackle Trevor Carr.

This is a great matchup between the size and speed of the defending State Champion Crusaders against the athleticism and brawn of the Mules. MLK has only lost (twice) to undefeated Detroit Cass Tech while Bedford has lost close games to unbeaten's Saline and Detroit Country Day. Pick: Martin Luther King 41 Bedford 36

(Gary's Pick: MLK 28 Bedford 21)

Ida @ Algonac 7 p.m. Friday

Ida(10-1, LCAA), with a stout defensive performance, trounced Southfield Bradford 58-6.  Algonac(10-1, Blue-Water), a community of 4,000 located in St. Clair County, 50 miles NE of Detroit, narrowly escaped with a win over league foe, Almont 20-16.  Ida holds an overall playoff record of 7-7 and Algonac 5-3.  This is the first meeting between these 2 schools on the football field.

The Bluestreak's success is founded on a powerful offensive line and the power running game out of the Fullhouse-T(Monroe News called it Wing-t but we know better).  Ida is led by an outstanding group of standout seniors, Brandon Suydam, Kyle Parran, Jacob Wickenheiser, Nick Levicki and Andrew Oberski.  Levick's rushing numbers are now up to over 2,000 yards with 34 TD's.  I think Nick owes his offensive line a few Monster Burritos over at Carl's hide-A-Way, the way they blow away the opposing defensive lines.  Levicki, Oberski and Bryan Laux are a scary trio on the ground but will this be the week Ida will need to rely more on the right arm of QB Kyle Gunn? Ida is coached by Tom Walentowski.

The Muskrats are led offensively by their outstanding QB Brandon Piper and RB Joe McKee.  In last week's victory over Almont, the left handed Piper led the team in rushing as well as passing with 152 and 139 yards respectively, accounting for all 3 touchdowns.  The true heart of this Algonac squad however is it's ultra fast defense.  A defense that allows a paltry 9.7 PPG and boasts 4 shutouts. Leading the defense are LB Dylan Jack, LB Luke Stephenson and DB Nick Folkerts.  The defense will have their hands full this week.  Algonac is coached by Scott Barnhart.

These two programs are somewhat mirrors of each other.  Both communities of about 4,000 strong, both had very little playoff success prior to 2015, both claim back to back district titles, both sport the blue and gold and both boast a crazed and very supportive fan base.  This has the makings of an outstanding match-up.  The high powered ground game of Ida versus the stingy defense of Algonac.  I don't think the fans of Ida will see or have ever seen, what they will see when they reach the southern end of the St. Clair River this Friday night.  They will know when they have entered "THE SWAMP".  The 2 hour drive on a Friday, in my opinion, will play a factor.  I hope the last person leaving Ida turns out the lights.  This one should be fun.

Pick: Ida 30 Algonac 28
(Chris' pick: Ida 34 Algonac 33)

Photos courtesy of the TimesHerald and Terribillphotos
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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Huron League Thoughts and Questions

Sorry to see Milan make an earlier than expected playoff departure.

Ida finally plays a competent playoff team this week.

Will anyone from Bedford dare travel to Detroit this week?

I'm sorry Chad Baas didn't get a longer chance at Airport.

Who will be the next coach at Huron?

My early pick for Huron League Champ next season is SMCC, followed by Milan.

Should the blog continue to follow Ida and Bedford in the playoffs?

I plan on going to Detroit MLK to see Bedford this week.

Who will be the next coach at Airport?

Look for the Blog All-League and Player of the Year picks soon.

State still sux!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Night Playoff Scores

Milan 13  Adrian 28 Final

Ida 58  Bradford 6 Final

Bedford 39   Franklin 22 Final

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Livonia Franklin @ Bedford

Franklin (7-3) defeated Woodhaven in week one of the playoffs 49-28 while Bedford handled Wyandotte 43-21. This is the first ever matchup between these two teams.

Franklin plays in the Kensington Lakes South Division and made it to the state semi finals last season losing to eventual champion Detroit MLK. The Patriots have lost to Livonia Stevenson, Canton and Novi. Senior QB Jacob Clark leads the spread offense attack while senior RB Nuke Crowell is an elusive back. Senior Chris Nahasil and Devin Visnaw are solid two-way players. Senior WR Jake Giacobbi is a solid receiver.

Bedford is a good team whose only losses have come to undefeated Saline and Detroit Country Day. The Kicking Mules have a solid running attack and pounded Wyandotte on the ground last week. Senior QB Joseph Weimer leads the offense and has another  threat along side him in Joey Oehlers . Defensively, Bedford is opportunistic. Joey Shepherd led the kicking Mules last week with two interceptions.

This is a match up of two completely different styles, but both teams average nearly 35 ppg. Franklin looks to spread teams out and utilizes both the pass and the run while Bedford runs the ball 90% of the time. Both teams have played good competition and it should be a close game. Kick off is at 7:00 pm on Friday. Pick: Bedford 35 Franklin 33

(Gary's Pick: Bedford 30 Franklin 27)

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Adrian @ Milan

Adrian (6-4) is coming off of a 27-20 overtime victory over Grosse Ile while Milan (9-1) beat Monroe Jefferson 27-22 last week. These two teams met in week one with Milan winning 27-13.

The Maples surprised 8-1 Grosse Ile last week with a diverse offense and a quick defense. Adrian has a solid core of seniors that is led offensively by QB Tyler Shephard. Freshman Antwan Ficklin Jr. has proven to be an impact player.

Milan faced a stiff test against Jefferson last week. The Big Red stars made their presence felt as senior Demetrius Barnes and Trace Lindeman had big games along with freshman defensive phenom Tristen Hines.

This should be a great game. I caught the 2nd half of the first game earlier this season. The is a favorable matchup for both teams and is most likely a pick'em game. Pick: Milan 28 Adrian 26

Gary's Pick: Milan 28 Adrian 21

Southfield Bradford Academy @ Ida

Bradford(8-2) is coming off a nice win versus a solid Brooklyn Columbia team 38-33, while Ida(9-1) thrashed Stockbridge 42-14.  Bradford has been playing football since 2009 and this is their first playoff appearance.  2015 Regional Champion Ida, has been a recent playoff power and has made the playoffs 6 out of the last 7 years.  These two teams have never met on the gridiron.

Bradford is having their best season ever and has a ton of athletic and talented play-makers all over the field.  The Bulldogs are led by Sr. QB, Shelton Smith (6'3" 186), Sr. MLB, Alex Furlow (6'0" 200), Jr. RB, Blake Grice-Brunson (6'0" 198) and Sr. WR, Almount Smith (6'4" 180).  Bradford runs a wide open spread attack. They will look to get people in space and make it a 1 on 1 type of game.  Bradford is coached by Ki'erre Gaut.

Here are some Bradford highlightS vs. Old Redford Academy:

The Bluestreaks are a no fuss, we are coming at you type of football team. Ida is led on the ground by RB's Nick Levicki , Andrew Oberski and Bryan Laux.  Levicki on the season has 1,788 yards rushing and 31 TD's.  Those stats are crazy, Tecmo Bowl type numbers.  I am sure Nick would be the first to tell you, those stats would be much harder to come by, if it weren't for his outstanding offensive line.  Sr. TE Thomas Jennings-Boldt, Jr. T Jacob Campbell, Sr. G Jacob Wickenheiser, Jr. C Michael Clark, Jr. G Matt Zlonkevicz, Sr. T Brandon Suydam, Sr. TE, Kyle Parran.   I went to the Ida game last Friday and the push these men get up front is impressive.  On several plays they didn't "pull" any guards(a T staple), and as a unit, plowed over the poor defensive nose guard. This type of blocking was called "wedge" in my day, often used by double wing teams.  Not sure what Ida calls it but it was nice to see it used by a Straight T squad.  I love watching good offensive line play and Ida has it.  Without a doubt the key to their success.  Ida is fronted by Head Coach Tom Walentowski.

This game is a battle of philosophies.  The spread, 4-5 split out wide, short passing game vs the Straight T, zero line splits, hide the hoagie, power running game.  Bradford wants to use the entire field, while Ida wants the game to be played inside a phone booth.  Who will impose their will more?  I don't see Bradford slowing down Ida, but will Ida be able to contain the Bulldogs and their speed.  Proper angles and sure tackling will be a must.  Ida gets the job done and wins their 2nd straight district title.

Pick: Ida 45 Bradford 20

(Chris' Pick: Ida 41 Bradford 26)

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